The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
My Letter To Hank Hanegraaff
(At The Christian Research Center)

By Ken

July 23, 1999    

Dear Christian Friends,

I am asking for your help in a situation that I cannot resolve with some Christian brothers. Well, realizing that you are not an Ann Landers or Dear Abby, you are basically my last resort of help!

Some years ago I found Jesus (or was taught I did) in an organization (that I prefer not to reveal at this time) that promised me and others that, if we paid our tithes and offerings, we would be found pleasing to God Almighty (otherwise not robbing our Lord) and that the money would be used to preach the Gospel to the sick and downtrodden (the unconverted masses of the world) and to support the widows and orphans among the brethren.

In time I realized that this was a sham and the money was instead used to finance an elaborate lifestyle for many leaders of my Church. In this time I met others that had left the Church and found these brethren disillusioned with life and religion, and to my utter shock and heartfelt dismay, some turned to Godless atheism!

I am still in a state of shock! These folks were abused spiritually by the heavy hand of the ministry and soon fell away from the Saving Power, never to return to the loving and guiding hand of their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Now this is a grievous crime!

The questions that I feel inspired to ask are these:

If a Church causes it's members to suffer thru an abusive ministry (by the fault of the ministry) to the point that the poor sheep develop psychological problems, should the Church that inflicted the abuse help with the psychological counsel of the brethren?

Should we trust them to be our guides? Or would that be a betrayal to our Lord?

Would it not be more prudent to seek counsel for my brethren outside the scope of the Church (and it's influence) in order to restore these suffering souls to wholeness and full mental health?

The final questions are the hardest: who should pay for the injuries inflicted on my brethren?

Does the Law of the Old Testament or even the New Testament require that you must restore those you have injured or is that done away with?

Should we just pray for their healing and wish them well and let Jesus do the rest?

  Is it beyond the scope of the spiritual mission of the Church to supply these folks with financial assistance in order to pay for psychiatric help due to religious abuse by their ministry?

Should it be the duty of a Christian Church to help?

Is it really wrong to take a brother to court, as Jesus said? Would I really be defeated as a Christian?

There is much more I could ask, but for now, if you could give me clear and precise answers to these perplexing questions, I would be forever thankful! May the Spirit of God guide you into the answers !! We really need them.

In tears, with hope for Justice,



 Several weeks after writing this collective letter, I was sooo... honored by receiving a solicitation from the Christian Research Center for various "Christian" products, along with a note that they would reply within 4-6 weeks, as I recall. The reply was never to be, however the endless flow of "Christian crap" was in abundance!

Just last month I fired off a short note that I did not want their "god pimping" crap and to discontinue their "merchandising Christ crusade." However, at the last, and I hope final Christian propaganda mailing I was to receive, came a mass produced x-mas card with hank and his family. How touching!!!! This is the most help you could ever receive from "The God Squad." Typical religionists!!

What do you think, you, the religionist, the one who honors god with your mouth, but won't lift a finger to help others, what is your opinion? Show me the love of Jesus, or just show me the bottom line, (the church building is nothing more than a brothel) you whoremasters of Jesus! The merchant sells the product and profits from the increase! Sold as a commodity!

Show me, you religionist, show me the glory of your god! You have already! Your god is nothing, not to be feared, your god does not exist!

I now understand, and shall, like you, the religionists, embrace Atheism.


See John B.'s comments on this subject.


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