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The Spanish Department Break In

September 18, 1994 Letter to Joseph Tkach, Sr.

November 7, 1994 Letter to Joseph Tkach, Sr.

December 19, 1994 Letter to Joseph Tkach, Sr.

December 29, 1994 Letter to Joseph Tkach, Sr.

January 23, 1995 Letter to Joseph Tkach, Sr.

February 1995 Conference Call with Greg Albrecht

November 13, 1995 Letter to Joseph Tkach, Jr.

Al Carrozzo's Resignation Letter to Ministry

Crushing the '74 Rebellion

HWA to David Antion on Leave of Absence

Ernest Martin's Resignation Letter

 The Gerringer Letter

Herbert Armstrong Puts the Church "Back on the Track"

HWA letter to Rod Meredith

Richard Plache's Loving Service

1974 Telex from Garner Ted to his Father

Resignation of Worldwide Church of God Minister Gary Arvidson

Resignation of Worldwide Church of God Minister George Kimnitz

1974 Letter from Rick Wiedenheft to Garner Ted

Kessler Letter

Elder John Kiesz Recalls Herbert W Armstrong’s Early Ministry

Articles below courtesy of Ekklesia

   1946 Radio Church of God Constitution

   1948 Radio Church of God Constitution

   1948 Changes to The RCG-WCG Constitution

   1968 Amendment, Name Change To Worldwide Church of God

  1968 Certificate Of Amendment Of Articles Of Dissolution of Corp.

   1974 Church Government and Spiritual Abuses Response to Worldwide Church of God Leaders from David Antion and Al Corozzo

  1974 Atmosphere of Fear and Intimidation David Antion Memo to Garner Ted Armstrong

  1974 Haynes Letter to Garner Ted Armstrong

  1987 Restatement Articles
This constitution is significant in that it gives control of all assets of corporation to the Pastor General in the event of dissolution of the corporation. By calling this a restatement they avoided a vote by the membership on the subject.

  1998 Charles F. Hunting 1988 Radio Interview by Clyde Thomas

  1994 Personal Email From Drew Corrigan

  1994 Tkach Supports New Covenant Teachings; Atlanta, Georgia - December 17, 1994

  1996 Larry Salyer Recalls How Changes Came About

Herbert W Armstrong ~ Misc. Articles and Co-Worker Letters 1930-1940

December 20, 1934 Co-Worker Letter Herbert Armstrong
Begins Broadcasting on KORE

March 1935 Church Bulletin - Herbert W Armstrong
Days of Unleavened Bread

February 1939 Good News Magazine - Herbert W Armstrong
Argues Against Church Hierarchy

September 13, 1939 Member Letter - Herbert W Armstrong
Observes Feast of Tabernacles

September 17, 1940• Herbert W Armstrong • Co-Worker Letter

Herbert W Armstrong ~ Misc. Articles and Co-Worker Letters 1941-1949

February 14, 1941 Co-Worker Letter 
On Radio KRSC Seattle, Needs Office Equipment, Plea for Money

May 14, 1941 Co-Worker Letter
Needs Office Equipment, Plea for Money, Starts fund for Los Angeles Broadcast

August 13, 1941 Co-Worker Letter
Armstrong and Wife Returns from Vacation

December 24, 1941 Co-Worker Letter
Want God to help America Win the War? Send me Money to Preach

August 24, 1942 Co-Worker Letter
HWA Takes Train From Seattle to Des Moines

November 6, 1942 Co-Worker Letter
HWA in Hollywood

December 23, 1942 Co-Worker Letter
This broadcast is OUR contribution to the WAR EFFORT! RADIO KXL, KGA Added

February 16, 1943 Co-Worker Letter
HWA Summarizes Previous Decade

April 20, 1943 Co-Worker Letter
HWA Refused Air Time at KSTP
HWA Takes Scenic Train Home From MN through Canada Rockies

June 6, 1943 Co-Worker 
How to Figure Pentecost

June 9, 1943 Co-Worker Letter
Plea for Money

July 20, 1943 Co-Worker Letter
Plea for Money

September 3, 1943 Co-Worker Letter 
Asks for Doubled Donations

January 19, 1944 Co-Worker Letter 
Predicts USA Defeat by Nazis

March 20, 1944 Co-Worker Letter
Should We Have Churches?

May 30 1944 Co-Worker Letter
Plea for Money

August 21 1944 Co-Worker Letter
Fast and Prays at the Beach

September 21, 1944 Co-Worker Letter
Preach to other Nations? - Daughter Dorothy Marries Marine

October 27, 1944 Co-Worker Letter
World Tommorow Broadcast on Radio XELO

September 22-29 1945 - Good News Letter
Feast of Tabernacles At Belknap Springs 

with Brother Kiez and Brother Walker from Church of God Seventh Day

February 26, 1945 Co-Worker Letter 
World Tommorow Broadcast to be on Radio XEG

April 5, 1945 - Co-Worker Letter
Creates fund to buy a Mexican Radio Station, Says USA Could Still Lose WWII

August 23, 1945 Co-Worker Letter
New Age Dawns! Mexican Radio Station Purchase Fails, Atomic Bomb Created

October 3, 1945 - Good News Member Letter
Institutes Second Tithe for Holy Day Observances

November 20, 1945 Co-Worker Letter 
Writes From Beach, After 9 Month Delay World Tomorrow on Radio XEG, WEBR

December 26, 1945 Co-Worker Letter
Asks for Money From Public on the Air, Turns Down $100,000 Secular News Job

March 12, 1946 Co-Worker Letter
Plea for Money

May 17, 1946 Co-Worker Letter 
Takes Family on 90 Day Vacation/Baptism Tour, Picks up New Car in Detroit

May 31, 1946 Co-Worker Letter
Plans to Move From Eugene to Los Angeles, Plans for Bible College in Pasadena

August 13, 1946 Co-Worker Letter
Reports on Vacation/Baptismal Tour

September 25, 1946 Co-Worker Letter 
Returns from Vacation

November 4, 1946 Co-Worker Letter 
Church Employee Bilks $50,000

November 29, 1946 - Co-Worker Letter 
Buys First Pasadena College Campus Property
Takes Train with Wife to Eugene

January 9, 1947 Co-Worker Letter 
More on College Property Purchase

January 17, 1947 Co-Worker Letter 
Names Ambassador College

January 28, 1947 Co-Worker Letter
Eyes Swiss Chateau at Lake Lugano for 

Foreign Language Training of Ambassador College Students

February 19, 1947 Co-Worker Letter
Russian Communism to Cause Europe to Give Rise to Beast Power Within 7 Years

April 7, 1947 Co-Worker Letter 
Takes Cruise Ship to Europe - Pleas for Money


May 7, 1947 Co-Worker Letter 
Returns Home on HMSS Queen Elizabeth
Walter Eugene Dillon Starts as President of Ambassador College
Swiss Chateau is Exact Replica of the Petit Trianon of Versailles Palace

June 9, 1947 Co-Worker Letter 
Another Attempt at Buying Mexican Radio Stations
Asks For Funds for College Loans and Student Scholarships

July 7, 1947 Co-Worker Letter
Pleads for Money

August 4, 1947 Co-Worker Letter
Ambassador College Fails Fire Marshall Inspection Leading to Request for More Money

September 3 1947 Member Letter 
Feast of Tabernacles in Belknap Springs

October 29, 1947 Co-Worker Letter
Adjoining Property Available for AC Dormitory 


December 8, 1947 Co-Worker Letter 
End to Come in this Generation

December 31, 1947 - Co-Worker Letter 
Profligate Spending Creates Yet Another Finaical Crisis for the Work 

January 29, 1948 Co-Worker Letter 
Predicts Atomic War within 5 Years

June 10, 1948 Co-Worker Letter
Claims Work-load and Finance Concerns Causing Lost Sleep

July 7, 1948 Co-Worker Letter 
Amstrong and Wife spend 3 weeks at Beach, Just like Jesus. Advises Fasting.

August 2, 1948 Co-Worker Letter
Back on Radio XEG, Pleads for Money, Says Close to Nervous Breakdown

September 10, 1948 Co-Worker Letter
Encourages Co-Workers and Brethren to Come to
Feast of Tabernacles in Belknap Springs

October 31 1948 Good News Letter 
Qui tacet consentire vidιtur

January 13, 1949 Co-Worker Letter
Meets with Executive Secretary of World Zionist Federation

February 03, 1949 Co-Worker Letter
This letter was not copied, as it is an exact duplicate of the one written on January 13, l949.

February 11, 1949 Co-Worker Letter 
Chiang Kai-Shek Falls, German Factories Restart Production, Plea for Money

March 14, 1949 Co-Worker Letter
Financial Crisis Averted, Sick with Cold/Flu Fever - Going on Vacation To Rest, Plea for Money

April 25, 1949 Co-Worker Letter
Spends 24 Days on Orange Juice Fast, Claims Lost Bone Calcium

June 1, 1949 Co-Worker Letters
The Fighting Pope, Plans Ministry Tour for Feb-Mar 1950

June 29, 1949 Co-Worker Letter 
Sends Raymond Cole and Raymond McNair on Baptizing Tour

July 7, 1949 Co-Worker Letter 
HWA as the Reaper - Describes Plain Truth Circulation as "Harvest of Souls"

August 15, 1949 Co-Worker Letter
Needs 3Gs Fast, 59 Baptized on Tour, Leaves for Washington DC and NYC

September 23, 1949 Co-Worker Letter 
Plain Truth Articles on 666, Soul

November 11, 1949 Co-Worker Letter
Why Did God Allow America to Win WWII? 

So The Radio Church of God Could be Founded!

November 25, 1949 Co-Worker Letter 
Uses Christmas Gift Giving Season to Solicit Money from Plain Truth Subscribers

November 28, 1949 Co-Worker Letter 
Christmas is PAGAN! So Send Me Your Gift Money!

Herbert W Armstrong ~ Misc. Articles and Co-Worker Letters 1950-1959

June 29, 1950 Armstrong Sells Ambassador to Women

December 14, 1950 HWA Thank You to Co-Workers

March 21, 1951 HWA Thank You to Co-Workers

July 11, 1951 - HWA Asks for Prayers for Work

October 4, 1951 - HWA Thanks Co-Workers

November 13, 1951 - Loma Armstrong - Need for Dorm Supplies

January 23, 1952 - HWA Announces College Catalog

January 24, 1952 - HWA Pleads for Money, Crisis in the Work!

February 12, 1952 - HWA Pleads for More Money

February 21, 1952 - HWA to Send Dick Armstrong and Herman Hoeh to Mid-East

April 17, 1952, HWA Speaks of Big Sandy Property

April 25, 1952 Big Sandy in Escrow

May 1, 1952 "With All You Can Possibly Send"

June 24, 1952 FOT to be in Seigler Springs, California
$4000 Recieved for "East Texas Project"

August 1, 1952 • Hebert W Armstrong • Co-Worker Letter
Another $2500 Received, East Texas Project Completes Escrow
Dick Armstrong (in French) & Herman Hoeh (in German)
to Speak Over Radio Luxembourg

September 4, 1952 Herbert W Armstrong Co-Worker Letter
San Diego Church Starts, HWA Pleads for Money

October 16, 1952 • Herbert W Armstrong • Co-Worker Letter
Give to this work! "It's the ONLY activity on earth today that will SURVIVE"

December 18, 1952 • Herbert W Armstrong • Co-Worker Letter 
Plea for Money and East Texas Building Fund

May 22 1953 • Herbert W Armstrong • Co-Worker Letter 
Hoeh Calculates "Great Tribulation" to begin in 1972

July 24, 1953 • Herbert W Armstrong • Co-Worker Letter
Dick Armstrong to be on Radio Luxembourg,
"Booth City" and Tabernacle Built in Big Sandy

August 21, 1953 • Herbert W Armstrong • Co-Worker Letter
Dick Armstrong to go on Radio Luxembourg 9/2/1953 • Booth City Incomplete

September 9, 1953 - Herbert W Armstrong - Co-Worker Letter
Booth City Incomplete

October 6, 1953 • Herbert W Armstrong • Co-Worker Letter
World Tommorow to go on ABC Radio Network

October 28, 1953 • Herbert W Armstrong • Co-Worker Letter
Jesus Returns Soon! Send us Money!

November 23, 1953 • Herbert W Armstrong • Co-Worker Letter 
Christmas is Pagan so Send us Your Gift Money

December 18, 1953 • Herbert W Armstrong • Co-Worker Letter 
HWA Asks for $500-$5000 Loans

January 15, 1954 • Herbert W Armstrong • Co-Worker Letter
HWA Plans Radio Program in Ceylon

Herbert W Armstrong ~ Misc. Articles and Co-Worker Letters 1960-1970's

July 30, 1978 Herbert W Armstrong Co-Worker Letter
Herbert Armstrong Gives Garner Ted the Boot!

Herbert W Armstrong ~ Misc. Articles and Co-Worker Letter 1985-1986

January 4, 1985 Herbert W Armstrong • Co-Worker Letter
Armstrong Says the Gospel Commission has been Fulfilled.

January 10, 1986• Herbert W Armstrong • Co-Worker Letter
HWA's Last Co-Worker Letter Six Days Before The Death Event

February 25, 1985• Herbert W Armstrong • Co-Worker Letter
HWA's New Book "Mystery of the Ages" and Germany Agenda

More Misc. Articles. ~ UK Co-Worker Letters 1984

January 19th, 1984 UK Co-Worker Letter

March 26th, 1984 UK Co-Worker Letter

August 23, 1984 UK Co-Worker Letter

 David Robinson's 1979 letter to Herbert Armstrong telling him to resign.

  Bulletin. 1974 Make-up Doctrine
 The guru doesn't want you ladies to know this!
 "If, on a slight relaxing of our policy on make-up, some woman appears too far toward overdoing it, the minister  should speak to her privately about it - kindly - but still admonishing her..."
—Herbert W. Armstrong

  Worldwide Church of God Catalog of Inventory
These items were used throughout the Ambassador College campus, including Ambassador Hall, Ambassador Auditorium, the Social Center and other historic campus buildings. 

 Worldwide Church of God vs. Philadelphia Church of God

 Earl Williams Disturbing Sermon

 Garner Ted Armstrong. Prophet Of Doom

 Local Elder Leaves for Pasadena

 Garner Ted Tells Worldwide Members Of Great Work Ahead

 CRISIS AND LESSONS. Samuele Bacchiocchi, Ph. D.

 WCG ROOTS pdf file


Recent News or Articles of Interest ~ WCG and Daughter Cults

 Rod Meredith's Letter To Former LCG Apologist Bob Thiel
"Bob, I have personally liked you, wanted to encourage you and have tried to work with you for years. However, I have seen that you have had great difficulty in learning the lessons of deep humility that God wants all of us to learn."

James Orlin Grabbe: Memories of Pasadena
"The arrival of Franz Josef Strauss had generated an atmosphere of eschatological ecstasy and hubris. Speculation was rife. Perhaps the church would not flee to Petra in advance of the German-led European takeover of America. The church might still be around, headquartered in California, but allowed to escape because we knew the Fόhrer personally."

James Orlin Grabbe: In Praise of Chaos Article
"While the Greeks had a specific goddess dedicated to Chaos, early religions gave chaos an even more fundamental role"

James Orlin Grabbe: A Letter to Mother
70 page letter that explains so many thing's about the WCG and its theology. A must read!

In Transition: News of the Churches of God by John Robinson
 The Journal's In Transition Articles

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