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April 2005 Editorial Update 


I don't think I've ever had a reason to say "I told you so" before, but this is one time it may be appropriate. 

In the editorial for April 2005, entitled "What the Pope's Death Means to You", speaking of the likely sermons that will result from news of the Pope's death, I made the following comment: 

The sermonettes would be all about the background of the Papal candidates, which ones worked for the Nazis, which ones turned their backs on the Jews, which ones match up to 666 when the letters in their names are numerically calculated. 

Take a look at the following article from Gerald Flurry's website: 

The last two paragraphs state the following: 

Certainly, the “destiny of Europe” will be of prime concern to Benedict xvi. Seven resurrections of the war-mongering Holy Roman Empire are prophesied to occur in chapters 13 and 17 of Revelation. Six of these resurrections have already occurred. (Read about these in our booklet Germany and the Holy Roman Empire, which is free upon request.) The reason this pope is of particular interest is that he is likely to be one of the two most powerful leaders of the seventh resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire—an empire that will thrust the world into World War iii! As editor in chief Gerald Flurry has stated, “Over the past 1,500 years there have been six resurrections of the ‘Holy’ Roman Empire. Most of the time this empire revolved around Germany and the Vatican, along with Italy” (June 2000).

The seventh resurrection, which is now in the making, will once again revolve around Germany and the Vatican. Now that the first German pope in 10 centuries rules in the Vatican (one who incidentally was 12 years old when he took part in the Hitler Youth program in World War ii Germany), these prophecies will speed to fruition! Watch Benedict xvi.

(emphasis mine) 

Are these people predictable, or what? 




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