The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God




We live on a planet composed of an unstable, violent DNA, and we can trace our current unpredictable lives and planetary orbit within the confines of our Milky Way galaxy of fury.


Worldweird used to call CG7 the “Sardis” or dead church.  Now – it’s wearing that repugnant mantle itself.  It, and its repulsive offshoots really have all the attributes chronic rigor mortis.  They’re doing nothing, they’re accomplishing nothing.  They ARE nothing.  In fact, as said, it is THEY who are dead – along with the Apostate Herbicus Weasel Asspit Farstrong.


So let’s tale a look at a partial list of happily dead bodies, who are now very EX-cult leaders.

First – there’s HWA, mentioned above.

Second – there’s Garner Teddy LA Stud.

Third:  There’s Gerald Outerhouse Motormouth Waterhouse Imbecillicus.

Fourth:  There’s Gravel Guts-Raymond Cole-mine.

Fifth:  There’s Herman Haywire. He just croaked, recently.

The rest of the cultmasters, dictators, brown-nosers, egomaniacs, and low life bullies are either dead, out on their own somewhere, working on their own cults, too sick to care  . . . . . and, of course, there are all of us.  If we’re to listen to the mindless cult followers, we’re doomed anyway.  If that means that we’ll be going to different places in the next  world dimension, then so much the better – we’re definitely better off WITHOUT  those who’ve had the “plain truth” laid before them, and rejected it for the sake of their own convenience – and profit.  While it’s true that we’ll all die, it’s interesting that many (if not ALL) of the above had publicly said that

both they and the “loyal” followers of Pontiff Herbie’s cult would NOT die, but instead – we would be CHANGED.  Well, that didn’t happen, did it?  THEY’RE ALL NOW VERY DEAD.


But, it’s these (still genuine) folks of the congregations that concern many of us.  How can anyone REALLY get through (intelligently) to them?  Many have been intimidated, bullied, threatened, and blacklisted.  And so, many are too scared to research further.  The “disfellowship” BS does NOT apply.  Our deepest sympathy goes to any involved in the recent debacle in Wisconsin.  It happened – as I understand the situation – a couple of weeks after a taped “sermon” given by that cult’s chief guru – Pontiff Roddy.


With so many, FEAR is a tremendous obstacle.  “Now that I’m daring to look further,” many think to themselves, “Will that Big Bad Angry God, somehow ‘Get me?”


Since there is no anthropomorphic God – only evolving energy, intelligence, and light – at different frequencies – then no “God” is gonna getcha.  There will be NO revenge, NO hell fire, NO “disloyalty” penalties, and NO curses for not tithing.  In essence – we ARE free, and will be so forever.

Adolph Hitler once said that if someone wants power, then RELIGION must go with it.  Pontiff Herbie (an ardent Hitler imitator), knew this, and so, since this old masturbating, flog-log-keeping, grizzly pedophile lusted for the control-a-holic power that comes with the spiritual ignorant, he founded a religion (stolen from Seventh Day – which was stolen from  the crazy Ellen G. White - that would work with those (like most of us) who were theologically ignorant.  Check out that dead old bastard’s current cultmaster imitators.  The same scenario applies today.  The blind are leading the blind.  I think all those cultmasters are psychos.


The Worldweird Cult of Herbie is gone  . . . . and its repulsive group of offspring will soon follow.


However, there’s a couple of things of which we can be joyfully assured.

1)    Worldweird and it’s psychotic teachings have gone forever, (or will soon be gone), and






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