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Life After Death

John O

 There is a long, long life after death.  It’s called eternity.  But since we’re all eternal anyway, we’ll all be in the same boat  . . . and alive – somewhere and in some form.  What concerns us is the actual “where” and in what actual “form.”

 Let’s suspend any ideas on this matter provided by any “church” group, as they show only interest in this subject when it enhances their pocket books, power structure, and future business potential.  They all have the basic premise behind their theories – that is –FEAR.  If they can scare any of us into believing a perverted – and controlling – version of what happens hereafter, then they have that much more control on the here and now.

 So, let’s see what we do have, what can be scientifically proven, and with common logic, and using those principles – let’s move on with our vision from there.  There must be several basic scientific points that need to be covered before we can put it all together as a final conclusion.

 FIRST:  We are immortal and will be from now on.  There can be no real and final death for us – there will be only a change from one form to another.  For further reference, please check IMMORTALITY by JohnO on the Painful Truth website.  Fundamentally – we are a form of energy, and energy can neither be created nor destroyed.  It can be changed, however, and will be adjusted accordingly, but since we can’t be destroyed – then we cannot die.  “Religion” has (as usual) been full of BS on this one. 

 The essence of the discussion is that energy (us) can neither be created nor destroyed.  And we – each of us – are, and have always been an individual form of unique energy – personality, habits, preferences, etc.

 In Carl Sagan’s book COSMOS (available from, he mentions that there are more than 100 billion galaxies in our conceivable universe.  He also says that in our own Milky Way galaxy, we have over 400 billion stars.  Now, if we take things on this basis and multiply it by (for example) the number of planets in our own solar system (and this counts as nine IF you don’t count Sedna – but, even if we include this new one found wandering near Pluto we’ll have (including that new’un - Sedna) approximately 400E12 X (our own) 10 planets in our galaxy.  That’s 40XE22 planets that could (if we had the means) be examined in our own galaxy, for particular life form, style of life, and environment.

 So we could ask some leading questions.  Have any of their occupants (of those with similar life forms as us) ever visited us?  Let’s face it.  They don’t all look like the little gray crash victims out of Roswell – and those little guys did have TWO arms, TWO legs, and ONE head.   Have any of their particular races evolved on Earth?  Do we – with our current nuclear insanity pose a possible threat to any of them?  Could our “space race” ever degenerate into some gargantuan, and crazy “space war?” And who’s gonna get splattered?   How could they be affected as well?  Are our origins to be found in these stars and their planets?  “Let us make man,” it is said. “in our image, and after our likeness.”  So do (at least) some aliens actually look like us?  Did the various races come from different forms of beings on various planets?  Different looks?  Different DNA?  Waaaaaaay different cultures and modes of behavior.  Preferences for different spiritual approaches?  So, what are we on Earth – a conglomerate of just about every species of alien man and plant?

 And most important of all – when we die, do we simply go to another dimension (basic molecular frequency change) to do the same, ugly, old things again and again?  And if we do go somewhere else, and will that dimension and life form be on another planet (possibly within our own galaxy), in another solar system?  In which case, will we be doing different things with this new environment, and interacting differently with each other?

 Many folks who have had near death experiences (also known as NDE’s) claim to have been “transported” to another “place,” where (unlike the earth), the land is still unadulterated, and there are beautiful beaches, abundant, lush fields, etc., (just like a new, fresh planet) and among all of it, and usually centrally located, there are one or two brilliant cities much like the one described in Revelation, Chapters 21-22.  So, with the exception of this additional, massive, and mind-boggling city, or two, – this new heaven (or planet) looks just like this one.  And as such, its ecology would probably be much the same too.  At least, this is their reporting. That also goes for our perspective of it, and dwelling within it.  Please remember that there are billions of possibly similar planets in THIS galaxy.  We’d be living in a more beautiful, abundant locale and some place where we’d all love to dwell, and grow.  At least, that’s what has been reported by the many.  Although we have (comparatively) a small, tiny galaxy in this complete universe, this galaxy of ours is still one helluva big one from our perspective. 

 So there’s plenty of room  . . . . and then plenty more on top of that.

Now, supposing that we do travel interplanetary after death – the question remains – How do we get there?  How do we arrive at the exact planet which is in sync with our molecular frequency, and where we can be both happy and productive, until we finish our function there and move onto our next stage – maybe to another, even more evolved planet, or even another dimension?  Since we’re eternal – we’ll be living forever anyhow.

 People who have reported their NDE’s to their professional medical practitioners, have invariably reported some sort of “dark tunnel” through which they all seemed to travel after going through the experience of death.

 These records of “dark tunnels” are hardly practical from a scientific point of view.  But there is something that inter-galactic physics explains – which does interpret this phenomenon.  It’s called a “Wormhole.”   And folks, this is NOT Star Trek.  It’s a practical down-to-earth fact in inter-stellar physics.

 A general description of a typical wormhole can be read in:

And a more detailed analysis (with some explanation of the Schwarzschild Geometry), based on Einstein’s wormhole theory, can be found at:

In any case, anyone can always type in “Wormhole” into the Search area, and go from there.

 A wormhole matches the description of this “dark tunnel” almost exactly.  It has been regarded by scientists as a “shortcut” across any part of the universe.  From the side, it looks like an hour glass Venturi tube with little gravity at its throat (the mid constriction), and an increase of the gravitational pull at the open ended mouths of this tube.  These specs allow for a “speeding” into the wormhole from our planet, a smooth transition through the middle, then followed by acceleration to our new planet home.  Space travel at its most efficient – And logical. Thank you, Mr. Spock.

 Since I ain’t been to any inter-stellar locales yet, then I’ll leave the wonderful descriptions of our new homes (as varied as they’ll be), to YOU.

 There are, however, several books on the subject, but since I haven’t done the space traveling that I’d like, then I can’t guarantee the absolute accuracy of any single experience.  However, such experiences appear to parallel each other, and do have some incredible similarities.

 Now, where does our present behavior mesh with all this?  That opens up the next question.  Individually, to which planet or location will we go?  Will it be good or bad?  What about the good guys?  And that (hopefully) includes most of us who’ve tried to do the right thing during our lives?  Sure – we got shafted into one wrong area, that of ignoramus Pontifical Herbiticus Perverticus, and his nazi cultmasters, but we did, indeed, have the guts to get out.  And then – what about the Hitlers, the Herbies? The Maos?  The other “religious” crooks.  Etc.   What – for example - about the Paul and Tammy Grouchs?  What about the Pat Robbingsome, etc.  And there are loads of contenders, of this ilk, waiting in the wings.  They are, for the most part –  are egotistical, greedy businessmen (with their profit-hungry backers) waiting for their own pound $+$+$+$+ of human flesh.  Religion, today, is big bucks.  It’s an extremely profitable biz – and it comes easily, because there are more than enough trusting people alive on this planet.  And many are extremely prone to FEAR.

 So where do these malicious criminals go after they pass the “death” portal?  And where do we go?  This is where our individual molecular, operating frequencies enter the subject.  In previous articles, we’ve discussed the fact that we’re ALL molecular energy that vibrates at different frequencies.  The closer the frequency, the more compatible we are to each other.  When we get to the stage that out frequencies are almost the same, then it could be said that “Our hearts beat as one.”

 Lower frequencies emit lower light, while the higher ones give brilliant illumination.  The reverse “Black,” for example, has no frequency, while “white” is a combination of all.  So, are we coming from “the DARK side of the Force.” or is our emanation from a light so bright, that it cannot be looked at?  After we pass through the portal of “death,” then we’ll know.  We’ll find ourselves in that environment.

 I cannot see a Herbie or Hitler, and etc., for example, giving off that bright energy, but I can envision them wallowing in darkness.  So, what’s it to be for us?  The glistening, brilliant future or the darkness of sewer sludge?

 Our time and behavior NOW could determine that.  And THAT’S where our free wills come in. 


Let’s remember Mark Twain’s saying:  KINDNESS,” he said, IS THE LANGUAGE which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”


Best to all.  JohnO.


Editor's note: Pat Robbingsome???? I love that.... I don't always understand you completely, John, but I love your heart....

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