"Stealing in the Name of God"
Editorial. January 2015
By James


     The bible says ‘freely you have received freely you should give’.

    If the COG’s were truly led by God, they should be able to bring about the total transformation of humanity around the world. And with that, bring about a total societal spiritual rebirth that would impact positively on the entire human race, giving all the world a new lease of life and purpose.

    But the COG’s are not led by God but by their own self-serving sinister purposes. They worship God in vain because they follow their own way of ‘get’ and not the way of ‘give’. These organizations could do something, anything to support the communities they live in, and contribute to the societal good as socially responsible corporate citizens.

    However, there are some unscrupulous men in the religious racket who preach in order to acquire the luxuries of life for themselves without doing an honest days work. They live their lives in a way that their less privileged followers cannot afford.

    Instead of focusing on salvation, they seek to control every aspect of your lives, molding you into a uniform mass of confusion, incapable of seeing the truth of what is being done to your minds, your spiritual health and financial well-being.

    It has been said that there’s no shortage of sin in the world today and that it’s been around since the time of the Garden of Eden. If this is true, then it will indubitably persist as long as the Armstrong Churches of God continues to twist the truth and embrace lies.

    In conclusion, the Armstrong churches have never been a spiritual haven. What they have been is a business empire. I call upon the COG’s to stop the oppression, lies, immorality, and debauchery. I call upon them to be executives of principle, honesty and honor, purity and of love. And finally, I call on them them to forgo their desires to prepare the ground for an ever-more vicious and brutal campaign of terror as their financial ships sink into the abyss of authoritarian immorality.


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