"Division Among US"
Editorial. April 2020
By James


    Divide and conquer, ("divide and rule strategy") in politics and sociology is gaining and maintaining power by breaking up larger concentrations of power into pieces that individually have less power than the one implementing the strategy...

    As most propagandists understand, by separating individuals from their peers, they're usually ready to think more clearly and logically about the knowledge being presented to them. However, when consistently surrounded by their peers, if they're not cautious, they'll likely fall prey to being persuaded into believing a “truth” that's not true in the least...

    Religion depends on this human herd mentality so as to defend its stronghold. Once you recruit an individual within a religion, the group must reinforce the idea that everyone outside the group, is somehow immoral and unworthy. This makes maintaining control of others effortless. This is accomplished by teaching followers the religion’s concepts from birth, then reinforcing those ideas throughout their lives.

    Religion segregates people into clusters of believers and non-believers, making human unity and peace nearly impossible. This detrimental behavior teaches those that might disagree on a variety of life’s issues are perceptively evil and undeserving of their friendship, or even of their humanity. This is what Nazi Germany did to its enemies. The Jew was not portrayed as a human being, but as swine.

    "The psychology behind "division" is fundamental to both the religious leader, and those who desire or maintain political power. It is the ultimate means of control."

    The problem with this kind of behavior is that it often perpetuates a cycle of division within the society where the religion flourishes. * Those in power are cognizant that a community divided amongst itself has no strength to face up to tyranny or corruption. But, a society unified and aware is in a position to form lasting changes, that profit all of its citizens. **

    Effective and productive communication doesn't involve threats, insults or name-calling. It involves actively taking note of the opposite side, albeit we may strongly disagree, and remembering that the positions that these folks are promoting, sometimes chillingly, are supported by their emotions, not by reason. Don't bother people with the facts. Deal with their emotions. Fear and anger distract people and distort their thinking. ***

    If unity and peace are to ever become a integral part of the human experience, we must become more conscious of how our beliefs divide us and work to reconcile this division by placing our humanity above our religious or even our political contentions.

    * This is the kind of division that causes an insurmountable distraction that promotes tyranny, and allows internal corruption to take place unabridged, destroying the nation in the process. Keep in mind that this is a learned behavior.
    ** Keep this in mind as you witness the political divisions and violence expand going into the American election.
    *** There are political leaders on the left and right that use fear and anger to motivate their followers. Don't support leaders who make use of those tactics of control.


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