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Subject: Sale of Orr Property
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The sale of the summer camp property on Pelican Lake near Orr, Minnesota closed Thursday (April 11). The buyer, Taylor Investment Corporation plans to create a quality residential development on the site.  The sales price of 1.7 million dollars is a true reflection of market value, according to Dr. Bernie Schnippert, Treasurer, because it is the result of choosing from many competing offers received since the decision was made to sell the property.  The Board of Directors made the decision to sell the facility, which for many years served as the main location for the Summer Educational Program (SEP), for strategic and financial reasons. The sale allows for the creation of more regional camps that are more easily attended in terms of distance and cost.  The sale also was necessary to refocus financial resources.  The Board hopes the same Christ-centered camp experience enjoyed by those who have attended SEP at Orr in recent years can be multiplied and maintained at the many regional camps.
I wish to thank all of those who have been praying for the successful conclusion of this sale.  Please continue to pray that God bless the efforts of all those involved with the regional camps this summer.

Mathew H. Morgan
Secretary, Board of Directors


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