The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
Layman's Apology
By John Bowers

I was not a minister. I was never ordained to anything. But upon long reflection, I realize that even in my capacity as a "nobody", I also did harm to innocent people.

I did lead songs.

For a time, I gave sermonettes.

I was president of Spokesman Club.

I was president of Graduate Club (twice).

I gave at least one in-home Bible study.

I gave at least one YOU Bible study.

I gave many, many speeches in the clubs.

I encouraged people not to leave the cult.

I encouraged people to "trust God" rather than have cancer surgery (and at least one of them died).

I shunned those who quit or were thrown out.

I paid ten percent of my income to finance the enslavement and imprisonment of other cult victims.

I coached YES basketball.

I was a YES Bible study "teacher". I led my wife from a normal life into the cult.

I raise my three children in the cult through their formative years.

I probably did other harmful things that I do not remember.

I was a Party Man all the way.

For these and any other crimes that I may have committed, I can only apologize. I can never right the wrongs that I did.

I have no excuse.

John Bowers




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