The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
It is finished.....
Dennis Diehl 

Butt lo....the days will come when that which is Worldwide, long dead,  shall finally also not  endure in name and shall be finished.
Praise God from whom all blessings flow......
And the King of the West shall declare it so, through feigned input shall he declare, "I care not what you call it, just call it not Worldwide, for it offendeth me and hath low many years , even from my youth. For now I have the gold and he who hath the gold winneth, even so hath my father taught me."
This King, unqualified in learning and devoid of common sense,
Installed by nepotism and perpetuated by self decree
Who scorned the little ones and mocked the Shephards
Shall yet longer, over nothing,  rule and declare,
"Hell no I ain't steppin down, cause darn it, I'm worth it, and the pay is Him. My father raiseth not stupid children."
This King , shall lie  to the little ones oft betimes and of Shepards   makes fools most often before the Children of God.
Who oft saith "no" when "yes" was in his heart
And "Never" when "Soon"  be the truth.
And the Minions of the King...oi...these Imperial  Minions!
Who flow  with  tides and change with the wind,
Their butts to keep in clover promised by the King,
Yet remember they not how oft the King doth forget , as in times past, his words of promise to those who did serve.  
 How sleep the minions?  Fine shall they sleep and give no account of that which they have sold nor taken to themselves.  Yeah verily hath mine father also not raised a stupid son and I smell where thieves and robbers have broken in and taken that which belongeth not to them and smirk hiding behind their faith, falsely so called.
 (Enter the late Frank of  Sinatra....sing it Frank!)
"And so, the end is's time to face the final curtain.
(Sniff sniff)
My friends , i'll make it clear, and of this truth, I am most certain.
These men, these men of Gawd, have taken all, not in a shy way
And this, much more than this...they did it their way!
Regrets, I gots a bunch, but then a bunch not worth repeating
I tried, I really tried, to help the sheep, who oft were bleeting
I hate, they got away, with all the bucks  not in a shy way
Twas bold, they got the gold and hit the hiiiigh way!
Yes, there were times, I think they knew,
 That they bit off more than we could chew
But through it all, they left no doubt,
if you don't like, then..just get out.
The record shows , they dealt the blows....and hit the hiiighway!
And now , the End has come,
Thank God for this most holy moment.
The name, that name is gone , it's all done ,
they got the whole thing.
We dinked, we dinked around, and let it be , we simply languished
It's done, it's really's finally fiiiiinished.......
OOOOOOOh there were tiiiimes, I think we knew
These guys were nuts, what could we do?
We prayed for help, it did not come
I blame myself, I was so dumb
The record shows, we took the blows
Soooomeone just slaaaaaaaaaaaap meeeeeeee!"
M.T. Diehl

Posted -- 10/16/2005

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