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1/1/2005 and onward

From the Editor: Yeah, folks, I've been lax in my email duties here, and I have no real good excuse dammit... Feed me beans and make me bark at the moon.... I have no excuse.

Here goes. Enjoy!



"John" writes to say:
Let me know your thoughts :)

Ok, John.

Well written. Starts off pretty good....pretty soon though, he has squirreled himself into a logic pretzel, because he STILL has that god-guilt in him... He can't shake it: that deep fear and guilt that he SHOULD believe in some god somewhere....
So he makes a show about becoming an "agnostic" because (as he puts it, "I finally came to the conclusion that I was an agnostic. I was a person who did not know whether or not a god existed.")
That's the very definition of an atheist. "Agnostic" is just a more socially acceptable term.
He goes on to describe his Bible study: "The Bible was presented with uncomplicated step by step reasoning. "
Using the Bible to prove itself means nothing...
Then, he says, "I eventually decided to order the whole Bible seminar, on video. On one of the tapes, Doug Batchelor briefly mentioned he was a Seventh-day Adventist Christian. I thought to myself, "What is an Adventist?"
Uh oh... All hope of rational thought is lost for this guy now....
And the final paragraph is really what he wanted to say, despite the length of the article: "Now I have the peace which surpasses understanding, because Jesus, my lord and savior, and the author and finisher of my faith, has called me, and delivered me out of mental Egypt! "
He shoulda just come out and said this to begin with and saved us all a lot of trouble! (But then again...what else should one expect from a website named, oxymoronously, "Rational Christianity"?
Just my thoughts.... Yours?
 PT Editor

John writes back:


I was new to the faith when I wrote that testimony. I read some of your reactions to the WWCOG. I really can't justify some of the problems that occurred in that organization. I have no reason to I am a Seventh-day Adventist and also believe that Herbert was a false prophet. As you may have noticed from the testimony, I was baptized two years ago. I must say that I had some rough times coming to terms with the fact that even my beloved SDA church has imperfections, however, I choose to stay with the church because I still believe that God will do what is necessary to bring the church to the condition that will best suit His purposes. And to be honest with myself, I am an imperfect sinner. I fall short of the ideal as well. Be that as it may, I would like you to read an article I wrote concerning my view of what are the main problems confronting God's people and the direction I think we should work toward as His children. It's a little long but considering your background, I'm sure you will find it a worth while read. Anyhow, I value your honest feedback and look forward to hearing your thoughts.



I just didn't see the purpose in writing this guy back.


----- Original Message -----
Sent: Monday, January 03, 2005 5:13 AM
Subject: GOD

Dear Ed,
What are you on about? the Lord God of the Bible said only good things come from Him, so therefore the god you are talking about obviously is not the God of the Bible. He states quite plainly that the Prince of the air is the ruler on Earth until Christ come back. Who is the Prince of the air, Satan, how about considering what the Bible says, even the Lords Prayer says that!!
                                                               John Anthony 
I've considered it.
 --PT Editor



I just wanted to say thanks.  I found your site a couple of years ago, but just kind of blew it off because I should just get past all the church crap and get on with my life, but, about two weeks ago I went to the WCG site because I had a question about a minister that we had for a really long time in Hammonton/Vineland, NJ.  He was extremely mean, and always attacked my family so I asked Paul K___(?) the guy in charge of correspondence why the church didn't do something about this minister, and he told me the guy had been dead for 14 years and could not defend himself and denied any record of any problems.  This minister had been pulled out to Pasadena for a "talking to" at one point but was still left in charge of our church.  I have heard through the church grape vine, that his daughter, who is also a pastor's wife, gave a talk at a refresher program about the abuse she and her siblings suffered as children.   I was kind of shocked at Paul's response, but now that I've been reading all the Painful Truth stuff, I see the church does not accept responsibility for much of anything. 

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks.

M___ B___

You are welcome, Mam. I wouldn't be shocked at anything I hear about these bastards, to tell the truth. They are conmen and liars; any decent God wouldn't have these bunch of idiot thieves in his employ...

-- PT



From the PT Editor ---

 LOVED your response in "Balls That Clanketh". Spot on and righteous!

 Great to see you swinging that bat again, brother!

 Mike Minton
 Editor - The Painful Truth index.htm

Thanks, Mike.  I notice you are still kicking my ass wholesale on hits,
though... hehehheheh   Keep fighting the good fight, bro.   Fuckin
great to "hear" from you again....




This email page to be continued...:)

C'mon now.... I'm working on it:)









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