The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
Why The Worldwide Church of God Members Continue to Suffer

By Jim V

 It is impossible for any sober person on Earth to so much as suggest that any of the harlot daughters of the Worldwide Church of God is the "true church of God," or any kind of righteous organization. And it is equally impossible for any rational, spiritually sober person to even consider that the Worldwide Church of God, with Herbert W. Armstrong, Garner Ted Armstrong, etc, was even remotely, infinitesimally "righteous." (To him who has an ear, let him hear and to him who has the courage, let him read, for this is strong meat.)

Being deceived means you don't know any better but the facts are now "revealed" and are thoroughly documented. Being deceived means being ignorant but the veil has been lifted and a very bright light now shines on the "spiritual" cockroaches.

To harbor more than a mere passing thought that the Worldwide Church of God or any of its harlot daughters are righteous requires an enormous magnitude of ignorance and/or self deception. It also requires giving yourself over to merciless predators.

To wit...

It is an absolute, documented fact that if Herbert W. Armstrong had lived in ancient Israel, he would have been "put to death" by the religious leaders appointed by the very "God" that he proclaimed. His own God would have killed him by words out of Herbert W. Armstrong's own mouth. In our time, Herbert W. Armstrong would have been a dead man in 1936.

According to the "God almighty" of the bible, there was only one penalty for a false prophet, death. It is documented on this website that Herbert W. Armstrong "prophesied" that Jesus Christ would return to this Earth in 1936. And we all know that it didn't happen. In ancient Israel, one false prophecy would put you to death, but we modern, civilized humans are far, far more tolerant. Albeit, religious leaders of the "bible" would have killed HWA long before most of us were even born.

Do you want to give Herbert W. Armstrong 50 false prophecies? He's still dead. How about 100? At 100 false prophecies from a man who claimed to be the "only" true minister of God and the "only" man who could restore God's truth he would still be killed. Maybe we should give the only man on earth to whom God reveals new truth 150 false, erroneous, deceptive, lying, worthless prophecies. Even still, ancient Israel, the bible, and his God would have killed him.

How many false prophecies does it take to make a false prophet? This website documents, proves, displays, and contains over two hundred false, erroneous, lying, deceptive, worthless prophecies of Herbert W. Armstrong. (This could be the year!)

So much for the gospel (good news). Now let's look at the bad news. There is an entire nest of oxymorons that any WCG'er must ignore and excuse. In fact, there are several levels of impossibility that any WCG'er must ignore and blind their eyes to.

* Herbert W. Armstrong tied his daughter to a bed with ropes and raped her. This man of "God" had an incestuous relationship with his daughter Dorothy for 10-13 years. Garner Ted Armstrong himself confirmed this, as well as David Robinson in his book "The Tangled Web" as well as others. (This website is a bright light to the spiritual cockroaches.)

* Herbert W. Armstrong was a known, documented alcoholic. He puked all over the private jet that "we" paid for. The same private jet that the pilots referred to as "the flying whorehouse." (We must refrain from even the appearance of evil. Huh?)

* Herbert W. Armstrong himself said that "his" private jet cost $1,600 per hour to operate. Does it take a stiff erection to "preach the gospel"? Then why did Herbert W. Armstrong fly to Romania for sex therapy? It was well known among the "elite" that HWA was extremely jealous of Garner Ted Armstrong's sexuality. At $1,600 per hour, how much of "your" tithes were spent for the hope of an erection to supersede his own son? Is this "new" truth? Don't forget that we gave our money to a man who has over 200 documented failed prophecies.

* During the horrendous crisis of the church-takeover by Satan's henchmen, did Herbert W. Armstrong show courage and fortitude? Or did he slink away and have "his" private jet fueled and warmed up for a cowardly retreat to Mexico? Did anybody see "him" at Pasadena during this most threatening of crises? Where was his "almighty" power and authority?

* Herbert W. Armstrong spent $8,000 of "his" money to buy a set of salt and pepper shakers. You can't preach the gospel without them. And you certainly cannot help the poor without $8,000 salt and pepper shakers.

* Herbert W. Armstrong spent $13,000 of "his" money to buy a sterling silver champagne bucket.

* The amount of tithe money Herbert W. Armstrong spent on expensive art, gold-ware, desks, furnishings and anything else that "he" wanted was nothing short of astronomical. HWA "always" referred to every dime of tithe money as "his" money. And he spent "our" money accordingly. There were many, many, many, many illegal expenditures of church funds in the Worldwide Church of God. It was on a daily continual basis. If you don't believe that, then read this well documented, factual, provable website. This website has been entrusted with the entire collection of the invaluable, priceless Ambassador Reports.

* Garner Ted Armstrong spent countless thousands of dollars of tithe money in Las Vegas. Not to mention the fuel, landing fees, maintenance and pilot salaries for the jet that took Garner Ted Armstrong to Vegas.

The list of documented and proven evils goes on and on. But lets get to the real point here. Why do "you" continue to suffer and sacrifice?

Herbert W. Armstrong was not a righteous man; he was an evil man. It is documented on this website that Adolph Hitler was an avid reader of the bible. And as Bill Fairchild pointed out, it is also a documented fact that HWA was an avid reader of Hitler's "Mein Kampf."

By the way, does anyone know what day Pentecost is on? It used to be on Monday, but the truth that God revealed to Herbert W. Armstrong was superseded by "newer" truth from the almighty, all-knowing God that it actually was on Sunday. (200 failed prophecies) If you lost your job and career during this "confusion" then so be it, just have faith. After all, God is so very, very willing to take care of you "after" you are dead.

Why is it that religious leaders get everything now? But the "sheep" only have rewards after they are dead? Why doesn't Bin Laden make the supreme sacrifice and go to his illustrious reward? The answer is simple: all religious leaders "demand" and take, but they never, never "give."

The answer is simple: Religion is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated in history.

If God is so great, why does he so desperately need "your" money? If God is so great, then why do you have to obey and keel to a man?

Do you want to show "real" faith? Then let's have a national "God" year. Nobody gives a dime to any religious organization for an entire year. We will have "faith" and let the almighty God take care of it. Fasting, prayer and faith but don't give any money. (Can the almighty God of all creation, who has all power, go broke because of "you"?) Would that not be extreme arrogance on your part?

But this is the easy-to-chew meat. All of this has been simple.

If Herbert W. Armstrong, an alcoholic, womanizer, incestuous predator, known liar, false prophet and diviner of doctrines that suit his own needs, can possibly reveal divine truth, then here is the truth to all Worldwide Church of God splinter harlots...

The government of God works from the top down. And you have no say in the matter whatsoever. Herbert W. Armstrong loudly and viciously proclaimed that "Jesus Christ" is the head of the church. And HWA loudly proclaimed that God backs up the church and his own government even when they are wrong.

So who in the hell do the splinter whores think they are to rebel against God's own government? The very government of God almighty that was revealed to an alcoholic, incestuous, liar. And a documented false prophet of over 200 false prophecies.

Remember the book of Revelation? Did you forget about the part of the "great" whore and her many daughters? Is that not what Herbert W. Armstrong fervently taught against? Who can deny that this is exactly what happened with the Worldwide Church of God and her daughter harlots?

If you believe the evil, incestuous, false prophet of Herbert W. Armstrong, then you cannot possibly believe that any church outside of "headquarters" can possibly exist. The only possible alternative is to be the Laodicean church era. And we all know what happens to the Laodiceans.

But now to the real point and the real importance...

Why do you continue to suffer?

* Religion is a security blanket... You want an agent for your life. You want someone to take "care of" you. You want someone to take care of the bills, someone who will just take all the pressure off your mind and "give you answers." You want someone who will give you a raise or a better job. And you will sacrifice, endure and suffer much to assuage this innate, basic desire. You want, crave, and ache for answers even if the answers are superstitions and fairy tales. You will take any answer that you can get; you are desperate. And worst of all, you will sacrifice all you have to get those answers. And most of all, you want "someone" to make all of the tough decisions for you.

But here's the "real" truth. The only answers are the answers within yourself. Your own talents, skills, abilities, creativity, and intelligence. If you do whatever needs to be done, then it will happen. But if you have "faith" and wait for God, you will die empty. The answer to your own life is contained within your own genetics. Waiting for God to supply your needs is one of the biggest life destroyers there is. At worst, having faith means standing around doing nothing. At best, it means giving up your free will and allowing someone else to do your thinking for you.

* Superstition, Science or God? Every time science and religion butt heads, science wins. No religious leader has given us anything. They beg for money, and then more money, but they give nothing. The Bible proclaims that raw cow's milk is clean to drink, but science tells you that raw milk can kill you. Who do you believe? Religion has never contributed one iota to the advancement of mankind. No discoveries, inventions or technology. And this fact brings up a very, very serious point about Herbert W. Armstrong.

The toughest questions I can ask you...

What good did he do? What difference did Herbert W. Armstrong make? How is mankind better off because of him? How are we members and former members better off? What are his fruits?

Herbert W. Armstrong preached for well over half a century. And he directly controlled as much as 2 or 3 billion dollars of tax-free cash, possibly more. What did he do with that enormous amount of money? What did he accomplish? What are the results and what is the bottom line?

The simple, painful truth is He accomplished absolutely nothing beneficial. Herbert W. Armstrong did indeed accomplish a great many things, all of which were destructive and evil. HWA destroyed countless tens of thousands of lives and it was all for nothing. Absolutely nothing. Want some undeniable examples? And I give examples of HWA's own actions and decisions long before the illegitimate spawning of the daughter harlots. (I will address this easily provable point shortly.)

For many decades, countless thousands of lives and families were destroyed because of Herbert W. Armstrong's doctrine on divorce and remarriage. Countless thousands lived in almost unbearable agony and suffering. Many, many solid, stable familles were torn apart and destroyed. Yet when HWA needed a divorce, he simply shrugged his shoulders and changed the church doctrine to suit his own needs. And there was not one single word of remorse, apology or consideration for the countless thousands who had suffered in agony for so many years. And all of these countless thousands suffered horribly for absolutely nothing. The doctrine was changed at the whim of a remorseless Herbert W. Armstrong.

Even more hideous is the countless thousands who for many decades suffered and even DIED for lack of medical treatment. Roy Keith in Miami was one of the best friends I ever had in my 29 years in the church. Roy developed a very treatable colon cancer that was detected well in time. Roy refused to have an operation and died at a very young age, and left behind a very young grieving widow.

When Dick Armstrong was critically injured in an auto accident, he received only the barest of medical care. Even Loma Armstrong received only minimal medical care. Yet when HWA himself became seriously ill, this two-faced, double standard, remorseless, predatory psychopath simply changed church doctrine to suit himself. And Herbert W. Armstrong then received the absolute best round-the-clock medical care that "our" money could buy. And again, there was not a single word of remorse or guilt for any who had suffered or even died.

If you have the guts, you can read the blood-chilling Ambassador Reports on this website that reveal what the ministers were commanded to do if one of the sheep died from lack of medical care. To sum it up simply and quickly, they were commanded to lie, deceive and deny. The ministers were "commanded" to say or do whatever it took to put the blame totally on the faithful-but-dead church member. The church was to be defended and held blameless at "all" costs. Especially if it involved a child.

Why did Herbert W. Armstrong change these major doctrines? The answer is as simple as it is brutal. HWA "knew" that he was operating a scam and he was completely aware that there is no God that would come to his aid. He "knew" that he had to take care of himself and he knew there was no divine being to depend on. HWA demanded faith from others, but he himself had no faith whatsoever because he knew better. HWA demanded faith in order to control us, but he himself knew there was no higher power that he had to account to. And he knew there was no divine help.

There is an account on this website of Herbert W. Armstrong having a steak dinner on the Day of Atonement. When asked if he was afraid that someone would "catch" him, he replied that all of the sheep were at home fasting. Personally, I wasn't there and I did not see this event. However...

My entire family and I saw Roger Foster at the Rainbow Club in Auburndale, FL on a Friday night. Foster was dancing with some woman like he was a second layer of skin on her. My ex-wife went over to his table and I will never forget the pale, ashen, shocked look on Foster's face as long as I live. Foster's "woman" fled the scene within seconds. Foster then came over to our table and explained that he was "checking the place out" for a Spokesman's Club meeting. We dutifully acknowledged his feeble, unconvincing excuse. Foster quickly excused himself and disappeared quicker than any magician. He left a pitcher of beer on his table that was almost full so we grabbed it. What the hell? Thank you, Roger Foster.

To his credit, Foster was not stupid enough to ask us what the hell we were doing out on a Friday night. But I will explain it to all of you. This was in 1973 or 1974, and the church was "beginning" to lose its grip on us. The 1972 thing cost the church a lot of credibility in my mind. Unfortunately, it wasn't until early 1988 that the alarm clock of reality finally reverberated throughout my mind and I said to myself: "This shit doesn't work; it's impossible to work."

But back to the real point. Why do you WCG'ers continue to suffer and sacrifice? Why do you continue to waste and destroy the only thing you have left, your future?

* Superstitions in addition to the security blanket... In the deepest part of our minds resides a hideous, evil superstitious fear of an "almighty" God. We cringe in fear of "blasphemy" at a single thought of doubt or question. This is the worst of the internal self-imposed fears. We willingly enslave ourselves. An invisible, all-powerful, all-knowing "God" is the ultimate adult-level boogey-man. He will "get ya" and punish you, and he will make you suffer no matter where you go and no matter what you do. There is no escape from this invisible adult-level boogey-man because he exists only in your own mind. But, the very instant you "turn off" the switch, he no longer exists. This superstitious, nonexistent "God" is only as real as you allow "it" to be. Without "you," God has no power, control or existence. If you don't believe that, and you think I am guilty of blasphemy, then you just keep drinking your raw cow's milk that the almighty, all-knowing God said is safe.

The ancient writers of the bible did not know that raw cow's milk could potentially "kill" you therefore the God they created could not know this either. The God of the bible does not "know" anything of any kind that the ancient writers did not know. And that is why the so-called almighty, all-knowing "God" of the universe has never given us one single fact of science, education, psychology, medicine or technology. In fact, religion "fights" all of these things with all of their might. Why don't you Christians get off of the Internet and throw away your "man-created" computers? Then sit back in "faith" and wait for the all-knowing "God" to provide you with something much better? Where's you faith in God, and where's your faith in "man"?

Religious leaders make the most grandiose, extreme, astronomical claims in the history of mankind. But where is their proof or slightest shred of evidence? Carl Sagan said, "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence." Who wants to be the very first person in history to "prove" that Jesus Christ even existed? You can easily and quickly prove that king David existed 1,000 years before Christ, but you absolutely cannot prove the existence of Jesus Christ. (Jesus Christ is a fairy tale that is a combination of many ancient myths and legends.) There is no aspect of Jesus Christ's life and actions that was not already believed and taught for thousands of years. The virgin birth, the 12 disciples, the transfiguration on the mount, the resurrection after 3 days, the ascension to the heavens, the healing, the miracles, all of this was already believed and taught for thousands of years. And, here's another bullet to religion's head: there was no such thing as a "Christian" religion until 130-170 years "after" the so-called Christ lived. Before then, there was nothing, nada, zip.

Even one of the popes commented on the wondrous things that the "myth" of Jesus Christ has wrought. All religious leaders "know" that religion is a hoax, but it gives them so much power and control. And it gives American religious leaders vast, vast amounts of "tax-free" money. And, they can give medical advice without a medical license. They can give psychiatric advice without any qualifications: it's all "demons." They can give marital advice, child-rearing advice, business advice, financial advice or any other advice and counseling without any qualifications whatsoever. And they are protected by law to devastate and destroy your life with no accountability to themselves whatsoever.

Religion is the only "profession" that the law allows to break the law. Would "you" like to give medical advice without a medical license? Psychiatric advice without a license, training or experience? Religious leaders have been doing it for thousands of years.

Doctors, lawyers and other professionals "must" have malpractice insurance but not religious leaders or preachers. Why? Doctors and lawyers can be sued but not preachers. Why? Every other "profession" must be accountable, but not preachers. Why? When will religious leaders give us free electricity and $1,000 cars that get 500 miles to the gallon? Religious leaders are reputed to be "in the loop" with an all-knowing God who knows everything. When are they going to "give" us something worthwhile?

What were the results of Herbert W. Armstrong being given billions of tax-free dollars? What did he accomplish, and how did he better mankind? And how many of his "God-given" truths did he himself reverse and change?

Stop and consider the fact that absolutely "none" of Herbert W. Armstrong's great, wonderful, revealed truths from "God" are being taught today except for the provable daughter harlots. None, nada, zilch, zero. Absolutely "nothing" that HWA ever said has any meaning, value or truth. His words are as dead as he is. And, don't forget that, if there was a God of the bible, HWA would have been put to death, stoned, and killed in 1936.

Is an incestuous, alcoholic, lying, psychopathic, false prophet of over 200 false, wrong, meaningless, worthless prophecies the "best" that God can do? My dear brethren, God only exists in your mind. He has no power whatsoever except for the power "you" give him. God is a fantasy and a fairy tale just like the tooth-fairy, Santa Claus and the Great Pumpkin.

What do I mean when I say HWA is psychopathic? It means that he was mentally diseased and he was totally incapable of love, warmth, mercy, kindness, compassion, or fairness. It means that he was "above" all else, he was the ultimate authority and he alone knew right from wrong. In other words, he believed himself to be superior to all others and all things. He was the ultimate authority. Herbert W. Armstrong was incapable of normal, higher level human feelings, emotions and compassion.

But about the harlot daughters I mentioned earlier. This is a real, impossible oxymoron. The harlots absolutely "cannot" deny HWA, yet they break the greatest of his doctrines. They break the government of God according to the great false prophet himself. One of the whore splinters claims that it was the Worldwide Church of God that was the Laodicean church. But that is impossible. The Worldwide Church of God was number 6, and Laodicea is number 7. Number 7 cannot come before number 6. If you have seven children there is only one that can be number 6 and only one that can be number 7. You cannot make your seventh child your number 6 child. It's impossible. It can't happen. Ask Bill F, he has a bachelors degree in mathematics. Then you can ask John O, he has a degree in engineering, he should know the difference between sixth and seventh place in order. I have two minor degrees in Computer Science and Marketing, which are both heavy into math, and I can't figure this out either. It is absolutely impossible to point to HWA as a man of God and then create a splinter, daughter harlot in defiance of "God's" government.

The splinter harlots prove that there is no God or Jesus Christ ruling the church. Herbert W. Armstrong proclaimed that God will "not" use rebels. Well, every splinter harlot is a rebel. A rebel that "must" embrace an alcoholic, incestuous, proven false prophet. A psychopath who hated and despised the very people who supported him.

And a quick side note about Herbert W. Armstrong: the W in his name was as fake as he was. He inserted the W in his name to make it more dramatic. HWA was born HA. If he weren't so sick and destructive, it would be humorous.

A final point on why you WCG'ers continue to suffer. It is exceedingly difficult for anyone to admit they were so very, very, dead wrong. It is so hard to accept the fact that we wasted so many years of our lives. And it is so very hard to accept that our horrendous, blood sacrifices were for "nothing."

All of us wasted so many years of our past, and there is nothing that we can do about that. But do not waste the only, precious thing that you have left: your future.....


 Religion is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated in history.





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