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(Wonder how long Tkach will keep the Worldwide Church of God money machine going once he gets his hands on the Jackpot? Worldwide Church of God ministers beware if you think this scam is going to last. Better be looking for an honest job because this one is going....., going.......,     )

Fox and Associates Partners, Inc., in conjunction with the Grubb and Ellis Company of Dallas, TX has been selected by the church to auction the approximately 2300 acre Ambassador University property near Big Sandy, Texas. The property, consisting of the beautiful Ambassador University campus, two lakes, a golf course, 22 lake front residences, radio station, air strip, hanger, mechanical and woodworking shops, and prime farm and timberland will be auctioned April 4, starting at 12:00 noon on the Ambassador University campus.

Immediately following the real property auction on April 4, Remarketing Associates Inc., the firm chosen to sell the personal property (equipment and furnishings), will auction the fine office furniture, pianos and other musical instruments, complete collection of library books, buses, vehicles, cafeteria and kitchen equipment, farm equipment, classroom equipment, dorm furnishings, sports equipment, science and laboratory equipment and other assets associated with the University. This sale will be held on the Ambassador University campus and is expected to last 4-6 days.

Ambassador University closed in the fall of 1997. The property is being sold as part of a church management plan to sell under-utilized assets in order to better focus resources on its primary mission



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