The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
 Getting Over It Doesn't Mean
Getting Away From It.
By Russell

I think if one is reading this, there is a fair chance that one has either accepted the basic premise of the site, that the Worldwide Church of God (and its offshoots) was and is evil and needs to be destroyed.  If not, then one's mind is at least open enough to be reading these words.

I'd like to relate a story about my own life.  My father, to be exact.  I  have yet to meet a more evil man.  I spent most of my life trying to think about how to stop him, how to get him to change.  After many years of this futile effort, I began to realize that there is no way it's going to happen - evil like that does not change, evil like that cannot and will not be repaired. So instead I've taken to telling as many people as possible the truth about him - in hopes that no one will come under his evil grip again - and in hopes that anyone who is under his evil grip will eventually come out from under it.  If I cannot save him, I will save everyone else I can.

The Worldwide Church of God is like my father.  This is an organization that is rotten to the core.  And there is no force in the world that is going to cause it to change - change must come from inside.

Instead, what we must do is try to make it irrelevant.  Evil cannot be changed, but it can be isolated.  There is no worse damage that we can do to the Worldwide Church of God and its offshoots than to isolate them and allow them to wither
away. We must isolate them as much as possible - and beyond that, live our own lives, free of their rotten, evil influence.

We will not get an apology from them.  We will not get an admission of wrongdoing.  They will, to their last corporate and personal breath, insist that they have done nothing wrong, and that they won't do it again.  The Worldwide Church of God is a hopeless case, they will not be changed, they will not be dissuaded, and they will hang on tenaciously until they are no more.

All we can do is make sure they take as few people with them as possible.

To those who say "get over it", this is what getting over it really is. Getting over something does not mean that we should not try to save our fellow man from such unspeakable evil.


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