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Dear Ed:

I got a copy of this letter. On the surface, it appears to be a warm, Christian response to weary folks. But when you take into account that it was sent to people who have received absolutely no correspondence from anyone in ministry other than this, it is difficult to read.

My problems with this letter are as follows:

1) Tkach places blame on weary, hurting people who have dropped out and become disillusioned. He blames this disillusionment on their failure to focus their eyes on Jesus. Yet, he fails to take any responsibility as the leader of an organization that failed to show people who Christ was for years and years. Worldwide Church of God failed people by not giving them any hope for many years and demanding complete and total obedience. Their disillusionment has nothing to do with whether or not they fixed their eyes on Jesus; it has everything to do with a belief in a system which uses social and psychological manipulation to bring in money. The blame is shifted from leadership to the poor members who have sacrificed their all for many years; now, the disillusionment is theirs and theirs alone to deal with.

2) The audience for this letter is appalling. The members who received this letter have not been attending services for almost a year, and until they stopped sending in tithes and offerings, had heard neither hide nor hair from these good people. This is the only correspondence which they have received in months; no one, save a few elderly ladies, have called to see how they might be doing.

3) With these first two problems as given information, I suggest that "fixing your eyes on Jesus" means that you keep sending in the money. Repulsive.

4) He seems to make light of their disillusionment by comparing them to happy, go-lucky dwarves. This was hard for me to swallow, and incensed the recipients.

The members who talked to me about this letter are extremely upset. They are really struggling with the cult mind-set of the Worldwide Church of God which has abused them for nearly thirty years. They asked me to help. I challenge anyone in the Worldwide Church of God leadership to explain this letter's intent, and to apologize for hurting people who desperately need love and ministry. Please forward responses to The Painful Truth.

Thanks a million,

Name Withheld

More Comments Below the Letter

The Letter From Headquarters:

 Words fail me--and you have to know that's pretty rare! Indeed: Comparing Worldwide Church of God (non-)members (because of the Corporation Sole Thing) to happy little Dwarfs in Snow White is one of the worst and weirdest things I've seen yet! Perhaps "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" can be the lead article and on the front cover of the next "Plain Truth"!

 [Junior, are you listening? You provide a product after all, and you want to keep the customers of your corporation happy, don't you? The corporation IS "The Worldwise Church of Fraud" is it not? Some of my checks were made out that way, and you cashed them! (Haven't sent any for years, though.) Maybe the video you send would be more effective if it were "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". It would certainly be more credible. Can you write a letter like that and have Disney let you get away with it, or are you claiming exemption from copyright rules because it is satire? By the way, the letter you sent made me weary and lose heart. As for Jesus bearing our sorrow and our grief, what do you say to the fact that you and your predecessors caused the sorrow and grief in the first place? (Don't magicians want you to focus on things other than what is at hand?) Your dream of the future is more a nightmare for most of the rest of us. We rejoice that you have finally become an expert on something. At least you can claim to be an expert on the movie, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"--you certainly can't legitimately claim to be an expert on God, Jesus Christ, Scripture, or interpersonal relationships.]

 A friend and very great lady wrote me recently by e-mail about the idea of "natural selection" operating in the context of the Worldwide Church of God. It's a really good idea which may find it's way as an article to your most excellent web site. In the meantime, here's an analogy which really seems appropriate:

 Attending the Worldwide Church of God is like taking your auto in for an oil change. You wait for two hours, then you're told you're good to go. You pay for it. You leave. And about a mile down the road you find that they indeed took out the old oil. They just didn't replace it.


Posted on 4/15/99

I read the letter from Tkach printed on your site, what a laugh. Only the brainwashed could believe such tripe. There is obviously no Christ like humility or desire to serve ones fellow man or any sign of any fruit of the Holy Spirit in the man who wrote such a letter with such a put down to those who may not agree.

I would suggest Tkach is on the run trying to defend a fraudulent church based on a potluck philosophy therefore the insulting remarks towards those who have awakened and are set free by the truth about the wcg. This apparently poses some threat or he would not be taking the old pharisaical superior than thou stance towards those who may disagree. A person with confidence if they truly believe what they believe such as 2+2=4 feels no need to put down others to defend a formula that works.

I suggest that Tkach has been shaken inside knowing he is wrong and not really a loving person as we can all see by the thorny fruit born towards us dwarfs or maybe our problem is that we are only babes [mind you the bible if you wish to go by that does have strong words about offending such, at least when its all over] no this man writes tripe aimed directly at those who he knows are having a hand in exposing him for what he is. Most normal people watch such a fantasy tale and come away amused maybe us dwarfs never grew up, that's got to be it! I work the night shift, hi ho so I'll have to go to bed soon as I will be driving to the city in the morning to pick up my wife who works the graveyard shift as a HealthCare giver or an RN in a hospital. We are in our fifties but us hard working dwarfs are saving our tithe for retirement as the church surely won't support us when we can no longer support ourselves because of age judging by what was done to some of their ministers in the last few years. I hope HWA had a good time in the Mediterranean on behalf of the brethren.

Don't let these hypocrites get to you with such hate mail aimed at silencing those who may expose the con. I'm sorry people were offended by this person in a position of power [able to influence others by writing such a letter] but we can see it is because he is feeling insecure God would probably say be of good cheer. Herbert W. Armstrong would probably say I read the end of the book and I would say Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to work I go...[just call me happy]

Peter (Happy)





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