The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
By JohnO

[ Editor's Note: The opinions expressed in articles by the author, are his personal beliefs only. They are NOT necessarily intended to convey what readers must accept. Each person is encouraged to prove all things for themselves and only accept as fact those things which can be proven. ]

Before we begin to get into any explanations or details, it is wise to stipulate one thing.  That is that fact that we cannot possibly know all the ramifications of the above title.  We can only grope at the subject as “looking through a glass darkly.” As finite humans living in one time/space continuum, we are limited to that envelope.  Our perception of infinity is therefore limited to the bandwidth of our psychic receptors, but open to the infinite possibilities that will follow, IF we listen carefully and correctly to the inspiration of truth and light, whenever it comes.

The terms used below of “God,” or “Infinite,” or “Original Thought,” can be (and are) used interchangeably.  These terms and definitions are radically different to those used by “churches,” but then, we’re attempting here to go way beyond the way of the religion which has kept billions in mental bondage over the eons of time, and reduced such a worthy respect of creation to the level of primitive worship, and it has – in far too many cases – imprisoned the minds of genuine seekers, dragging them down to the mentality of fanatical zealots, and murdering savages.

We are all free to accept, reject, or “hold the thought” on what follows.  But in all cases, the reader is encouraged to check into and prove all things for themselves.  In proving something, it always opens avenues for new ideas and discoveries.  Everyone is encouraged to do their own research in addition to what’s mentioned here.  Any references involved will be given as we go along, as most don’t read the Appendix of books with its long, long list of references.  Also this essay has no Forwards, Introductions, Prologues, Acknowledgements, Preludes, Dedications, Prefaces, Editor’s Comments, or any other of that long list of stuff that goes before most books, as that stuff takes up almost as many pages as the book itself.  Anything that can be said before the text of a book or essay can be said in the manuscript itself.  Why waste peoples time by hacking through stuff they’ll never read or even remember?  Otherwise, why is the author wasting his time writing a text that needs amplifying by so many introductory contributors?  Nuff said.


So, let’s discuss the subject of infinity from our limited perspective.  Infinity is a “God” type of generalization to which man – and particularly “religious” man – has reduced to his own image.  He has reduced IT to the status of an anthropomorphic being in the heavens.  Then man gives IT his own personal and human characteristics, makes up a set of laws that he believes that this “God” wants, gathers a group around him (a la Moses, etc), and tries to enforce this bunch of laws on people that didn’t emanate from anywhere except this particular man’s own mangled brain.  This has been the way of religious methodology for as long as history records.  Such ignorance has been the beginnings of all types of God worship, papal monstrosities, bloodthirsty inquisitions, the control of peoples’ minds, and it all contributes to the de-volution of the overall species of people who are honestly seeking the truth.

Infinite growth cannot ever come to be if our minds are shackled by organizations, or the thoughts of man and his own ego, cravings for power, lusts, and insatiable appetites.

There is always something to remember here, and it’s the driving force behind all the religions, and there’s no historical evidence to show that it’s ever been anything different.  What’s worthwhile etching on our minds is the truism that “Religion seeks to control a man’s mind while church seeks to empty his wallet.”

Infinity cannot be described, because it’s just that – infinite. Therefore, infinity must contain all life seen and unseen, all thoughts seen and unseen, all energy seen and unseen, all inspiration seen and unseen, and every aspect of good/evil, love/fear, joy/sorrow, success/failure, and progress/stagnation, and an infinite number of other things we cannot even imagine.  That, by definition, must include all of us.  It must also contain, not only this universe, dimension, continuum, and all living forms, but It must also contain all thoughts and life, seen and unseen.  It must also contain all forms of existence, both animate and inanimate.  It must also contain all parallel dimensions to this one, all parallel universes to this one, parallel time/space continuums, and all parallel continuums, et al.

It also must contain, by extension into the micro (or quanta) worlds, and the macro worlds – of which our whole universe could be nothing more than a series of complex molecules within a macro universe.  Our micro world (molecules, atoms, and other quanta), on the other hand, could be a progression of worlds and galaxies that go smaller and smaller, ad infinitum.

Since infinity is just THAT, all of the above extensions must progress infinitely in every conceivable direction, mode of operation, and life form.   Each form of life energy must contain an infinite number of extensions, and since everything is a part of infinity, life and energy must also be a part of one of the infinite number of strands in the whole infinite structure.  Infinity encompasses everything, everything is melded with infinity and so, by extension, everything becomes, infinity with its own characteristics.  Nothing can be a part of Infinity without being infinity too.

Also, infinity must logically possess two main characteristics.  Infinity must be unity, because it’s mathematically impossible to have more than one infinity.  As well, Infinity can only be infinity, if that Infinity is growing at an infinite rate.  Otherwise there would eventually be boundaries to infinity, and that’s impossible.  So, everything about us is contained within the scope of Infinity.  Everything.

However, the first observable principle of Eternity and the Infinite energy, is that’s IT’s driven within by It’s own life force with the sole purpose of GROWTH.  It must continue this growth, otherwise IT cannot be infinite.  The conclusion from this, is that Infinity must always be growing in ALL directions, and since we are a part of that Infinity (as we can be nothing else), then our fundamental purpose for existence is growth.  Our basic premise for functioning in any dimension, universe, or continuum can be no other reason than that of growth  . . . in one direction or other.  Which direction that we’ll eventually take, is going to be up to us.


Energy is obviously formularized.  A simple observation of the universe will confirm the absolute mathematical precision as to how things function.  If this were not the case, then uncontrolled molecules would be flying around everywhere.  Since this is not the case, then the energy of all forms of existence is very carefully controlled.  And this implies ultimate intelligence behind all creation.  However, this does NOT imply that this intelligence is human or looks like some a gargantuan man with anthropomorphic characteristics.  The “all-ness” of what mankind calls “God” goes infinitely beyond the ignoble concepts of human foibles.

In more recent years, attention has been given to the space between atoms, which (even in a solid) are far apart.  One suggestion from a group of scientists was given that one atom of one molecule in a solid was as far apart from its neighbor atom as – by comparison – one house would be about two miles from its neighbor.  So there’s a lot of space between atoms.

Attention has also been refocused on this “space” between atoms.  Since atoms can’t be flying everywhere for any object to exist at all, there must be some form of “glue” that’s holding them together.  Some scientists have calculated that this glue is actually heavier than the atoms themselves, and for a want of a better name, they’ve given it the same name as the unknown “vacuum substance” of outer space.  They called it “Ether.”

Behind all controlled energy there must be intelligence.  Otherwise they would be no order in our universe.  For the time being, we must limit our discussion to our own universe and time/space continuum.  Logically, behind all intelligence there must be some form of life, whether it’s seen or unseen.  And behind that life, there must be infinitely intelligent thought of some kind.  Since our universe is so complicated in its composition and mathematical precision of operation, this then tells us that the thought behind all this is infinitely advanced.

Since, as we’ve discussed, we’re all a part of Infinity, then all ideas must also be infinite with all the infinite possibility of creative extensions and ramifications that must follow.  Some ancient (and more modern) thinkers have referred to this “origin” as Original Thought.   If this original thought created the energy that eventually produced life, and this life in turn gave rise to a formularized energy, and this energy gave birth to the universe, then our origins are not in some form of “Big Bang” or Biblical myth, but instead, our origins exist within original thought Itself.  And that brings us to our next subject.


The question must be raised here.  “How can Infinity exist?”  There is only one answer and that was known by ancient thinkers for thousands of years.  Infinity, to our observation, consists of eternal life – whether animate or inanimate – and any life is composed of energy of some form.  But more on how energy works for us personally will be mentioned in the lower section on DNA.

Since, as discussed above, we are the product of thought, then where does this leave us in the realm of time and space?  To describe time, we must examine space, then the subject of time will become obvious.

Because we’re the product of original thought, and since there’s no space in thought, we are living in the illusion of space.  More on the reason for that later.  We cannot be a part of thought without being thought Itself.  We cannot be a part of thought (ethereal) and also be a part of physical matter.  If all things originated in thought, then that’s what we are  . . . thought.  We are NOT matter.  We are energy and the extension of that energy is thought.

Thought can be anywhere it thinks it is.  If we think, daydream, or dream that we floating around in the constellation of Andromeda, for example, then that’s where our thought is, and since we are thought manifested, then – even though we cannot imagine it clearly – our real essence is in the constellation of Andromeda and not on the planet Earth.

Another thing about thought, is that we are NOT the outer shell that we see.  Our life essence is not the outer body but the power of inner thought energy that lives as us.  In fact, IT “lives us.”  The proof is that we don’t breathe for ourselves, nor do we manage any of our other bodily functions.  We say this comes “automatically,” but from whence comes this energy?  Life energy – derived from original thought (it’s the only place from which it could come) – does the living that flows through our bodies.  As we get older, the physical body falls apart, bit by bit.  But the life force and internal driving energy will live eternally.

It’s important to know that our outer selves are only a particular manifestation of one of an infinite number of ideas of that original thought.  This raises the question of the possibility of other manifestations of our own particular formularized thought energy appearing again in different outward manifestations relative to our time/space continuum.  But, more about reincarnation later.

Since all thought results in life of some kind – seen, unseen, animate or inanimate – then it follows that, since space has NO part of real life (as life can be anywhere and everywhere thought wants it to be – there are no restrictions here), and since we see that all around us is apparent life, then since life has no definable space, there can be no space either.  It’s only the Infinite thought that generates the illusion of space.  There is as much life in a flea as there is in an elephant.  Life know no size, and therefore, life knows no space.  Life is all-and-in-all.  But since life is nothing but thought manifested, then this physical manifestation that seemingly takes up “space” really isn’t taking up that space at all.  It’s only our perception of it that gives the illusion of space for any visible body of substance at all.  Life has NO space.  Thought only produces the illusion of it.  And since all visible creation is fundamentally life in some form, and because these qualities really have no space – as mentioned above – then space is really an illusion, and it doesn’t actually exist.  It’s only our perception of it that makes it appear real.

How about time?  We define time as the interval it takes to go from one point in space to another.  Now, since there is no space – there can also be no time.  So, both space and time are illusions that we only perceive while we exist within the confines and mathematics of a time/space continuum.  The big question is:  how do we see beyond the illusion (referred to by the ancient Easterners as “Maya”)?  This is a question we’ll try to tackle as we continue into the next parts  Does this now explain to many about the mystery of “God” and how God always was and always will be?  God (or however we define IT) lives in a dimension of NO time or space, and thus exists in an eternal present.  “God” never was or will be.  “God” just IS.


This brings up the next obvious question.  Why are we living in a world of illusion, why does it seems so real, how come we can’t see out of it, and how can we escape?  Let’s face it.  We live in a world gone mad.  And we’re here for a reason.  But first, let’s discuss the way our time/space world functions with regards to energy and the consequent vibratory power.

Since energy is vibratory, it covers an infinite number of frequencies.  These frequencies are sometimes called “vibes.”  Each of us has a bandwidth of frequencies within which we all work.  This is similar to the carriers in Radio Frequency (RF) transmissions, and just like FM stations (having variable frequency carriers) with an infinite number of stations of different frequencies.  We too have our own particular frequency.  Superimposed on each of our frequencies are our personalities, thoughts, ideas, likes and dislikes, etc.  In RF language, this would be the equivalent of our own particular “modulation” of our individual carrier frequencies.

Each of our fundamental carrier frequencies vary, and each individual frequency can vary much the same as the carrier frequency does in an FM signal.  But when those fundamental frequencies are close, people feel friendly to each other.  This is why some people “tune” with others, as they’re on the same fundamental “wave length.”  With others, those frequencies are far enough apart to clash in a real life situation.

An encephalogram is a sophisticated machine that measures brain waves.  Experiments have shown that each of us have variable brain frequencies that vary with our moods.  Higher wavelengths, for example, are displayed on the encephalograph when we’re happy.  On the other hand,  lower wavelengths are displayed when we’re depressed, angry, or in grief.  The higher wavelengths correspond to the violet and blue end of the spectrum, while the lower wavelengths correspond to the red and brown end of the chart.  The graph will display frequencies across the spectrum, starting from the highest, they are – violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red.

The higher frequencies in life will result in our spiritual uplifting, our happiness and joy.  The lower frequencies in life will result in an avalanche of the opposites.  Since the world is in such a mess, it follows that what we’re all experiencing are the lower frequencies of the Infinite energy that composes all life.  The reason for that is because that we, ourselves, are the problem.  Our little mental receivers literally tune into the lower frequencies, but when we change that station to a higher channel, then we’re happier.

The answer as to why we’ve found ourselves in such a mess on this planet, and functioning at such a low frequency will be explained later.  But, it must be admitted, that overall (if not so individually), that at this time, we function at a level that’s totally destructive to the brotherhood of man, and to the Earth itself.

In the meantime, let’s see how we work.


Animate life has a progression of DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) in every cell of our body, and functions as the energy which animates us as plant, animal, or human life.  This DNA also gives us varying degrees of consciousness, intellect, and creativity.

Half of each cell our bodies is made up from DNA and the other half is protein.  RNA (half the DNA) in the other cell half (the protein) helps absorb the protein into our systems, thus giving us energy.  It is estimated that one fifth of the DNA molecule structure gives us the characteristics of what we actually are – white, black, oriental, etc.  It also determines our looks, our strengths and weakness, and our propensity to all types of individual traits that are inherited from our line of ancestors.  The other four-fifths of the DNA, according to scientists, relates to the actual organ in which that variation of the DNA functions.

Inanimate life, on the other hand, has no such DNA.  It’s molecular in nature, and has no consciousness.  However, anything with even a primitive form of DNA will have even that primitive form of consciousness, and will respond to the energy of love that we, as higher beings, can give.

Any who are familiar with THE TESLA COIL, and the reference is on the internet at will be familiar with the similar working of the twin strands of the DNA molecule.  Tesla’s idea was of a complimentary resonance between two resonant coils, and the energy it created between the two, simply by moving each at a close proximity to each other.  The energy exchange was greatly amplified, and when that power was contained, it could be regarded as an energy amplifier.  Nature itself can provide the initial input voltage to start the resonance, but that’s another subject.

DNA, according to modern science, works on a similar principle.  Two identically tuned strands of the DNA molecular thread are formed close to each other, and the energy between each starts to ignite.  The sparks (as it were) start to fly.  Energy amplification is the answer, and that’s what gives us the strength to do things.  There’s plenty of energy since there’s plenty of DNA to go around.  In fact, it’s been said, that if each molecule in one 12 oz. glass of water (each consisting of two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen) were EACH just one grain of sand – then they’d be enough sand in that glass to cover the United States approximately 100 feet deep.

So, the DNA molecule is quite miniscule, but their twin (resonant) energy is greatly amplified.  We might ask, are such molecules, in fact micro-galaxies that work in a different time/space continuum relative to our own?   What an infinity of creation it is that we behold!  We can only wonder at what we cannot see, understand, or imagine.


Since we’re a product of original thought that knows no time nor space, we must be of the same composition.  Original thought is eternal, and since we are a part of IT, we must have the same characteristics, and so we must be the same – eternal.  This is not to say that we’ve lived forever in this present form.  We haven’t.  But our life, thought, and essence are eternal. The formularized energy that “lives” our outer forms must be eternal, as it’s a known and proven scientific axiom that energy never dies.  It simply changes form.  Energy is forever growing and changing per the eternal growth formula, but we still individually exist as IT, having our own segment of consciousness.  We always were (as perceived from time/space), and we always will be.  We are a part of the God essence, and as such we must necessarily share the same characteristics.  There is nothing else we can be, because there is nothing else in creation, and we are OF it too.  We too are eternal.  We just haven’t realized it yet.

Also, please remember, since there is no time, that whatever appears to happen to us over the course of thousands of years is instantaneous in the mentality of the eternity of the Infinite thinking.  In other words, if adjustments must be made on a spiritual level, while it may take trillions of years in a time/space continuum, in fact it happens immediately in the real life of original thought.

So then, we are immortal aspects of the original thought from the Infinite Mind which manifests us in any place, dimension, universe, or continuum which will allow a perpetual flow of input, knowledge, experience, and energy that is necessary to be fed to the Infinite so as this Essence will continue to grow at an infinite rate.  The work here is reciprocal.  We need “God” as much as this “God” needs us.

Other questions arise.  Is God still growing?  We may as well ask the question: Is Infinity still growing?  The answer must be an obvious “YES.”  Infinity cannot be constantly growing at an infinite rate unless this Infinite original thought is constantly taking in and assimilating data.  So this “God” or Infinity must still be growing.  Another question.  Does “God” know everything?  The answer must be an obvious “NO.”  Otherwise why is the Infinite still experiencing eternity and growing at an infinite rate?  Nothing that is still growing – and always will – can ever be completely finished within Itself.


That question must be answered from a twofold perspective.  One is karma, and the other is what we once were – relative to time/space.  First, let’s address the karmic issue.  We reap what we sow, even in this physical world.  So the logical conclusion to our current state is that we’re now reaping something that we’ve sowed.

Our planet, Earth, is a beautiful one, and once it was a paradise, according to geologists, paleontologists, and botanists.  But we’ve destroyed it with – what finally equates to – our greed.  Pollution of our air, rivers, oceans, and the ruination of our soil have all provided for the resultant aberrant behavior that we’re experiencing in our climate, global warming, in our less-than-nourishing food chain, and in our health.  Draining of the oil beneath the Earth’s surface has left vast open sub-terrain areas that collapse with the resulting earthquakes.  We’ve messed with underground atomic testing, which is not necessary, and this (in turn) has produced its own breed of earthquakes.  We’re simply reaping what we’ve sowed.  Volcanoes, if left alone, will do enough damage with their own resulting earthquakes.  We don’t need to complicate the matter further.

Everything was once in balance on this planet, but now we live on a globe that’s almost 23 degrees off axis, has filthy air that kills the very young, the very old, and the infirm.  The sickly must live off an oxygen tank in many areas.  We must buy drinking water at a supermarket, breathe air that has been so saturated with chemicals, and eat meat products that have all sorts of hormones introduced into the animal or bird, just so the end product is bigger, larger, and more profitable.  We have filthy conditions at many processing plants that introduce all sorts of bacteria into the meat products (e.g. Ecoli),  even though the consumption of such products might kill the customer.

Without a thought, we dump anything we want into the oceans even though we affect the ecological balance of oceanic life and the oxygen that the ocean produces.  We don’t even bother to think about  the contaminated water that’s evaporated by the sun into clouds which eventually become supersaturated with all sorts of toxins, and then rains all that filth down upon the land below.  In a great nation with the greatest medical advances in history, we suffer (by comparison) more than many others.  With what we have in our possession, for health treatment, we ought to be a nation of super-healthy persons.  But, in all too many cases, we’re a physically sick people.  We may improve in some areas of health development from time to time, but we deteriorate in far too many other areas.  We’re simply reaping what we’ve sowed.

We’ve mowed down billions of acres of forest land in the name of profit, with only a token effort to replant the land, which land, in a few years, loses its topsoil and the ability to re-grow our trees again.  Ancient Rome did this same thing in Northern Africa, and that’s how the Sahara Desert came to be.  If any have flown across, the once precious, Northwest forests lately, the sight is sickening.  Huge paths of bare earth that once held trees which were irresponsibly cut down and sold overseas by our greedy businessmen to foreign corporations who actually bought the land (with government approval), then they denuded it, and left only freeways of barrenness as their voracious legacy .  There’s no (or very little) attempt to replant those trees, which will take 30 plus years to grow to partial maturity.   The same, and even worse, goes for the Amazon forests.  This growth of these forests also gives us much of our oxygen, and it’s being demolished at the rate of millions of acres a year.  Is it any wonder why we’re sick?  We’re simply reaping what we’ve sowed.

So, isn’t ONE big reason as to why we’re physically here at this time, now obvious?  While we can’t change industry, as their greed and power outweighs all of us together, we can still look, observe, compute the results, and determine within our inner selves that we would never compete with such madness or follow such stupidity.  We can learn that to live in good health, we must respect our Mother Earth.  We can learn that we must live in harmony with nature itself.  Even if we cannot stop this industrial madness, we can learn from it, realize its formidable gluttony . . . and, as a result of learning all this, we can grow.  And that’s what eternity is all about.  Growth.

The other aspect of karma is spiritual.  If we’re here in a less than desirable environment, then how is it that we’ve come so low?  Since we’re eternal, spirit beings with our own talents, then why have we been relegated to the hardship of living under the rigors of the lower frequencies of masses of people who hate?  Let’s look at the world as a whole.  It’s bad, and it’s getting worse.  Granted it has its rises and falls, but the gradient is steadily following the downward trail.

Since we can’t be a part of Infinity without being infinity ourselves, we must all be one unit collectively.  All have our talents that contribute to the whole.  Every one of us is important, just as each life and talent is precious and needed on this planet at all times.  The problem is that there are such lo-lives on this Earth, that they suppress others who could contribute to the wholeness of the Earth’s harmony.  Education is either lousy or suppressed altogether.  Dictators rule and grow fat, while the general population grows more ignorant and hungry as each day passes.

Maybe we can find a clue by looking around us, within industry, within the churches, and within ourselves.  If, at some time in the past, we thought of ourselves more highly than we should, isn’t it possible that we were exalted in our own creative mental energy, and believed ourselves to be better than the other aspects of spiritual creation in which we existed?  Did our own arrogance disrupt the smooth functioning of the eternal growth?  Don’t we see this today, and see it all around us?  Aren’t the troublemakers – and consequently, the flies in the ointment – always the ones who think that they are better than others?  Isn’t pride the big factor here?  Isn’t pride the fundamental problem with the Earth today?  Looking at it from every angle, if ALL people lost their arrogance and pride, and treated each other fairly and equally (no matter who), then we would indeed have peace on Earth.

This maybe a mirror for us.  So many today think they are better than their fellow man. Most think they have the best race, religion, creed, or corporation, but in fact, it takes all people working together to form a unified field of harmony within the cosmos.  Could that have been our problem  . . . Pride?   Have we been relegated to this continuum to learn (the hard way) that the exaltation of self is detrimental to the overall stability of the eternal plan?  If and when those lessons of inflated pride are learned, then we can return – very much the wiser.  Please remember, the reason for any action like we now experience was generated by an equal and opposite reaction.  That’s the karmic functioning of the universe.

Although each person has a different job on this planet, each is equally important.  No job or person is too menial as each has their individual part in the overall plan – no matter how insignificant it appears to be.  For example, if execs in a corporation choose to look down on janitors, then try running a neat, tidy, and clean organization without those janitors.  Everyone’s important.

Since we see arrogance and pride all around us in this world, and the attitude of “I’m better than you,” is it possible that we came here to learn that this approach does NOT work?  We see plenty of these attitudes in religions, cults, and business.  It’s clearly not working, as it promotes infighting, politics, backstabbing, and (many times) criminal behavior.

It appears that time/space continuum is a good place to learn this lesson, as the results are so painful and long lasting.  If and when we return to the “oneness” of the Infinite Life, then there’s no doubt that we’ll view all other aspects of creation from a different and far more mature viewpoint.

Have we learned that UNLESS we work as a whole – appreciating others for their talents too – then we’re not going anywhere?  Things work well when there’s teamwork in business, and when any arrogance between company members doesn’t even exist.  Is it possible that we’ve been placed here to learn that lesson?  No one is better than anyone else, and each is to be given the chance to produce to the maximum of their willingness, talents given, and ability.  But it isn’t happening.  We can see that by observation.  If we can see this travesty of egotism and develop the opposite thinking – actually feeling that a brotherhood of man is necessary, then we’re growing.  Granted, we (of our individual selves) won’t make it happen globally, but if we REALLY understand it, then we’ve grown that much more.

If we can now see the madness of the modern world, if we can see the cruelty among men, if we can see the pride, arrogance, and greed that’s on display, if we can see the lust of one person to dominate another, etc., then again, why did we have to be shown all this, and then have to live within this scenario?  Could it be that we were once the same, and we’re now looking into the mirror of eternity at ourselves in another form?  If we must reap what we sow, then why do we find ourselves at the mercy of tyrants, greedy governments, cultmasters, and all sorts of oppressors?  If we must reap what we’ve sown, then what is it that we’ve sown?

In this case, I’m NOT talking about re-incarnation as commonly taught among Eastern religions.  The flaw here appears to lie with our spirits.  The flaw appears to lie with our thinking.  The flaw here appears to lie with our eternity and what we have been grown (from original thought) to do.  In this dense physical environment of Earthly living, it’s easier to learn in a time/space environment than in an instant of eternity.  It also appears that the lesson is better learned in this setting as the experience hurts a lot more.  Most lessons, unfortunately, can only be learned by experience, and in a physical setting – if we’ve learned – then those lessons will be retained eternally.

Could that be why we have entered a time/space continuum?  Could that be why we’ll spend countless lifetimes (until we really learn the karmic lesson) in such continuums and dimensions – planets or galaxies?  Could that be why we’ll spend such time continually growing in a realm, and evolving in such a realm as this – with ugly circumstances that could not educate us in any other way?  Will those lessons which we will learn (which contribute to the growth of Infinity), forever change and stabilize the outcome of that eternal growth?

Another way of looking at this is, in that we’ve previously realized our shortcomings and that we need to perceive other aspects of the eternal creation.  Is this our way of regaining the needed love that we’ve decided to endure this “vale of tears” to feedback the information to the Infinite so that original thought will continue to grow without the ripples which we might have once created?  Is this our duty to sacrifice part of ourselves for the sake of the whole spiritual matrix, and are these lessons necessary for our own growth within the matrix?   Only our future can give us all these answers.

One thing is for sure, and that is if we continue to grow in the upper direction of love, consideration, and respect for others, then our next dimension or lifetime existence will be much easier.  Our life’s energy is eternal.  The reason things can be easier in future is because we’ve now grown by observation and experience that we won’t need to repeat the same painful lessons.  We’ve learned.  We’ve grown.  We’ve given the feedback to the origin.  We done our part within this phase, and passed on the information for the Infinite growth.  And that’s what eternity is all about.  Growth.

Remembering, as always, that no matter how long we spend in time/space, for the Infinite it’s really no time at all.  Because there is no time or space.  All that’s done IS already happened.  But the illusion of the time/space medium is necessary for the extension of this phase of our learning, which in the long run, is no time at all.

Another thing of which we can be sure, is that if we pick the right path of tolerance and love, then that journey is going to be great.  However, I’m not talking about those despots who oppress others, as these souls cannot see the blindness they have.  Since they still don’t care what they do to others, they must learn their own painful series of lessons in their own time.  At the present, there appears to be not once ounce of repentance in their whole psyches.  Their whole point in living is for the acquisition of money and the inflation of their own egos.  However, on the other hand, if those who can see the overall picture can warn those who are still unaware but who will indeed listen (hold up the mirror, so as to speak), then it’s our duty to at least plant the seeds of truth on their plates.

As of right now, we’re obviously at a very low level, but the more we look, prove all things (including this essay), then the more we’ll rise.  We’ll go on to other existences, there’s no doubt about that, because energy can never be lost.  Since we’re formularized energy, then we’ll go on to another existence too.

If we examine all things, then we’ll find other things on which to build, and thus we’ll be able to help others that are coming along and those who are suffering what we’ve already been through.  But as we continue and offer that helping hand, it will be an onward and upward boost for all of us.  That’s called karma.

Yes, we’ll go on to another dimension or remain in this one if we’ve learned nothing.  That’s because our frequency of energy development hasn’t changed.  We ourselves must change that.  Energy can’t be destroyed because that’s a universal law.  However, exactly WHERE we’ll go will be up to us and dependent on  the frequency we generate within this lifetime.  It’s also a universal law that a lower frequency object cannot go to a higher frequency plane as it would disintegrate.  So if someone’s a lo-life character here and now, then they’ll go to another lo-life plateau when they pass over.  But we are all eternal children of the Infinite, and if we have a loving attitude, the future in time/space can only be fun and give us the most remarkable of learning adventures.

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There was one person who sent me a comment on the recent article "Who" which I wrote for the site.  I don't know who he is but his comment was very brief.

He said:   "excellent article, it really kicks in about 1/2 way down"

However, he did leave me an article by a John Horgan, a writer of scientific articles.  For space sake, I've chosen to leave the link.  There's oodles of folks out there with zillions of questions, and very few answers.  John's article in the link, will ask many questions too.  However, many of the Site's readers like to delve into these things, and I thot they might like to read what he had to say.  I found it interesting.  Here's the link.

Best 4 now.  JohnO.




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