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Newspapers from the past

The Spanish Department Break In

September 18, 1994 Letter to Joseph Tkach, Sr.

November 7, 1994 Letter to Joseph Tkach, Sr.

December 19, 1994 Letter to Joseph Tkach, Sr.

December 29, 1994 Letter to Joseph Tkach, Sr.

January 23, 1995 Letter to Joseph Tkach, Sr.

February 1995 Conference Call with Greg Albrecht

November 13, 1995 Letter to Joseph Tkach, Jr

Al Carrozzo's Resignation Letter to Ministry

Crushing the '74 Rebellion

HWA to David Antion on Leave of Absence

Ernest Martin's Resignation Letter

The Gerringer Letter

Herbert Armstrong Puts the Church "Back on the Track"

HWA letter to Rod Meredith

Richard Plache's Loving Service

1974 Telex from Garner Ted to his Father

Resignation of Worldwide Church of God Minister Gary Arvidson

Resignation of Worldwide Church of God Minister George Kimnitz

1974 Letter from Rick Wiedenheft to Garner Ted

Kessler Letter

Elder John Kiesz Recalls Herbert W Armstrong’s Early Ministry




1948 Radio Church of God Constitution

1948 Changes to The RCG-WCG Constitution

1968 Amendment, Name Change To Worldwide Church of God

1968 Certificate Of Amendment Of Articles Of Dissolution of Corp.

1974 Church Government and Spiritual Abuses Response to Worldwide Church of God Leaders from David Antion and Al Corozzo

1974 Atmosphere of Fear and Intimidation David Antion Memo to Garner Ted Armstrong

1974 Haynes Letter to Garner Ted Armstrong

1987 Restatement Articles
This constitution is significant in that it gives control of all assets of corporation to the Pastor General in the event of dissolution of the corporation. By calling this a restatement they avoided a vote by the membership on the subject.

1998 Charles F. Hunting 1988 Radio Interview by Clyde Thomas

1994 Personal Email From Drew Corrigan

1994 Tkach Supports New Covenant Teachings; Atlanta, Georgia - December 17, 1994

1996 Larry Salyer Recalls How Changes Came About


Herbert W Armstrong ~ Misc. Articles and
Co-Worker Letters 1930-1940


December 20, 1934 Co-Worker Letter Herbert Armstrong
Begins Broadcasting on KORE

March 1935 Church Bulletin - Herbert W Armstrong
Days of Unleavened Bread

February 1939 Good News Magazine - Herbert W Armstrong
Argues Against Church Hierarchy

September 13, 1939 Member Letter - Herbert W Armstrong
Observes Feast of Tabernacles

September 17, 1940• Herbert W Armstrong • Co-Worker Letter.