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Stanley Rader Assumes
Room Temperature!

In case you didn't read the following news item closely, Rader's bio was obviously written with a strong bias of pro-Raderism and pro-WWCGism. Was it perhaps written by someone in the paid employ of the WWCG? DUH. There was no mention of the allegations of homosexuality, fraud, corruption, theft, double dealing, conflict of interest, or attempts to take over the organization of which he was the General Counsel and Treasurer. He definitely wanted to make "Mr. Armstrong's visions a reality." The only problem is that the bio did not tell us what "Mr. Armstrong's visions" were. We now know that Herbert W. Armstrong's visions were to have the entire world become member/slaves of his cult, extort 25% of all their income for all time, and live in the lap of luxury and personal corruption, promiscuity, and lavishness, such as flying around visiting heads of state in his personal jet while drinking himself drunken and vomiting in the plane while on those godly trips.

We were all so blessed that he "willingly became a lightning rod for criticism of the Church". What a noble gesture that was. May God truly reward him for his magnanimity and exemplary selflessness.

The bio also failed to mention that he is survived by his 100 million dollar estate, almost all of which was stolen from duped, deceived, innocent little ones who thought they were honoring God by letting their leaders rob them blind.

May a millstone be tied around his stinking, dead neck and may he be hurled into the sea. May he be slowly devoured by maggots at the bottom of the sea. May he join the other 10,000 dead lawyers at the bottom of the ocean who, as we all know from the lawyer joke, are merely a good start. And may he be joined there as quickly as possible by his long-time nemesis, that other great man of God, Gagging Stud Hamstrung.

May all such lying bastards rot in peace (RIP).

May we all drink a toast to the long overdue death of this rotten motherfucker.

Bill Fairchild

Updated 7/28/02

Hi Bill:

Sure, I figured out that someone pro-Worldwide Church of God wrote this blithering obituary.  It smothers the "plain truth," and sounds like it was written by a lawyer with an oily tongue and a golden throat.

Rader was responsible for such fiscal misconduct that it's impossible for us, on the outside, to know exactly what was happening.  He was mainly responsible for the Worldwide Church of God REAL ESTATE collection, as well fleecing many of the hirelings out of their pre-arranged retirements.

Like Bob Kuhn (Rader's ex-offsider) was once reported to say when he saw the overall picture of all the luxury and income enjoyed by the Pontiff and shared by the  accounting department:  "Boy," he said, "this IS living."

Best.  John O.

Newspaper article from ?????

 Death of Stanley Rader, 71; Attorney/CPA, Author, Professor, Worldwide Church of God Minister,

PASADENA, CA, July 2, 2002 Stanley Robert Rader died Tuesday morning in Pasadena just 2 weeks after having been diagnosed with acute pancreatic cancer. Mr. Rader came to public prominence in his role as General Counsel and Treasurer for the Worldwide Church of God. He traveled extensively with the Church?s founder, the late Herbert W. Armstrong, visiting heads of state in furtherance of the Church?s mission. He became a baptized member and later was ordained by Armstrong as a minister in the Church.

Born August 13, 1930, in White Plains, New York, Stan Rader came to California to attend UCLA, where he received his undergraduate degree in 1951 and met Natalie Gartenberg, his wife of 51 years. He became a CPA in 1954 and attended law school at USC, graduating first in his class in 1963. Declining offers for a Fulbright scholarship at Yale and a clerkship at the U.S. Supreme Court, he stayed at USC to teach law and continue to develop his law and accounting practices. The Church became an increasingly important client, until in 1968 he decided to retire from his burgeoning law practice in favor of devoting full time to making Mr. Armstrong's visions a reality.

Messrs. Rader and Armstrong traveled throughout the world delivering the Church's message. Never a mere tourist, Rader was decorated by Emperor Hirohito of Japan, lectured at Fudan and Beijing Universities in China, and was asked by French author Rémy to translate his tragic account of King Leopold III of Belgium (entitled ?The Eighteenth Day?).

His role as one of Armstrong's closest personal advisors was a source of controversy within the Church. His background in communications, law, and publishing, coupled with his general business experience, made him an ideal counterpart to the visionary Armstrong. As an example, while Armstrong envisioned Ambassador Auditorium as the crown jewel of the Church's campus in Pasadena, it was Rader who proposed sharing it with the community as a center for the performing arts. When rebuffed by the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Rader persuaded Carlo Maria Giulini to lead the Vienna Symphony Orchestra in an inaugural concert and then arranged for scores of top-flight talent to visit Pasadena, including Arthur Rubenstein, Vladimir Horowitz, and Luciano Pavarotti.

Some of Rader's other innovations to bring the Church before a wider audience included the foundation of the critically acclaimed but secular Quest/77 magazine, Everest House, a book publisher in New York, cultural centers in Jerusalem and Sri Lanka, and sponsorship of archaeological excavations in the Middle East, along with numerous other charitable endeavors.

In January 1979, the State of California placed the Worldwide Church of God in receivership over allegations of financial impropriety. Mr. Rader willingly became a lightning rod for criticism of the Church (including a stint on an oft-re-aired episode of 60 Minutes), but successfully defended the Church?s right to self-governance. The allegations were never proved, and the suit was later dismissed. As the Church emerged from its legal battles, Rader fulfilled his promise to assume a nonpublic role in Church affairs, and he returned to a selective, private practice. His account of the receivership episode was published in his book ?Against the Gates of Hell"? Rev. Dean M. Kelley of the National Council of Churches called the book ?the seminal work on church/state relations in the 20th century.?

Mr. Rader is survived by his wife, Niki, his sister Joan Klein, his daughters Janis and Carol, his son Stephen, and five grandchildren. Memorial services are planned for 11 AM on Friday, July 5, at Mountain View Cemetery in Altadena.


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