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Comments on Garner Ted Armstrong's E-piss-le
By Dana

(Quotations from Garner Ted Armstrongs Biblical Rant in  BLACK.)

"One of the most ghoulish, detestable sins of all is the sin of trafficking in other's sins. Satan the devil is the "accuser of the brethren." It is time those who deal in spiritual graves robbing understand that their fate is a lake of fire; that they are robbing themselves of eternal life in God's Kingdom! What you are about to read is DANGEROUS knowledge. It comes directly from the sacred Word of God Almighty; the righteous Judge of us all."

 "One of the most ghoulish, detestable sins of all is the sin of trafficking in other's sins." Garner Ted you open your little e-piss-le with an indictment against the very act that made you, your detestable father, and all your cohorts very wealthy men! In the name of 'cry aloud, and spare not, show my people their sins,' you spokesmen of the World Wide Churches of God used every medium know to man to expose the sins of everyone in your path. Garner Ted, you have publicly even gone as far as to label actress Elizabeth Taylor a WHORE for having married seven times. Garner Ted, you have lambasted the American black as lazy, adulterous, thieving, whoring and complacent. The south has had to endure horrific hurricanes due to the simple fact that they were among the first to hear your words of God from Big Sandy, Texas, but unwisely chose to ignore your warning and continue their sinful, sinful ways!  Trafficking in the sins of others has been your stock and trade of FOR DECADES!! With this opening statement, Ted, you have chosen to indict YOURSELF as the most detestable of all! Then you end your opening comment with nothing short of a DEATH THREAT for those willing to speak out against the DECADES of your detestable hypocrisy. Dangerous knowledge, indeed!


Think of it! Our great and merciful heavenly Father offered repentance FIRST to the very ones who had murdered His Son! The FIRST opportunity for brokenhearted repentance of sin was extended to the people who had loudly chanted "Crucify Him! Crucify Him!" less than two months previously! Yet, in spite of their vicious mob mentality, and their cruel murder of the Savior of the world, God extended to them the FIRST opportunity to repent, and receive His Holy Spirit -- to become SONS of God and BRETHREN of Jesus Christ!

God Almighty reserves to Himself the exclusive right to deal directly with sinners! He powerfully condemns any who would interfere with Him when He has taken a hand in someone's life!

Maybe that is true, Ted. Perhaps  you are being powerfully condemned for the decades of falsely representing yourself as God's only true representative on earth, whose every whim must be obeyed by anyone wishing to please God in heaven. You have interfered with so many thousands of lives that it would be IMPOSSIBLE, in one lifetime, to completely chronicle the damage you have done "in the name of God Almighty!"


...blah, blah, blah...One of the most important examples of repentance is that of Job. Job's sin was the sin of self-righteousness -- the most common sin among the posturing Pharisees of Jesus' day.

Why do I get the feeling here that you are not making reference to yourself, but rather, your so-called "accusers" when you use the example of Job, and David when making reference to yourself?

David likewise came to this deep repentance.... "For I acknowledge my transgressions: and my sin is ever before me [he agonized over the mental pictures of his own sins, and cried out to God for forgiveness!].

Whereas David may have agonized over the mental pictures of his sins, you Ted, and your family of supporters must agonize over the videotapes of yours!


David knew that others would suffer from the consequences of his sin, but he understood that sin is against God. Therefore, David repented toward God. He was not required to repent before the nation.

Sure, David was not required to repent before the nation, but his sins sure as heck were written down for all to read in hundreds of languages to be read my millions of people for thousands of years after his death. Heck! We even know that at the end of David's life, he was unable to achieve an erection! But lucky for you, Ted, modern science has come up a miracle that even your father would have gone scampering to the pharmacy for...VIAGRA!!!


David knew that no one was better qualified to speak out against the agonizing consequences of sin than the repentant sinner. Notice that he said that, once forgiven by the Eternal God, then he could be better equipped to teach other transgressors God's ways --that other sinners would become converted!

Sure, David is recorded as having said that, but there is no record that God agreed with that. Like you, David just did not want to lose his job, and the cushy benefits that went with it! Like you see any record of David spending much time with sinners near the end of his life! Yeah right! Everyone was scared to death of the guy. Even Bathsheba was careful about how she approached him, and she had been his main squeeze most of her adult life.

It is axiomatic that God FORGIVES when we repent, and then He FORGETS our sins -- removing them from us completely. But man almost never forgives, and never forgets!

It IS axiomatic that God forgives when we repent. But I must say that it must be a lot easier to forgive someone when they are slated to die, and you are ETERNAL! God lives forever, pal. The rest of us schmucks only get a short while on this earth. When we forgive and forget, we run the risk of making a mistake and set ourselves up to be taken advantage of again. My dad had a saying, "fool me once, shame on you.....fool me twice, shame on ME!"

In the light of all these beautiful promises of forgiveness, how would we feel if God placed in His Word a passage such as this: "No matter how much you repent -- no matter for how many weeks, months or years you cry unto me with tears; no matter how long you try to 'live down' your sins, and turn from them, I WILL REMEMBER them! I will carefully catalogue each and every one of them. Then, when I wish to intimidate you, or savagely attack you, defaming you to your friends who do not know of your sins, I will dredge them up, and hurl them upon you! I will tell others what you have done! I will write letters, EXPOSING your sins that you thought were buried under the blood of Jesus Christ; sins you THOUGHT I had forgiven you!"

You have described yourself as a world-class journalist and you should know better than that, Ted. For there to be a valid defamation of character, what is being said must be proven to be untrue. You cannot defame someone with truth!

We are just tired of you making fools of us for trusting you, Ted. Why is that so difficult for you to understand? Must of us derive no perverse pleasure when we catalog each and every one of your sins. We do it for the sake of future victims of your religious scam. It sickens us to think that others will be conned into your web of religious servitude, unwarranted financial sacrifice, and meaningless rituals all so you can have an unlimited source of income to consume upon your lavish appetites and endless whoredoms. We write letters and articles so that others will see you for what you really are and have the chance to save themselves and their children before you destroy yet another generation of sincere, but gullible true believers.

Consider what we do a public service. We do. It doesn't matter to me that you say you have repented. That is between you and God. What matters to me is the advice I got from my dad, and your long track record of "repentances."

Make no mistake! God Almighty will NEVER admit such a person into His loving, forgiving family! No person who revels in other men's sins will ever inherit the Kingdom of God! They will suffer, instead, the most horrifying fate one can imagine--how tragic that those who engage in such vituperation will see the very ones they hated IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD, and they, themselves, cast out!

This is yet another death threat. Here Ted, you accuse God of wrongdoing. You teach that every word in the Bible was inspired of God. By your own flawed logic that means that God will cast into the lake of fire the very people who He inspired to catalog the sins of King David and others. How dare you judge God! How can you say that we are not similarly inspired to catalog the sins that have so devastated the lives of so many thousands?

Not so the self-righteous spiritual graves robbers! No, those who delight in accusing, condemning, gossiping about each other's sins actually revel in evil! They enjoy exhuming rotting old corpses of past sins - sins which God Almighty has already forgiven.

Bitter, hateful Pharisees HAVE PLEASURE in the traumas and suffering of sinners! They delight in seeing others "get what is coming to them." Self-righteous, judgmental hypocrites love to accuse others in order to divert attention from themselves.

If I had a neighbor who was considering dating a guy who claimed to be a professional advisor on ALL matters, great and small, especially financial I would want to know who he was if I cared at all for my neighbor. If it turned out that this fellow was a well known scam artist whose financial advice consisted of giving him ten, twenty or thirty percent of everything you owned in exchange for NOTHING AT ALL OF VALUE, I would be concerned enough to say something. Wouldn't you? No, probably not, YOU would probably ordain him. 

Then HOW DARE any one of us rise up in "righteous" wrath, and accuse a brother or sister of SINS LONG SINCE FORGIVEN? Do we believe we can mount up to the very throne of God, depose Him from His throne, and judge God? Be careful!

We dare, because unlike you Garner Ted Armstrong, we care! And God KNOWS that.

...By analogy, think of heaven as a courtroom. God the Father is the Judge. Jesus Christ is the attorney for the accused. Satan is the prosecuting attorney. You, or I, are standing there, accused of sins of which we have brokenheartedly repented with strong crying and tears. Jesus Christ turns to His Father, and pleads: "Father, I have shed my life's blood so that this repentant sinner can be forgiven! The law demands his life, I know. But MY life has paid the penalty! Therefore, the law is satisfied! I ask that you pardon this repentant sinner -- that he be free to go."

But Satan then speaks up. He says, "Oh, but he did this, and that, and the other thing! Why, I remember how, THIRTY YEARS ago, he did..." On and on Satan prates, gossiping, pointing the finger, defaming, accusing!

There you go again with the "defaming" word. Of course the reason that we recite the things that were done thirty years ago is to firmly establish a LONG TERM PATTERN of contempt for the principles that you expound from the pulpit and then with your pitiful public "repentances" REPEATEDLY making a mockery of the sacrifice of Christ by going back to your trough of spiritual vomit and gorging yourself the moment you think no one is looking. Re: My dad's advice.

Satan is unrelenting in his accusations! He keeps at it nonstop! Those who become accusers of others are direct cohorts of the devil! They are agents of Satan himself! They are expressing his opinions; voicing his own bitter accusations! Satan loves them. He has his arms around them. They are his own people -- doing his evil will.

Did Satan inspire the Bible, or did God? Just wondering what you think. Were the writers that cataloged David's sins doing Satan's will, or God's?

Blah, Blah, Blah......"Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof; from such turn away" (II Timothy 3:1-5). Study this remarkable scripture carefully, and apply it to the world around you, and, to a few who are, unfortunately, claiming to be converted Christians -- "having a form of godliness."

Notice that they are bereft of the normal sympathy, or feelings of compassion toward others! They are "without natural affection!" They have no ability to truly be empathetic toward someone who is suffering because of sins!

Whaaaaattt? I hope that you are not suggesting that we should be empathetic to you due to your sins!!! What about the TOTAL lack of empathy that you and your incestuous father, Herbert exhibited towards the sufferings of your tens of thousands in their RIGHTEOUS!!! You cared NOTHING that your unbiblical triple tithing drove families to feed their children out of GARBAGE CANS for need of food to put on their table!!! Homes were cold in winter. I have seen families eat watery rice for WEEKS in order to support YOUR end-time work. I have seen good decent people submit to lives of celibacy at your command while you and your father enjoy endless seminal fluid fests with whores on every continent!!!!            


Notice how like Satan, they are "false accusers"! Notice that there is a ferocity -- a hate-filled, vindictive spirit of vengeance in their hearts. They are "fierce, " and despise those who are striving to live a good life.


The public appetite today is described here, and in many other scriptures. It is the voracious appetite for scandal, dirt, filth, murder, and violence that makes many, many people into multi-millionaires!

You you?

...Look again, more closely, at what your Bible says about the nature of people living in the last times just before the Tribulation: "This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

"For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

You you?

"Without natural affection [cruel, heartless, without empathy for others], trucebreakers [combatants, antagonists, who break their word], false accusers [like Satan, the "accuser of the brethren"], incontinent [intemperate; without self-restraint], fierce [hateful, angry, not having the love of God], despisers of those that are good [they hate one who is trying to live God's way!], traitors [they turn on friends or even family members!], heady [headstrong, self-willed], highminded [supercilious, vain], lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

You you?

"Having a form of godliness [they make a pretense of being "Christians"],

You you?

 but denying the power thereof [including the power of God to forgive sins!]: from such turn away" (II Timothy 3:1-5).

Yes, you.

The apostle Paul knew quite a number of men who no doubt inspired him to write these words!

Like YOU!

 On trial for his life in Rome, Paul found that some of his most loyal and trusted "friends" DESERTED him in order to save their own skins! He was betrayed by some of the very men who had traveled with him; who had even been ordained by him!

Yes, like rats fleeing a sinking (slinking, stinking) ship.

He wrote to Timothy, "Do thy diligence to come shortly unto me:

"For Demas hath forsaken me, having loved this present world, and is departed unto Thessalonica; Crescens to Galatia, Titus unto Dalmatia.

"Only Luke is with me. Take Mark, and bring him with thee: for he is profitable to me for the ministry.

It's always the profit that counts, right Ted?


Study the "pastoral epistles" of Paul, written to his young evangelist protegee, Timothy, and to Titus. Continually, Paul shows the vicious, hateful spirits of the posturing, self-righteous "religious Pharisees" who were plundering God's church.

You you?

Notice this especially interesting passage in Paul's letter to Titus: "For there are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers, specially they of the circumcision [Jewish "converts" who were attempting to talk people into reverting back to Judaism, or into other false doctrines]:

"Whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole houses [they disaffected members of the church -- whole families, with their gossip and false doctrines], teaching things which they ought not, for filthy lucre's sake [their real motive was MONEY AND POWER].

You you?

"One of themselves, even a prophet of their own, said, The Cretians are always liars, evil beasts, slow bellies [lazy gluttons].

Now, how does he know that the Cretans hadn't repented? "Always?" That a long time "always." Did Paul SIN by writing that about the Cretans for people to read about them in generations to come? Will God forgive Paul for being inspired to write what he did about the Cretans?

"They profess that they know God; but in works they deny Him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate" (Titus 1:9-16). The word "reprobate" means "unprincipled scoundrel!" Such men have no sense of principle. They have no desire whatever to be decent and good, but are wholly corrupt in their minds and spirit!

You you?

"For we ourselves also were sometimes foolish, disobedient, deceived, serving divers lusts and pleasures, living in malice and envy, hateful, and hating one another" (Titus 3:1-3).

...Let's see...foolish, disobedient, serving diverse lusts and pleasure, living in malice... You mean, like you, Ted?


How sick. How tragic, that there are those who like to deceive themselves into believing they are members of God's church, yet are possessed of these very emotions!

You you?

Jesus Christ of Nazareth was pure. He was righteous, holy, and perfect! Yet, He was betrayed by Judas, and forsaken by His beloved disciples! I would never compare myself to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Yet, so far as experiencing betrayal is concerned, I can understand what He suffered!

It is almost unbelievable that you are comparing your experiences with those of Jesus Christ. You have NO idea what he went through. Everything that has happened to you, you have brought upon YOURSELF!!! The Jesus of the Bible was a good and decent person! Jesus did not plunder the purse to finance jet aircrafts, weekly hunting trips, endless sexual orgies with whores hired with the tithes and lavish living that rivals kings of the earth. Unlike you, Jesus did not DEMAND third tithe from the faithful and buy sport fishing boats with it or remodel lavish homes with it, either. No, Ted. Christ of the Bible was not a liar. He was not a thief. He was not a whoremonger. Unlike you, he was merciful, fair, decent and kind.

Nothing hurts quite so much as rejection! A divorce is a painful, traumatic, horrible thing! When two people have shared such complete intimacies as marriage; have told each other again and again how much they love and care for one another, and then begin to brawl and fight, and become bitter enemies, it is an agonizing, soul-shaking thing!

Boo-hoo, Ted. Poor, poor Ted. What about all those thousands of people YOU condemned to a life of CELIBACY due to YOUR divorce and remarriage doctrines? Huh? What about them, you miserable whiner! While you were riddling their minds with guilt over even relieving their physical suffering with masturbation your father, Herbert Armstrong, was LITTERALLY ejaculating IN your little sister and you were dishonoring your wife and marriage at EVERY opportunity! You have brought so much filth to your wedding bed that it is NO WONDER she has become a bitter enemy!

When a mate has turned on a mate, and left a marriage, it is like the stabbing of a knife to the vitals! It wounds deeply. It hurts!

Yeah, and when a man has obeyed you and your wicked father and left a wife and children that he loved exclusively....that hurt too, you world class ASSHOLE!! But I have NEVER heard you apologize to THEM!!! EVER!

When a beloved brother or sister turns viciously on another, it is a very painful, traumatic thing! It can cause nightmares, insomnia, high blood pressure, angina, rashes, night sweats, constant worry, fear, deep depression, loss of appetite, hair loss, weight loss, and many physical debilities like heartburn, listlessness, and hopelessness.

You are absolutely UNBELIEeeeeeeVABLE, Ted. Hair loss? Hair loss! You are waaaay on the high side of sixty, and you are blaming HAIR LOSS on people gossiping about you? You are blaming hair loss on us, and you are upset because we don't trust you to rightly divide the scriptures for us? Get real, buddy.

...All such talk destroys lives! Did not Jesus Christ tell us that anyone who causes one of His "little ones" with whom He is working to stumble should be thrown into the sea with a millstone around his neck?

God says, "An hypocrite with his mouth destroyeth his neighbour: but through knowledge shall the just be delivered" (Proverbs 11:9).

Yes, Ted. A hypocrite with his mouth destroyeth his neighbour: but through knowledge shall the just be delivered."  You Ted, are the hypocrite that had destroyed many neighbours. But hopefully, through knowledge some of the just will be delivered.

.....How tragic it is that some who profess to be Christians have forgotten the most fundamental truth Jesus Christ taught -- that of forgiveness! Christ tells us to pray "....... and forgive us our trespasses [sins] AS we forgive those who, have trespassed against us." He. said, at the end of His famous "Lord's prayer," "For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive YOU. But if you forgive NOT men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses" (Matthew 6:12-14).

As has been put forth by others, forgiveness is contingent upon repentance. Spewing out threats of fiery, painful gruesome death upon the outspoken is hardly a symptom of a contrite heart. No Ted, when you got caught sexually harassing your massage therapist whilst singing "Ode to Viagra", your FIRST INSTINCT was to LIE. You tried to malign her good name and reputation by calling her a LIAR. YOU are the LIAR, Garner Ted Armstrong! If it weren't for your lovely tattoos, you probably would have gotten away with it, too. No, Ted. Repentance for you is only a last resort. Fool me once, shame on you. ...Fool me twice, shame on me.


"Into Bed With Garner Ted Armstrong, THE MOVIE"

View Video HERE

See the pudgy, little, tattooed, adulterous creep in all is naked glory(?) cavorting around in the nude, wanking on his little pee-pee. How the mighty have fallen!  

I take no pleasure in this. If the creep would just get out of the religion business, I wouldn't care what he did sexually as long as he wasn't hurting someone.

If you are interested in more information on Garner Money Ted:

Try to find Harry Crews' essay: 
"Temple of the Airwaves: A Visit with Garner Ted Armstrong and The World Tomorrow." 
 (December 1976): 108-110, 166, 169-171, 174, 176.



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