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The Nature of Gawd

John O


Although we’ve often talked about God and Infinity the mathematics etc., the question still arises as to what’s behind all this?  Infinity is a mathematical concept, which by definition, must grow at an infinite rate – infinitely.  And since no part of infinity can mathematically be any less than the whole, then each part of infinity must be infinite in itself.  And that includes us.

 Also, since we are part of the infinity of creation, we too must be as infinite as the whole.  In other words – we too, are infinite.  As was mentioned in other articles, and due to our eternal molecular structure – we ARE, we have ALWAYS BEEN, and we ALWAYS WILL BE.  We are eternal now, and will be forever.  Since eternity is ahead of us (or present constantly WITH us), then our future (when viewed from the perspective of time/space) is still ahead, and our work is ready for us.

 One of the most fundamental things about this infinity which we explore is that It has ENERGY, and another thing about It is that It has INTELLIGENCE.  So then, we’re dealing with Infinity with infinite intelligence and infinite energy.  And none of this is possible without some from of “LIFE” behind all this.

 Therefore - in looking at what religion calls “God,” we are trying to address this infinite life, which is sub-divided into infinite energy and infinite intelligence. 

 This is NOT to say that we must have some form of anthropomorphic being here.  That’s what “religion” says, but realizing the above definition, the non-thinker will be quick to say that there is “No God,” and indeed, there is none – from the anthropomorphic aspect.   

 God is Life and energy, but what is behind all that, we don’t know.   Even when science is asked to analyze the atomic vibratory energy in atoms at a quantum level, they have no answer.  The best that I’ve heard them say is something like:  “It is a mysterious form of cosmic energy – unknown – at this time.

 A couple of years ago, I read a writing of a Far East traveler, who had spent a lifetime in the study of comparative religions.  He too – like I’ve said -  does not to claim that there IS no God , but rather to knock the anthropomorphic idea that man (especially “religion”) has injected into the world’s thinking.  He had a good definition which I like

 “God,” he said, “is ALL life – seen and unseen.”

 He went on to say that “God” is nothing more than the energy that is generated and stimulated by our own “thought action.”  That’s tantamount to saying that: We make ‘God’ (or whatever) in our own image, and NOT the other way around.  All this makes a lot more sense than the Gawd of religion. 

 So then, this being the case –It is God that actually does our bidding, and we are NO LONGER the servants.  If this is the case, then it follows that God is to do what WE want, and NOT the other way around.

 That maybe blasphemous to the overall cult of “religion,” and to the thinking of the traditionally righteous.”  But – scientifically - it makes a lot more sense.

 “God” is LIFE in whatever form.  And that goes for solids too.  If we could see the incredible molecular activity in any solid, then our minds would explode.  For further reference on this, please check any book on quantum mechanics (from and written by Stephen Hawking.  EVERYTHING is therefore “life” in one form or another. This then, of necessity, brings up two extensions of this “life.”

 First, there’s the issue (along with the “Infinite” life) of there must (of necessity) be Infinite ENERGY, and with that, must come Infinite INTELLIGENCE behind it all.

 So, we’re dealing with Infinite Life that has both Infinite energy and intelligence.

 Given this scenario, how do we then pray to such a “mixture?”  Could It even care about us?  Does It give a damn about what we want? Or even more to the point – WOULD It?

 For this ticklish point, I’ll have to go back to what Jesus said (and my apologies to the cynics – but He was one helluva teacher.)  If we want anything, He told us exactly what to do – given any circumstance, or desire – to get exactly what we want.

  “Whatsoever things you desire,” He said, “believe that you have them, and you SHALL have them.”

 So exactly HOW do we believe, in advance, that we have something, even though it’s not in our actual hands? We must “imagine” having that something, push that possessing thot into our minds – or, in simple terms, we must imagine (or image-in that thing) and “see” (into our imagination) that we already have whatever it is that we “desire.”

 Then, as Jesus said (and only then) we SHALL actually have what we want.  Note the difference in the tenses here.  First – we imagine it.  Then, we’ll get it.  That’s the formula.  There’s no time cycle given here, so, with many of us (especially me), we’ve just gotta be patient.  Who Me?  Patience?  But that which we desire WILL COME. 

 Regards asking (or desiring something).  Remember with Worldweird?  We had to be tithing FIRST before we dared ask for anything.  In this newer way, it is we who FIRST will determine what is needed.  And a wrong decision will bring a penalty – due to the mistake.  But we won’t make that mistake again.

 Please note that we don’t have to prostrate ourselves on the floor, scream at the ceiling, and hold up our arms anymore.  We don’t have to bleat, cry or beg anymore.  Simple – it’s basically two steps.  Just (1) imagine it being enjoyed by us, and then (2) expect and anticipate it.

 Now, all this naturally throws a hissy-fizz into any organized “religion,” and its self-righteous thinking.  (That naturally includes Worldweird and its offspring sewerage cults).  It simply doesn’t “follow the norm.” for them.  And let’s hope not.  What this is saying is that, in effect, it is we that control God and it is NOT God that controls us.  The “free will” here is ours, and so – eternity and its outcome is in our hands and NOT some all-powerful God’s.  

 This brings up a couple of points that we can consider.

      1)      We are always in control – even when we’re not.  Our attitude need always reflect that confident fact.

2)      There is an infinite form of life energy around us, from which we can draw.

3)      This life energy is NOT personal.  As we meld with it more and more, our evolution progresses, and our lives become eventually easier.  Exactly “how” we do that melding will be individual, and our freedom of choice.

4)      We’ve been alive forever – we wrote the very first song.

5)      Religion is (as practiced today) a spiritual abomination, and is man made, man devised and operated for the ego elevation of their leadership, their profit and domination of anyone who’ll innocently go into their “organizations.”

6)      It’s all gonna work out in the end.  The path can (at times) be a little rough.

7)      The Infinite doesn’t give a damn about what we do.  Just don’t ruffle the predetermined path (ad infinitum) of the Infinite energy.  The rest is up to us, our learning, and eventually – our eternity.

8)      Our job now?  Go figure.







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