The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
Wooden Stakes Through the Bible's Heart
By Jim V.

I will freely concede many points to Christian religionists...

Personally, the fact that the bible gives so many different accounts of the same story doesn't bother me. I do not have a problem with the different accounts of creation or the disharmony of the gospels. I could easily accept this because I know that if the God of the bible were real and commanded any four of us to write gospel accounts, there would be significant differences, omissions and even contradictions. There would be different perceptions and impressions among any four of us. Accident investigators documented decades ago that what you see, or think you see, is almost totally dependent on the angle you are viewing from. Accident investigators have long said that if it were possible for one person to be in four places at the same time, that one person could very well see four different versions of the same accident. So this is an insignificant point that I will concede.

Although an interesting question is why would a flawless God give his unobtainable, divine truth by a method that guarantees error? Why would a flawlessly perfect God, who claims he is not the author of confusion, give his own personal words, commands and divine truth by a method that guarantees contradictions, confusion and mistakes? How can a flawlessly perfect God give such vitally important and indispensable truth in a manner that he knows beforehand will be flawed, contain errors, and create confusion? However, this point is irrelevant because compared to the real problems that I have with the God of the bible, this point is insignificant and I concede it.

The many documented inaccuracies of bible prophecy, such as the prophecy of Tyre, are also insignificant. I concede the point.

The fact that Christianity is saturated with massive, irreconcilable confusion, conflicts and hatred among themselves is yet another insignificant point I will concede.

The fact that Christians, who allegedly are all led by the same holy-spirit and are all personal children of the same God, have been killing, murdering, and slaughtering each other by the countless thousands for many centuries is not a minor point, but I will concede it.

The religious hatred and Christian murders in our own times, such as Belfast and abortion clinic doctors, are tragic, heartrending and criminal. Not to mention the intimidation, threats, property damage and terrorist tactics of all-too-many modern Christian groups. Even this is too far removed from the genuine twisted perversions and insanity of the bible to address. I concede the point.      

It is, and always has been, very dangerous to disagree with the Old and New Testament religious mindsets and belief structures. More human beings have been enslaved, persecuted and massacred in the name of God than all other reasons combined. (Even Hitler read the bible and believed in God.) I reluctantly concede this point only because there are even greater evils and insanity of the bible to address.

In any discussion or analysis of the bible and its God, anything to do with humans is insignificant. It is the heart and core of the bible's own statements, claims, teachings, doctrines, morals, justice, and the actions of its own God that must be examined. Unless the bible and its God are merely the creations of ancient humans.

Laying aside all human actions, endeavors and sins, let's take a good, hard, realistic look at the God of the bible himself. Let's focus on his morals, justice, actions, decisions and dangerously flawed knowledge. Let's question if the alleged actions in the bible are the actions of a divine, righteous being - or the creation and reflection of ancient human madness. Let's ask if the alleged actions of God are merely the superstitious reflections of the acceptable practices of utterly barbaric societies. Let's ignore humans; let's take a good, long, hard look at God himself.

Let's take a look at God's personal moral structure according to documented and undeniable statements in the bible...
In no way, fashion, shape or form does the bible teach the following things as analogies, allegories or symbols. The bible states these things as literal facts. People might make excuses for the bible by saying these undeniable biblical teachings are analogies or symbolism, but the bible itself states these as literal facts.  Besides, it still takes a twisted, perverted mind to create twisted, perverted analogies. A rational, sane mind is not capable of creating irrational, insane analogies or symbolism to teach critical, unobtainable, divine truth. Either way, the bible is saturated with perversion and insanity. A perverted analogy used to teach divine truth is just as perverted as a literal perversion. When is the last time you personally used an absolutely perverted and insane analogy to make a rational, logical, sane point?   

* God impregnated a teenage virgin, who was engaged to be married, without her consent and without her knowledge. This young woman had absolutely no idea whatsoever of when or how it happened - she just suddenly discovered herself pregnant.

Notice that God did not ask Joseph what he thought about this either. And stop to think about how long God took before he got around to telling Mary that he was the one who impregnated her. God didn't bother to inform the betrothed couple that he had impregnated Joseph's virgin until her pregnancy had advanced to the point where Joseph was considering putting Mary away privately.

Without either person's knowledge or consent, and with no contact or discussion whatsoever, God impregnated a young woman who was already engaged to be married. God didn't even inform them after the fact; he waited until they discovered it for themselves. Am I the only person who thinks of this as a cruel, perverted, and extremely traumatic act? It's not only what God did, but also the way he handled a critical, intimate act with utter callousness and total lack of consideration or compassion.

Let's put this in a realistic perspective. What would happen with any engaged couple in history if the woman suddenly became pregnant? Would any man who ever lived believe her denials? Wouldn't any man feel an absolute agonizing torment that reached to his soul? What about the sheer terror such a woman would feel? Knowing that she had never slept with a man, wouldn't she be twisted out of her mind with devastating confusion? How would she feel knowing that she was a virgin but totally unable to explain her innocence to her fianc,e? Wouldn't such a woman be pushed to the point of doubting her own sanity? Why did God wait so long to tell them?

Let's take this a step further, even after the engaged couple knew that it was God. How would any normal, rational man react if an angel just told him that God got his betrothed virgin pregnant and he couldn't make love to her until after the baby was born? Wouldn't any rational man question why in the hell didn't God even ask first? Is there a normal, rational woman alive who wouldn't feel violated? There would have to be something wrong with any woman who wouldn't feel violated. Because even if it was from God, he didn't ask her or inform her - he just did it to her. Probably while in her sleep.

Such actions may have been acceptable to barbaric societies 2,000 years ago, but today there is only one word that could possibly describe the above actions. By any standards and by any definition that one word is - Rape. On top of that was the emotional rape from God taking his sweet time to inform them of what happened. Can you imagine the interrogation that such a woman, who would be saturated with massive confusion and doubts of her own sanity, would have to endure from a fianc,e who was also suffering from unspeakable torment? And even at that, God did not personally inform them, he merely sent a messenger.  

One final fact is that God fathered a baby with Mary, even though there was no marriage or surrogate mother agreement of any kind involved, nor did God had her consent. And this story certainly cannot be explained away as spiritual, because impregnating a virgin is as physical as you can get. And without her consent or knowledge, it's called rape.

Is this story the act of a divine, righteous, perfect being - or a reflection of human perversion?   

* Let's look at a further aspect of God's morals.
God is fathering countless numbers of spiritual children, yet he has no girlfriend, fianc,e or wife. God has no marriage. God begets Christians from his own spiritual seed, which is artificially inseminated by the holy spirit (otherwise the holy spirit would be the father), into all of God's spiritual children. Who is God's wife? The bible clearly states that the church is the spiritual mother, but God and the church are not married! And the bible clearly states that spiritual marriages can exist because the same church that is impregnated by God's seed is engaged to marry Jesus Christ at his return. The bible also states that the spiritual mother of all Christians is a virgin who is engaged to Jesus Christ! A virgin mother?

The bible makes it absolutely and unmistakably clear that God the father is not married. God has countless children, but has no wife. Yet, according to the bible, Jesus Christ is going to marry the church at his return - so why isn't God married? Are Christians the literal children of God, or is that just another analogy? If it is an analogy, then Christians aren't really the children of God. If it is literal, then every Christian in existence has parents who are not married. If Christians are the literal children of God, then according to Christian's own bible, every Christian in existence is a spiritual bastard.

Stop and think about this. Mary was engaged to Joseph when God impregnated her, and now that Jesus Christ is engaged to the church, God is impregnating the church with countless children. God seems to have a thing about impregnating engaged women. Yet in no way is God married or engaged. Is this literal or symbolic? Either way, it is undeniable perversion.

The more you think about this, the worse it gets. The bible undeniably states that the church is comprised of the spirit-begotten children of God. The church is not a building or anything else, it is the individual Christians who constitute the church. The bible also undeniably proclaims that the church is the mother of all Christians. According to the bible, Christians are their own mothers. The bible also undeniably states that Christians are the brothers and sisters of Christ since all of them have the same unmarried father. The bible then undeniably states that Jesus Christ is going to marry the church at his return - Jesus Christ is going to marry his own brothers and sisters who are their own mothers! The only words that can possibly describe this are - insanity and incest. Including homosexual incest. If anyone wants to claim this is an analogy, I will instantly concede this very insane point. Then I'll ask why in the hell your God teaches his divine truth using perverted analogies that utterly break and shatter his own laws, as well as the laws of sanity? Then I'll point out that if this bible story is an analogy, no Christian is the literal child of God.

An interesting side note about incest is the undeniable fact that according to the bible, God himself created mankind in a way that guaranteed incest - lots of it for many generations. Yet incest is against the laws of God, man and nature. Anyone want to claim that this is an analogy?

Have you ever noticed how a woman is left out of the picture in all this? The bible identifies God the father, the holy spirit and Jesus Christ. All men with no woman. There is no woman in the godhead, and the only woman involved in all of this is ambiguously identified as the church, but the bible also states that the church consist of spirit-begotten humans.

Christians and religionists cannot answer this. They can make excuses for God and the bible, and they must create fairy tales in feeble attempts to explain it. But no Christian or religionist alive can point to any scripture or statement in the bible itself that explains, clarifies or justifies this massive perversion.

What is the real answer to all of this ancient perversion? The painful truth is very, very simple. None of this is true. There is no almighty, pure, righteous, all knowing God involved with the bible. The bible is simply the ravings and superstitions of ancient barbaric humans.

When the writers of the bible made this insanity up, the God they created reflected the values and perversions of their own barbaric society. The God they created could be nothing more than a reflection of their own brutality, insanity, ignorance, superstitions, morals and attitudes. The bible was never written for mankind, it was written for leaders to control mankind through superstitious beliefs and an all powerful, invisible bogeyman that will get-ya no matter where you go or what you do.

Women were unimportant and not much more than mere possessions when the writers made these stories up. Therefore, there is no female key player in the God they created. It's simply a reflection of their barbaric society. Incest was normal and acceptable to their society; therefore incest was acceptable for the God they created. The story that their God created mankind in a way that guaranteed incest was not an issue to them at all - is was normal. The fact that nowhere in the bible is there any knowledge or understanding beyond the knowledge of the writers is because there was no God to reveal it.

In a previous article, I demonstrated just how extremely simple it would have been for an all-knowing God to have clearly and easily revealed the future existence of; gunpowder, jet fighters, electricity, submarines, aircraft carriers, commercial jets, genetics and other modern inventions. Yet there is not one hint or syllable of anything like this in the bible - because it was beyond the scope of the ancient writers. What they didn't know, their God couldn't know. More on this critical issue later in the article.              

Are the above undeniable statements in the bible the overall moral structure of a supreme, righteous, civilized, sane God? Or is the bible merely a reflection of the perverted and barbaric belief structures of ancient societies?

Christians extensively and continually use analogies and symbolism to make excuses for the bible. Maybe the promise of eternal life is just an analogy and is merely symbolic. If so much of the bible is an analogy or symbolic, then why not eternal life?  If Christians want to use analogies and symbolism to explain every difficulty, then I have an explanation that makes far, far more sense than the bible's perversions...

Since no one ever has, or can, prove that Jesus Christ even existed, he is a symbolic messiah, not a literal messiah. And since Christians are the symbolic children of God rather than literal children, God doesn't have to worry about getting married. And all Jesus Christ has to do to symbolically marry the church (which is comprised of all Christians), is to remember all of their names. Maybe that's why there is a book of life with everyone's name recorded. Now, since Jesus Christ is the symbolic messiah of all Christians, all he has to do is read the names in the book of life every now and then, and - viola - all Christians have symbolic eternal life. This explains how God can be a father without being married. This explains how the church can be both the mother of Christians, and the Christians at the same time. This explains how Jesus Christ can marry the church (which is comprised of his symbolic brothers and sisters) without incest being involved. This even explains why God doesn't care about Christians killing each other, because once they have their names in the book of life, they've already got everything they are ever going to get - symbolic eternal life.

I wonder if Christian religionists realize just how ludicrous and slobbering-at-the-mouth they appear to us when they arrogantly claim that we cannot have morals without following biblical standards?

Let's take a look at God's form of justice according to documented and undeniable statements in the bible...
The bible clearly states that Satan the devil is billions of years old. He was a supreme archangel of which there were only three. Then God creates weak, naive carnal humans and throws these flesh-and-blood humans into a heavyweight championship fight against Satan the devil. And what was God's reaction when the brand-new humans lost one, single contest against Satan? God threw them out of the garden and turned his back on all of humanity - and then proclaimed all of mankind as evil.

Let's put this in perspective. If your child was deceived by a professional con-man, would you kick your child out of your home, turn you back on them even if they were starving or being raped, and then proclaim your child as evil? Is this story about an all-loving, merciful God? Or is this simply another reflection of ancient barbaric attitudes?

* According to the bible, God undeniably commanded the literal genocide of every nation surrounding ancient Israel. The bible clearly states the reason for this was because they were so evil and wicked, and they worshipped false gods. Yet the bible also clearly states that at no time and in no manner did God lift a finger or make any attempt to teach, guide, instruct, correct or help them.

Is this the action of a sane, rational God who created all of mankind? Or is this simply an ancient barbaric nation that claimed a sole, proprietary God who commanded them to murder?

It's interesting to note that Israel was both the most religious and the most backward of nations. Israel had by far the least personal freedoms of their time, and Israel was by far the most oppressive nation to its own people. Israel made no contribution whatsoever to the arts, sciences or advancement of mankind. It's even more interesting to note that despite God's personal help and guidance for several centuries, Israel failed and fell just like every other nation. God did not seem to matter. I learned this watching a documentary about ancient Israel on the Discovery channel.

As a side note: If you look down through history, it is crystal clear that the stronger religion's rule is, the more backward, ignorant and less advanced a nation is. Yet when religion's rule is weak, the stronger, and more educated, and more advanced a nation becomes, and the people have far more personal freedoms. This is not always the case, to be sure, but it is the rule rather than the exception. Religion down through the ages has historically been extremely oppressive, especially to its own people. Religion is the direct cause of what we call the dark ages.

* The bible clearly states that God deliberately withheld the holy spirit and conversion from ancient Israel. The bible also clearly states that without the holy spirit, it is impossible to please or obey God. Yet God would go into a rage and massacre tens of thousands of his own people because they were so evil and did not obey him. God withheld the only means by which Israel could be converted and obey him, but then he turned around in livid rages and killed his own people by the thousands... Huh?

We don't have to put this one in perspective; the insanity of this justice system speaks for itself. This is another reflection of human madness that was attributed to God. I remind you that to ancient, superstitious, ignorant societies - every natural disaster, epidemic or crop failure was a punishment from God. If anything went right, they were being blessed. If anything at all went wrong, the ancients believed they were being cursed. I am so glad that we modern humans have developed so far beyond such ignorant, ancient superstitions...

* One of the most hideous and perverted examples of justice in the entire bible. According to undeniable statements in the bible, king David took an unauthorized census of the people. After God gave David a choice of punishments, David decided to put himself in God's hands. God's punishment of David was to kill seventy thousand innocent people! God killed seventy thousand innocent people in order to punish ONE guilty person. And all David did was count the people of Israel in an unauthorized manner. How insane can you get?

Let's put this one in perspective. What if it was your innocent beloved mate, or one of your innocent children or family member that God killed in order to punish the king? Would God seem so righteous, loving and merciful to you? Would he be worthy of your worship then?

Let's put it another way. When Timothy McVeigh was executed, did any religious leaders come forward and suggest that the government of the United States kill 70,000 innocent Americans as McVeigh's punishment? And then let him go free? After all, it is undeniably in the bible. Does this story sound more than a little insane? Is there even a semi-righteous being, physical or spirit, anywhere in the universe that would be capable of such an act of demonic insanity?

I could make a far stronger case that Satan the devil wrote the bible and deceived the world into believing it - rather than a sane, righteous, rational, loving, creator God writing it.

A few other quick points about God's justice.

* Samuel's two sons were powerful priests. They were exceedingly corrupt, and they were so arrogant they didn't even attempt to hide it. They were oppressing many, many people. Injustice was rampant. When the people complained to Samuel, what was God's reaction? According to the bible, God blamed the people (Just like religionists today. If anything goes wrong and their religion doesn't' work - it's your fault.) There was no correction, discipline or punishment of the two guilty priests. Typically, God blamed the victims rather than the oppressors, and God protected the leaders regardless of what they did. Does this sound like normal, human power politics? It is interesting to note that Samuel was the only one who knew what God spoke. It was the father of the two corrupt priests who spoke for God.

* King David literally got away with murder. In Moses' time, God personally commanded the death of a man for picking up sticks on the Sabbath for firewood. When David conducted the illegal census, God killed seventy thousand innocent people to punish David. When David committed a well-known premeditated murder - virtually nothing happened. The baby died and a curse was put on David that he would endure constant warfare. But David was already engaged in constant warfare. That was a case of proclaiming a curse that had already long existed. That would be the same thing as putting a curse on God so that his word would cause massive confusion throughout the Earth and that multiple millions would be killed in his name....

When a man picked up sticks for firewood, he was personally condemned to death by God himself! Would any of you Christians care to approach the supreme court of the United State and suggest that penalty for gathering firewood on the Sabbath? (Where's your faith?) When David conducted an illegal census, 70,000 innocent people had to die. Yet when David committed a widely known premeditated murder, only the innocent baby had to die. And the only curse David received from God was what David was already doing. This is God's justice?

I have a much better answer. The man who picked up the sticks was a common man, which was a death sentence. The bible has no interest whatsoever in common people, only the leaders. When David conducted the census, a natural disaster happened to occur, so the superstitious religionist blamed it on God. Then when David committed a well-known murder, there was no natural disaster to blame God for, so everything was okay. All babies do not survive, but David got to keep the woman he murdered for. In fact, the woman that David murdered a faithful warrior for was the mother of Solomon. Where's the justice in that? Seventy thousand innocent people had to die because David conducted a census, yet the woman he commits murder for becomes the mother of the next king.

None of this has anything to do with a God; it is simple ages-old power politics mixed in with random natural disasters.

* God commanded Israel to massacre countless thousands of helpless women, children and babies.
This is hideous debauchery and madness on not one, but two levels. Slitting the belly of a 6-month-old baby so that it's entrails fall out is absolute insanity by any definition in the universe. Grabbing a 60-year-old woman by the hair and shoving a steel sword through her stomach is madness. And I point out that these young powerful soldiers were not surgeons, they hacked and slit old men, old and young women, children and babies in a frenzy of madness. If an 18-year-old girl laid on the ground for hours bleeding to death from a gaping wound through her liver - so be it. And how many young women and girls were raped even as they lay dying or dead? These solders were totally unconverted and did not have access to the holy spirit or conversion because it was deliberately withheld from them by God himself. Neither did they ever have any direct contact with God, because God only had direct contact only with top leaders. God never, ever had any contact any of the common people.

Strangely, God has no contact with anyone today. The God who does not change had so much contact with the ancients, but does not have a moment of contact with anyone today. It's even more strange when you remember that religionists unanimously claim that the bible was written for us, and our time today. Why did God have so much contact with people he refused the holy spirit to, yet he has no contact today? The answer is simple, there never was a God who had contact with anyone. The leaders simply used this superstition to control the people.

The second level of madness and insanity is the absolutely irreparable lifelong psychological damage to the young solders themselves. Entire generations of Israelite men in their primes were commanded and forced to cut babies in half. And how many of these solders had to butcher a protective, but defenseless, mother first? What about a young soldier who cut a baby in half that was still wet from a loving mother giving it a bath? What kind of severe flashbacks would that man have for the rest of his life every time he saw a wet baby? What about when his own wife gave his own baby a bath? What about a soldier who rammed a steel sword through a woman wearing a blue dress? What kind of flashbacks would he have every time he saw an Israelite woman wearing a blue dress? How many flashbacks would a soldier have every time he saw an Israelite who reminded him of someone he had hacked to pieces in battle? What terror would entire generations of men feel every time they heard a woman scream? Even if the scream was playful.

Every young man in Israel's army encountered countless sights, sounds and smells while killing women and children; furnishings, clothing styles and colors, paintings, vases, personal articles, and even food. What kind of psychological minefield awaited each and every young man from similar sights, sounds and smells when they returned home?

What would go through their minds when they smelled the blood of Israel's never-ending religious sacrifices? Think about the psychological insanity of a God who would command and force young men to smell the blood of countless thousands of helpless, defenseless women, children and babies - and then force those same men to smell the blood of continual religious sacrifices all year long. It was absolutely impossible for those young men to ever forget - or ever heal.        

What about the relentless, unspeakable lifelong nightmares in their sleep that God guaranteed entire generations of young men?

An ex-brother in law of mine spent only one year in Viet Nam. Yet to this day, there are certain sounds that tear his mind to pieces for several days. And he still has flashbacks and nightmares. Israel's young men fought for many years.

What kind of fathers and husbands would entire generations of severely psychologically damaged young men make? How much love, compassion and mercy could possibly exist in these young, well-experienced butchers? What would they say to their wives in an argument? Most important is how much of their hidden, but unspeakable, pain, torment and guilt would they unleash on their own families? And we are not talking about a few isolated individuals - we are talking about entire generations of young men.

It cannot be overemphasized that God himself refused to have any direct contact whatsoever with any of these young men. God commanded them to slaughter helpless women and children - then God left them on their own. The God of the bible was as merciless to his own people as he was to their slaughtered victims.

It is very revealing to anyone who can think that the God who created all of mankind chose one nation to slaughter all others, even literally commanding genocide. Yet, this God who created all of mankind did not make any effort whatsoever to lead, guide or correct any of the evil nations before he slaughtered them. It's also revealing that Israel's proprietary God is the one who gave them the authority. Israel's God cared only for Israel. But Israel still failed and fell, just like every other nation. In fact, Israel did not last as long as several of the evil nations that God tried to destroy.

A final point on this issue is that Christians utterly ignore the fact that if they themselves had lived during this time - the very God they worship would have commanded the slaughter of their own children, babies, grandparents and themselves. Christians aren't Israelites, therefore they would have been counted among the evil...

What God didn't know could kill you.  
God decreed that shrimp and pork are unclean. Well, God was wrong. It is a documented medical and scientific fact that shrimp and pork are just as clean as beef. However, those errors are not dangerous...

* God declared that cow's milk was clean and fit for human consumption. Yet, it is a medical and scientific fact that raw cows milk can kill you. All God had to do was add one sentence to the bible telling us to heat cows milk first, then it would be clean and safe. The writers of the bible did not know that raw cow's milk was potentially fatal, therefore the God they created did not know it either. Israel would have absolutely refused to believe that many sicknesses and deaths were from clean cow's milk.

If you went back in time and tried to teach Israel to pasteurize milk and make it safe, you would have been put to death for blasphemy against God's word. You would have died being right - and God would have been fatally wrong.

* God declared that all men are from the same blood. The writers of the bible did not know about blood types and the fatal error of mismatching blood types. Therefore, their God did not know about blood types. If Israel had the ability to perform blood transfusions, they would have killed countless thousands of their own wounded soldiers by giving them the wrong blood type. Israel would have also utterly refused to believe the deaths were caused because of the different bloods that exist in all of man.

Once again, if you tried to teach Israel about different blood types, you would have been put to death for blasphemy against their ignorant God. And once again, you would have died being right...

What you don't know can't hurt you? God declared clean things as being unclean, and God declared potentially fatal things as clean. What the ancient writers of the bible didn't know has killed many people. And their doctrines have killed tens of millions.

God and the bible have no answers for life or reality...

Earlier, I briefly touched on the issue of what the ancient writers of the bible did not know, the God of the bible didn't know either. The bible, religion, and its God have contributed nothing whatsoever to the betterment, achievement or advancement of mankind. There are no exceptions in any area. The bible and its God have contributed absolutely nothing to mankind. But they have taken, and demanded, so very much. Religion takes so much, but gives absolutely nothing in return.

There is no medical, technological or educational knowledge in existence that religion can claim one iota of. (Superstitious beliefs in a symbolic eternal life do not count in the world of reality, neither does raping virgins or cutting babies in half.)

God and the bible have given us nothing. Every time religion and science disagree - religion loses. The darkest and most ignorant of our history was when religion ruled the Earth. We have the thoroughly documented dark ages to prove that.

Religion has fought, resisted and condemned every achievement and advancement of mankind as evil. Religion has literally killed those who taught real truth. Yet once an achievement of mankind was undeniable - religion embraced it as its own and claimed it as God's blessing. The greatest fear of the parasites that claim truth - is truth itself. Mankind offers reality, flawed as it is, but all religion can offer is excuses and promises of rewards after you are dead. However, religion firmly insists on taking what you have got - now.  

It is men and women who have found all of the answers that we have, not the bible or its God. If you want the right job and career, you had better put away the worthless bible and take man's personality, profile, aptitude and placement tests. The bible has nothing to offer you. The ancient writers were ignorant of such things - and so is the bible and its God.

Religions rake in billions of dollars like a vacuum cleaner, yet give absolutely nothing in return. Where does all that money go? (See John O's article on accountability.) Religious leaders proclaim to the world at the top of their voices that they are in the loop with an almighty, all-knowing God. Yet they have no answers to life. Why can't they better mankind and give us super-human achievements?

Who discovered and learned that raw cows milk (which God said was clean), was potentially fatal? Who provided the answer? Who has ever given mankind any answers to life except ourselves? Where would we all be if we just sat around and waited for God to provide answers?

Who has a justice system that kills seventy thousand innocent people and lets the guilty king go free?  Who has a justice system that kills seventy thousand innocent people for an unauthorized census, yet kills only an innocent baby for premeditated murder? And then lets the king keep the woman he murdered for?

The bible and its God undeniably teach that women are vastly inferior to men. Yet even human males learned and taught the world that women are every bit mans intellectual equal. No one can tell if a book was written by a man or woman. No one can tell if a painting is from a man or woman. Wisdom knows no gender.

There is absolutely no test; IQ, aptitude, profile, wisdom, leadership, or creativity test on this Earth that can state the gender. Yet the bible absolutely states and proclaims that women are vastly inferior to men. Why didn't the very creator of men and women know that women are equal? Why did it take humans to learn this? The answer is simple. The writers of the bible believed that women were inferior, so therefore the God they created also proclaimed that women were inferior.

When we think of genocide (which God undeniable commanded), do we think of an all-loving creator of all mankind  - or do we think of Adolph Hitler? Hitler was an avid reader of the bible, as documented in this website. It is a very good thing ancient Israel did not have Hitler's military power. Otherwise there would have been many, many Jewish ovens and gas chambers. God himself personally commanded genocide on a far greater scale than Nazi Germany. As hideous, demented and evil as Hitler was, ancient Israel would have been far worse if they had possessed the power and the means for mass extermination. The bible undeniably condemns ancient Israel for not completing the God commanded genocide of all other nations. And to this very day, there are Jewish zealots who still believe in the extermination of all Arabs.

The God of the bible is a superstitious creation of man from the very pits and bowels of hell itself.

The God of the bible is totally, 100% and entirely the figment of ancient imaginations. No pure, righteous, supreme being in existence would be capable of a fraction of the lurid, perverted, insane actions attributed to the God of the bible. The God of the bible is a superstitious creation of perverted, twisted, ancient madness and power politics.

Furthermore, the hatred and violence of religionists has nothing whatsoever to do with any God or religion. Religion is simply an outlet, an excuse, to unleash the hate and violence that already exists within themselves. Zealots simply justify their own internal animalistic instincts and actions with a righteous cause. A label if you will. The problem is that zealots are predatory and always devour many, many innocent, gullible, unsuspecting people. People who actually believe in the zealots cause.

All religious leaders know that religion is a hoax, and they have no fear of any God. They proclaim what is necessary to control the sheep and maintain their power and wealth. Christians receive their reward only after they are dead, but Christian leaders have it all - now.

Religion is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated in history.




This is one of the finest refutations of the Bible that I have ever seen. I have a few comments on his very well-written essay.

In a parenthetical statement, JimV states "Even Hitler read the Bible and believed in God." Hitler also called his brutal dictatorship the thousand-year kingdom (Tausendjahrreich), so Hitler must have also thought he was setting up the millennial reign of Christ on earth. He may have even thought he was Christ. Later in the essay JimV says "Hitler was an avid reader of the bible, as documented in this website." Also documented on this website is the fact that Herbert W. Armstrong was an avid reader of Hitler's autobiographical work "Mein Kampf." Apparently the two men had very similar mentalities. Then in his last paragraph JimV states "All religious leaders know that religion is a hoax, ...". This was also true of HWA and GTA. They hoaxed us all they could.

There are two possible lines of reasoning regarding the Bible: (1) The Bible is true, and JimV is wrong. This leads to a large number of questions that are impossible to answer, paradoxes, etc., such as the one JimV discusses regarding the analogy of God's begetting us as His children, then Christ marries us, we are our own mother, etc. This reminds me of the American country and western song "I'm My Own Grandpa." The result of this line of reasoning leaves humans insane, at a loss, or killing one another over picky little religious points. (2) The Bible is not true, and JimV is right. JimV's arguments are all internally consistent, and nothing is left unexplained.

Now I would like to comment more extensively on JimV's choice of title. He called his essay "Wooden Stakes Through the Bible's Heart." Why wooden stakes? Because the Bible is a vampire. I have seen quite a few Dracula movies over the years, and also seen a TV documentary on the real person behind the Dracula legend.

There was a real man born in 1430 in the principality of Wallachia within the larger territory known as Transylvania, which today lies in Romania. His name was Vlad. His father was the prince of Wallachia, and his name was Vlad Dracul. Drac is the Romanian word for devil or dragon. The older Vlad had joined an organization called the Order of the Dragon, which was dedicated to fighting Turkish invaders of their homeland. The young Vlad was thus the son of Dracul (son of the dragon), which in Romania becomes Dracula or Draculya. The young Vlad grew old enough to become a ruler himself, and he was very brutal in the treatment of his enemies. His favorite means of punishment was to impale an enemy on an upright, sharpened stake and leave him hanging there until long after he had died. Vlad the younger became known in history as Vlad the Impaler because he impaled so many thousands of people. Even when he was in prison he continued his obsession with impaling, as he would catch rats in his prison cell and impale them. Vlad the Impaler finally died in 1477. He never sucked anyone's blood, nor did he possess the ability to change himself into a bat.

Today is not the only time in history when urban legends have been popular. In fact, urban legends have been around forever. Human beings love mysteries, superstitions, and simple explanations for everything. Gradually an urban legend grew in the area of Transylvania that tried to blame the long-dead Vlad for unexplainable events. Anything bad that happened was blamed on Vlad, the convenient bogeyman. He eventually became the grotesque vampire bat made familiar to us through many scary and entertaining movies that portray various parts of the legend.

The Bible is an urban legend just like Dracula. It doesn't matter how many people believe in the legend. It's still a bunch of toxic mind waste, all fake. But many details of the Dracula legend have very interesting analogies in the Bible legend. For example, the evil Count Dracula (according to all the movies I've seen) sleeps during the day because he cannot stand to be in the light. He comes out only at night. This reminds me of Christ's comment about people who love the night because their deeds are evil. The Bible itself cannot stand to see the light of day (close inspection and rational investigation), because it is used for a huge number of evil deeds. Dracula wears a tuxedo while sleeping in his coffin during the day. Men wear tuxedoes when they want to appear respectable. The Bible appears respectable, but it is really a blood-sucking parasite in disguise. Dracula changes into a bat so he can fly around unseen, then lands near his victim, changes back into a man, bites his victim's neck, and then starts sucking blood. Once you are bitten, you will either die immediately if all your blood is sucked out or else you will become infected with Dracula's own blood and then you will turn into a vampire yourself. Once we are bitten by the Bible (I am speaking now from my own personal experience), we become a rabid Bible-thumping proselytizing true believer just like the evil Herbert W. Armstrong vampire who seduced us and bit our necks in the first place. We get on fire for the lord. We want to save people. We want to FORCE people to be happy. What a crock of shit.

Dracula is almost completely immortal. As long as he can keep sleeping in his coffin during the day and coming out at night for fresh blood, he will live forever, infecting more and more normal people and making more and more vampires like himself. Each one of his infected victims will thus inherit his immortality and continue the evil process forever. Dracula also can be repelled with garlic, and he cowers in fear whenever he sees a crucifix, which is supposed to represent God and true religion. Herbert W. Armstrong's blood-sucking religion, and all others too, are afraid of pure religion, which the vampirical Bible defines as visiting the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and keeping oneself unspotted from the world. Read about Herbert W. Armstrong's, GTA's, and Rader's private lives to see how unspotted from the world they were and how they treated the fatherless and widows.

The only way Dracula can be killed is to find him while he is asleep in his coffin, put a wooden stake on his chest, hit the stake with a hammer, and thus drive the wooden stake through his heart with only one blow. Then Dracula dies.

JimV has driven multiple wooden stakes through the heart of the great evil vampire Bible that sucked our blood while offering a false immortality and turning us all into more bloodsuckers until we saw the light. No matter how hard you try to explain to an alcoholic what he is doing to himself, he will never see the light and come to his senses until he bottoms out. Then he sees what he has become, and is sick of what he sees. In an exactly similar way no one who is a true cult believer can be reached until he has bottomed out in the cult. For those who have reached that point, read all you can on this website and others like it. There is light available at the end of the Bible's tunnel.

Bill Fairchild






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