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Google Adwords For Herbert W. Armstrong

Warning: If you do a Google search for Herbert W. Armstrong and then click on the Google Adwords you are going to be costing these cults some advertising money. You wouldn't want to do that now would you? We certainly would not advise that you do this because these "fishers of men" are trolling for serious victims and not people that simply want to burn up their advertising budget. You can tell the Adwords because they are up at the top of the search results page and over to the right. 

Google adwords cost the cults money


It looks like you might be costing them around 50 cents per click. It would be a very mean, bitter and vindictive thing to do if everyone started clicking on these ads. The Painful Truth would never advise anyone to do such a thing. Google can tell when you are clicking on an ad multiple times and would not charge the advertiser for those clicks.

herbert w. armstrong adclicks







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