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 I have been reviewing this site periodically for the last 6 months or so.  Myself being a former WCG member and offshoot follower for a total of 15 years I have the great fortune of only giving up the first part of my life to an organization that uses fear to keep their people in line.

 I do recall all of the crazy driving that had to be done every Sabbath, 60 miles here, 60 miles there, etc.  Not to mention as a youth in the church it was my desire to serve the ministry with my God given talents.  That ultimately was setting up, taking down and running the sound system for all of the church events… every week… without any help from anyone… Religiously (no pun intended).  I wanted to serve the best way that I could, so I would go to the deacons and pastors homes and install computer equipment for them because they had no idea what a computer was (and back then Microsoft Windows was only an idea… not a product) and for that they were very appreciative for me using my talents to help them out.  I never took any money although they did offer from time to time.

 I recall being the age of 16 and being part of the Spokesman’s club.  Out of 30 members who could not get past most of their speeches, I was a kid there who made what was described as “easy” work of their speech criteria.

 I recall taking what I learned in their spokesman’s club and from what I understood of the bible, and was giving Sermonettes on how God expects you to take action in your lives and do for yourself what you read… make use of your talents!

 I recall when my parents left the church and joined GTA’s group.  It was a time in my life when someone who is impressionable sees something happen that they feel is a grave mistake being made, but has no recourse for action.  But following the advice that I had always espoused, I took action to check into what was going on in GTA’s group.  Turns out that they held closer to the beliefs and teachings that I once believed to be true, so with that I took action, took control of my life and made the conscious decision to attend GTA, seeing as WCG was in complete and utter shambles.

 I recall that GTA in short order was no better over time than where I had come from.  But remembering that there was a truth out there and it was a requirement from God to follow it, what was a reasonable person to do.

 In the end, any place you go today that has a man in charge of the group is no more that a Boy Scout camp, an excuse to sit and be told what to do, a reason to not have to be responsible, THAT is what the “church” looks for, sheep to be led to the slaughter.

 It saddens me greatly to read the terrible things that went on in the “church”, not to mention being a blind participant, however it saddens me even more to read this web site and the hear the stories of people that instead of taking action to better themselves now that they are away from the “church” and free from the oppression, these same people would rather vent on a web site and blame everyone else for their problems instead of looking at themselves as being the problem.  Yes folks, your refusal to take action or take matters into your own hands has caused you to feel the need to blame the world and toil in the fruits of your labor.

 What did I learn from the “church”?  I learned how to be a public speaker, I learned how to hone my skills in the audio/video production, and I learned how politics work in organizations.  The end result is a successful 6 figure income in the sales industry at the age of 30 years old.

 The end result is this:

 Let no man, group, or organization tell you how to live your life. Take responsibility for yourself!

 If you look closely at comparative religion, the bible is a sham (for lack of a better word).

If the bible is truly accurate, then observing the “holy” days are not to be done because there is no temple, and in line with that there are no priests.  Guess what folks, we are on our own until God himself makes the decision to do something.

 Would it not be a shame if you wasted your life on a god that was man made?  I believe that any god would agree that a wasted life is a life not worth having around. 

 Folks, I appreciate all of the hard work that has gone into making this site possible, and I understand the bitterness, and hate, and betrayal that has been experienced by all of the “church” members, but I believe it has to be said that everyone needs to take responsibility for their own choices and actions and make the conscious decision to do something great with their lives instead of throwing rocks and sticks at an organization that you willingly joined and partook in.

 Right, wrong, or indifferent, you let yourselves be dragged into the “church” and now you are free.  Make use of the time you have left on earth to better yourself instead of complaining about how bad things were.



Former Grand Rapids, Lansing, Ann Arbor, Kalamazoo church member





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