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Jesus Christ, Then and Now

John O

There’s a  lot of interest in this subject, especially since Mel Gibson’s movie, and it’s also come up again on the  Forum regarding the historicity of the person, Jesus of Nazareth.  For what it’s worth, here is my two cents on the subject – or at least, as much as I know. 

 Historically, Jesus of Nazareth , appears to have existed.  He’s recorded as existing in three prominent places.  First, the highly regarded (at the time) Roman historian Tacitus (55 CE – 117 CE), talks of His execution under Pilate.   Then there was the respected, early NT era, Jewish historian Flavius Josephus, and finally, there’s the much, debatable source of the Bible.  While not much is covered in the actual histories, the Bible goes into many details from a “personal witness” point of view.

 However, as I’ve mentioned in past articles, Biblical redacting by the Church of Rome, at the time, could have easily fouled up many details, and leave the researcher in a quandary  re: the personage and mission of the Nazarene.  The Bible (or NT stuff) came about by Constantine’s order at the Council of Nicaea between 325 CE till around 400CE.  It was derived from researching three main sources – First: there were the “Autographs,” or MSS actually written by Apostles or their trusted buddies.  Secondly: There were those mss. that were classed as “forgeries” by the Church hierarchy.  The reason for this classification is that such writings did NOT conform to the “Church’s” doctrines – maybe, things like no ever-burning hell, re-incarnation, and de-materialization, etc. were considered of no value to pursue further.  And the final group were those writings which were in doubt by the Catholic censors – later called “apocryphal.”  So, any way we look at it, with the early Catholic intervention, the New Testament can be messy.  If the truth be known, there MAY have been more accuracy in the “forgeries.”

 The fundamentals of the Jesus message was kindness and love to all – “Do unto others . . .etc.”  By itself, this is great, but when “church” adds its interpretation, then that simple message can (and was) totally perverted.  This message of brotherly love has always been a welcome one over the millennia, but when organizations get in there to “interpret,” this simple meaning, then that is the beginning of the screw –ups, as each group has its own ideas of how they, themselves, must benefit – prestige wise, and of course, how they will benefit financially.  Such was the supposed basis (as I see it) of the Worldweird philosophy.

 “God’s way is that of GIVE,” Herbie often yelled, “and that is the way of this greeeeeeaaaaaaat work of His.”  But look at what happened.

 For what it’s worth, I don’t read that Jesus Himself said that He came to save all mankind from their sins, or pay the penalty for them,  if they just accepted  “Him as Lord.”    That was the product of later writings (redacting??????) and modern business Televangelism.  Jesus basically preached and taught an exemplary way of life, which – if followed – would result in peace all over.

 Over the many years, business organizations (predominantly “religious”) have  taken

Good, decent, and honorable principles, then perverted them into vehicles for money and power.  The Worldweird Cult is a perfect example.  From the simple “love your neighbor” teachings of Jesus, we have witnessed the lavish squandering of people’s lives, savings, health, and some sort of stability for retirees. 

 Meanwhile, the nazi cultmasters have it easy.  They now luxuriate in comfortable homes at their chosen locations, eat and drink their way to excess poundage and liver solidification.  Of course, they will say they have done no wrong, and refuse to see their flagrant violations of human rights.  After all, GOD LOVES QUALITY.

 While there is “religion” and it replaces the respect and honest love between folks, this then, will always be the scenario, because “low life” will always take advantage, as they now do in the copy-cat excrement of the Worldweird Cult.

 To those still infected with this cultic sickness – beware.  To those still addicted to the golden throats and oily tongues of the nazi cultmasters in these new,  phoney groups – run as far as you can.  Prove everything, even what’s been said here.  If we do our own homework, then we’re responsible for the grade that we receive during the rest of our lives  . . . and beyond.

 Good hunting.



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