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Decoding the Da Vinci Deception

Bill Fairchild

I just finished reading an op-ed piece by Maureen Dowd of the New York Times on the subject of the mega-bestseller NOVEL The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown.  Anyone who is interested in reading more of the PLOT of this FICTIONAL NOVEL can do so here:  However, be sure NOT TO READ THE BOOK  itself because it may drive you into the BONDS OF SATAN.  Here is her article:


I suspect she is a Roman Catholic herself, since she received a B.A. degree in English literature from Satan's college known as The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. in 1973.  She appears to be somewhat skeptical of the Vatican ’s position on this book, so be careful if you read her op-ed piece, because you may become SKEPTICAL OF RELIGIOUS AUTHORITY.  And you might be guilty of the sin of LISTENING TO A WOMAN in authority over you.


In her article she quotes Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, who she says was assigned by upper management in the Vatican to refute the FICTION in this NOVEL that apparently many Roman Catholic morons, forgetting that the NOVEL is a work of FICTION, have read and assume is TRUE.  The holy mother church believes, correctly, that reading certain things that go against the church’s OFFICIAL TEACHINGS may cause irreparable spiritual harm among its flock, and overthrow the FAITH of the simple, trusting, little SHEEP that look to the enlightened church hierarchy for guidance.  It seems that there are a lot of people incapable of telling FACT from FICTION, and they are easily led astray.


Mister Bertone told listeners recently on a Vatican radio broadcast, according to the self-appointed WOMAN MEDDLER Maureen Dowd, “Don’t read and don’t buy The Da Vinci Code.  This reminds me of the time in the late 1960s when Garner Ted Armstrong, the # 2 man in the Catholic Church of God (aka “Worldwide Church of G o d”, since “catholic” means “worldwide” or “universal”) told all of us faithful, non-thinking, moron sheep under his enlightened guidance not to read the non-fiction book titled Body, Mind and Sugar by E. M. Abrahamson and A. W. Pezet.  A few church members who had read it had gone off the deep end and were making a huge fetish out of not eating white sugar or drinking anything with caffeine in it.  GTA had to respond to the GOVERNMENTAL CRISIS in the church caused by these filthy dreamers, since the WCG never interfered or intervened at all in our personal lives unless what we were doing caused a problem in the church.  (For those of you readers not familiar with the background of this perverted cult, suffice it to say that I speak as a fool throughout this article, and especially in the previous sentence.)  Here is the link to’s webpage describing this book:  But be very careful if you go to this webpage and read about this book.  Reading some of the customer reviews of this book may spiritually seduce you into wanting to read the book which, if you do, may overthrow your faith and lead you into the BONDS OF SATAN.


Next Ms. Dowd quotes the venerable birdman (since that is what a cardinal is, I think) again from an article in the Italian newspaper Il Giornale.  Here is their website’s home page, but, again, be very careful lest what you read there, in the pagan Italian language, seduce you into the arms of the great whore of Babylon (where Ms. Dowd is obviously wallowing),  and destroy your faith:  I must be just about ready to slip over the edge into the abyss of sin myself, since I have learned a few words in Italian, like “giornale” (“journal”) and “grazie” (“thanks”).


Here is what the learned Cardinal birdman said about this seductive book, as quoted by Maureen Dowd:  There is a very real risk that many people who read it will believe that the fables it contains are true.  … [It] perverts the story of the Holy Grail, which most certainly does not refer to the descendants of Mary Magdalene.  It astonishes and worries me that so many people believe these lies.


The FICTION book in question makes the claim that the alleged Biblical character of Mary Magdalene married the alleged Biblical character known as Jesus, that they had children, their children had children, and so on, and a sinister secret society, the Priory of Sion, is trying to keep this knowledge secret.  Also involved in the plot of this NOVEL are Leon ardo da Vinci’s world-famous painting Mona Lisa (which Leon ardo titled “La Gioconda”, meaning, more or less, “the playful lady” – see how much pagan Italian I know!), the actual group The Priory of Sion, Sir Isaac Newton, mysteries, and attempts to decipher secret codes, all of which would probably OVERTHROW THE FAITH of simple-minded sheep who have learned better than to USE THEIR OWN INTELLECT but are led astray by this powerful seductive force.


Being a thoroughly modern America n woman, Ms. Dowd twists her op-ed piece into a vicious attack on the true authority of the righteous holy mother church’s teaching that only men can be spiritual leaders.  And she even appears to be subconsciously promoting the reading of this book, which is especially dangerous for a little lamb in the flock of God’s true believers.


This evil book, like the TRUTH of the X-Files, is “out there”, so be careful if you should see it in a bookstore.  Under no circumstances should anyone ever read anything that is anti-authoritative, like this filthy fiction.  Even the name of the author, Dan BROWN, is a hint from God that we should not read this book.  After all, putrid stinking filth is often dark brown, isn’t it?


But what I really want to know is this:  if the leaders of the world’s largest Christian sect are so concerned about their members’ not reading or believing lies, then why don’t they tell them the truth about the Bible, Jesus, their own church, their popes, the process by which certain fables and deliberately fraudulent writings became canonized and declared to be the Holy Word of God?  How about the process by which the Roman Catholic Church took over the political governments of all of Europe after the collapse of the western Roman Empire ?  How about the history of forced illiteracy, poverty, ignorance, and superstition through all of Europe when the church was in charge?  How about explaining the history of the Dark Ages?  (And don't forget that BROWN is a DARK color, just like the Dark Ages.)  How about educating their sheep into the story of the torture and murder of almost all who attempted to bring real education and truth to the masses?  Why encourage them to believe one set of lies but not permit them to read or think about another set of lies?  What about the fables contained in the Bible that people accept as true?


Fables, superstitions, myths, exaggerations, distortions, and lies are everywhere.  What the world needs now is not love, sweet love, but rather truth, sweet truth.


Bill Fairchild

Plainfield , IL

27 MAR 2005





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