The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
The Boogie Man's Cookbook
 Jim V

 My all time favorite Twilight Zone is about the 8-foot tall aliens, Kanamits, coming to Earth. Their leader introduces himself at a United Nations meeting and assures the world that they have come in peace, and he offers proof. He then leaves behind a mysterious book written in the Kanamit language.

The main character is Michael Chambers, who is the government's top decryption expert. Chambers, along with his female assistant, desperately tries to decipher the alien book. They are only able to decipher the title of the book -"To serve man." Chambers is convinced that all is well, but even as events progress, he continues the efforts to decipher the entire book.

Meanwhile, the aliens cure all human diseases, make everyone healthy and put an end to war by teaching every nation how to create impenetrable shields around every city on Earth. Every word and action of the aliens made all of mankind "feel" happy, healthy, safe and secure. Then the aliens start transporting thousands of humans to the Kanamite planet, but none of the humans ever come back. The aliens "took" humans, but do not "give" any of them back.

The climax of the episode is when Chambers is getting on a space ship to "visit" the Kanamit planet. His assistant runs up to the ship breathless and wide-eyed. She tries to get to him but the aliens easily hold both of them back. She cries out to Chambers that they have translated the rest of the book. She frantically, but in vain, tells him not to get on the ship. With tears in her eyes she shouts to him, "The book! To Serve man -it's a -it's a cookbook!"

 An arguable point to be sure, but this is perhaps the most realistic Twilight Zone ever written and filmed. The Kanamits are already here, and they have been here for countless thousands of years. And even the "cookbook" was written thousands of years ago.

There already exists a "cookbook" to serve mankind up on a platter as prey. A book that guarantees slavery, bondage and mind control. It is the master "cookbook" of all history -the Bible. A book that's only purpose is to enslave human minds and to give control to the "elite" who control the unwitting slaves.

All you have to do is "look" at the religious leaders. The only ones who profit and get rich by religion are the ones who know that it is a hoax. The believers "give" and the religious leaders "take" -and take, and take and take...

Why don't the religious leaders give up "their" homes, "their" property, "their" gold, "their" life savings, "their" wealth, "their" car, "their" bank accounts, "their" retirement? Why is it that they always cry out for more -while they live in luxury? Why don't "they" give their art, jewelry, furnishings, possessions and treasures? Why do they demand, plead and beg for so much -and give absolutely nothing back?

It is absolutely impossible for any of them to pay tithes, give offerings or make contributions. Because every dime they get is from the ignorant "sheep" who are doing "all" of the giving. They could not exist without the sheep. It is the sheep who toil, labor, work and provide the money -it is the religious leaders who "fleece" the flock. And it is the leaders who live in luxury while the sheep go hungry...

Do you remember Oral Roberts telling his people that "god was going to call me home" if "they" did not come up with several million dollars? Well, guess what? On the very same day that Oral climbed the tower to "meet god's fate" -his own son moved into a brand new 7,200 square foot home... Yet Oral and his son are still raking in millions.

Does anyone remember Pat Robertson's book -"Kissenger, secret man of power "? I don't think Robertson is "plugging" that book any more. Nor is he reminding any one of his failed prophecies of famine, destruction and "god's judgment" upon this country. Yet he is still raking in the millions. And don't forget -Robertson is a lawyer.

And how about the gold-decked Jerry Farwell? Has anyone ever told him that gluttony is a sin? Is there a religious leader alive today that is more arrogant than Fartwell?

Look at the religious leaders and their lifestyles -then ask what answers religious leaders have provided for mankind? If religious leaders are "in the loop" with an almighty all-knowing supreme being, why haven't they provided one single answer to man's problems? Consider the vast amount of tax free wealth they amass and then consider what they give back in return...

Did religious leaders give us the polio vaccine?

Did religious leaders give us electricity?

Did religious leaders give us antibiotics?

Did religious leaders give us pasteurized milk?

Did religious leaders give us cars or highways?

Did religious leaders invent computers?

Did religious leaders win World War II -or did they stay safely at home and pray?

Did religious leaders design and build airplanes -or did they condemn airplanes?

Did religious leaders define, enhance or improve art -or did they simply buy it?

In the history of mankind, how may achievements have been condemned and branded as Satan's work by religion -and then turned around and "embraced" by religion?

Has anyone ever asked, "Who said these predators are called by an almighty god? By what power and by what proof? Why don't they have to document and prove what they say like everyone else does?"

How would these predators look in a courtroom where they had to prove what they claim? And like John O said -what about accountability? They can destroy entire lives, careers, marriages, and tell extremely sick people not to go to the doctors -people who die. Where is their accountability? All they have to do is shrug their shoulders and continue to count their money.

When it comes to real-life answers, religious leaders claim that "god doesn't work like that, god is only interested in spiritual matters." Talk about a convenient answer! The "painful truth" is that the bible, religion and religious leaders have no answers to life whatsoever -do not ever mistake "promises and excuses" for real answers. Cut through the fog and BS of religions' promises that only occur in the future, and cut through religions' facade of excuses. What do you have left? -absolutely nothing. No substance and no answers. Take away the threats of losing eternal life and burning in hell, take away the threats of a supreme boogie-man that will "get ya." Take away the fear and guilt, and then see what religion has left to offer. In other words, the bible, religion and religious leaders don't "have" any answers to give mankind, just excuses.

Religious leaders are indeed -Kanamits. And they all "claim" to follow the same cookbook to "serve man" -the bible.

The bible was never written "for" mankind -it was written to "control" mankind. The bible teaches fear and terror of an adult-level boogie-man. It teaches adult-level superstitions, threats, punishment, pain, torment along with adult-level rewards in the "future" -but not now. You give all that you've got to your religious leaders while you're alive -but you only get your reward after you're dead -but your religious leader gets "both" the here and now, and eternal life. (What a deal!) Have we mentioned "sex" with the sheep yet? Have we mentioned favors and "special deals"?

The bible is all about mind-control and brainwashing. It was intended as a guide to control the masses... Promise the people eternal life later, and then take everything they've got now.

The god of the old testament is the absolute epitome of an adult-level boogie-man. This god would instantly order and command the massacre of thousands of women and children -and then turn around and massacre 70,000 of his own people just because the "king" screwed up. King David screwed up and "god" massacred 70,000 people just to teach "David" a lesson. And this "god" is invisible, all powerful and all knowing. In other words, there's no getting away from this invisible bloodthirsty boogie-man. He will get you no matter where you go or what you do. (Clever mind control, huh? Insane, but clever.)

No American alive can imagine the nightmare and the terror of living in ancient Israel. God's so-called "kingdom" was a living hell. Any one of your neighbors could have you put to death by claiming you worshipped Baal. And there was no appeal. At the mouth of two witnesses -you were dead. And how did it change the young men who just came home from slitting the bellies of helpless women and children? Do you think they were loving husbands and fathers? Or did they become extremely abusive? And what if it were "your" innocent wife, husband or loved one who "god" massacred just to teach the "king" a lesson? If so, you had better not say anything or complain -else you're dead too.

There were absolutely no personal freedoms whatsoever in ancient Israel, and god is the one who guaranteed that -he commanded the laws and created the system. Of course, the laws and penalties were different for the rich and powerful, almost like today. If you committed murder in ancient Israel you would be dead by sundown, but if king David takes an unauthorized census of the people -god kills 70,000 "other" people to teach him a lesson. (Did I miss something here or is that totally, completely, ludicrously insane?)

It's easy to pass off the deaths of so many that lived so long ago, but if it were "your'" son, daughter, mother, father, relative or loved one that "god" killed -I think it would be different. The god of the old testament was a very powerful tool to control the minds, actions and "loyalty" of the people in ancient Israel. It was like Nazi Germany -ruled by terror and everybody betrayed everybody -right or wrong. And think about this, ancient Israel failed and fell, just like every other nation -god didn't seem to matter. Is Israel the best an "all-powerful god" could do?

An all-powerful, invisible god is the ultimate boogie-man...

Then there is the "new" testament. But "who" says so, and who says it's a new testament? Did god write it in the sky, or did rich, powerful "leaders" proclaim this? Was it god or man? Why does an all-powerful god need so many "men" to speak for him?

Where the old testament was a bullying, boogie-man type of external mind control, the new testament is a mental, psychological type of mind control based on internal guilt, fear and superstitious cooperation. A self-willingness to be fleeced, if you will.

First of all, no one ever has -or can -prove that a man named Jesus Christ even existed. You can prove that king David existed 1,000 years before "Christ" lived, but no one can prove, outside of the bible, that Jesus Christ ever lived. In fact, as documented in many places on this website, Jesus Christ is not a name, it's a title. It's like someone two thousand years from now trying to prove that someone named "Executive Vice President" lived. So the writers of the bible simply put together many different writings about many different "saviors" and compiled it into the "Babel." I might also mention that the writers of the Bible were working under the pain of death -including their families.

And sad to say, no one even heard of "Jesus Christ" or the Christian religion until 130-170 years after he was supposed to have died. But back to the mind control...

Turning the other cheek? That is a certain path to destruction, but it's meant to program your mind to accept the "slaps" you receive from following religious leaders. It's meant to make the "sheep" feel good about suffering from stupidity. Do religious leaders turn the other cheek?

The trinity? The bible says that god is "not" the author of confusion, yet here is a doctrine that defies logic, mathematics and procreation. The scholars must have been drunk or stoned when they thought of this one. Since god supposedly created mathematics and procreation, he now gives a doctrine where "one" is three, and "three" are one. You even have the option of choosing "two" from this 1 is 3 and 3 is 1 -huh? But better yet, the creator of procreation then supplies "his" seed while the Holy Spirit "does the deed" to impregnate a virgin without her knowledge or consent, and then -viol... -we have Jesus Christ, the savior of mankind... (Is that the way "you" had children?) Did the creator of procreation provide this method to any known species? Did the god who claims not to be the author of confusion clear this up for us? (After all, we humans are totally unfamiliar with this method of "procreation.")

But further, according to the Babel, Jesus Christ had lived eternally as a member of the godhead. But now the father's "seed" of the "eternal" Jesus Christ was carried by the Holy Spirit to impregnate this unsuspecting virgin to create Jesus Christ as a human, for the sole purpose of being brutally murdered for "our" sins -but what the hell about god's sins? Do you realize how many of god's own laws he broke here? (When you break one, you break them all, especially with rape.) And god can't claim that it was "new testament" times, because Christ wasn't even born yet. The new testament was brought about by Christ's "blood," (god doesn't miss a chance to kill, does he? I wonder how many angels he's massacred over the eons. Maybe that's why he created humans, because we are more cost-efficient to kill.)

This massive confusion and nonsense leaves the door wide open for a religious leader to claim "special understanding" and revelation from god. All he has to do is make up his own explanation -and the sheep will bow. (Dazzle them with BS) And again, he has no one to account to or answer to, he is protected by the law and has no accountability. (See John O's article on accountability.)

 Two of the most powerful and damnable tools of mind control in the new testament are guilt and faith...

How can I say guilt when the new testament is about forgiveness? That is exactly the point -you cannot be "forgiven" unless you are "guilty." In order for religious leaders to "proclaim" your forgiveness, they have to build and heap mounds of guilt "first." The sheep are made to feel so guilty that they feel unworthy to draw a breath of air -then the religious leaders proclaim them "forgiven" of this guilt. But make no mistake, the sheep are not "worthy" of forgiveness -it is a "gift." But it is a counterfeit gift from those who made the sheep feel guilty in the first place. It is the creation of guilt within the sheep that makes the sheep feel "forgiven."

Forgiveness is an extremely subtle tool with an equally subtle sharp edge. Religion must make people feel guilty -without guilt, religion is bankrupt. Then they offer forgiveness, a solution for the burden of guilt that they themselves created. The cleanness and purity of forgiveness offered by the new testament is hidden by the excrement of guilt that must be placed first. But just what are you "really" guilty of? And even those who are guilty of serious things -that has nothing to do with religion, it has to do with themselves and the law. There are times when we must forgive each other individually, but religious forgiveness is the shiny side of a very ugly coin.

Then there is faith. Faith in what? Believers must have "faith" in massive confusion, doctrines that cannot be proven, a lifestyle that cannot work, and a savior that did not exist. Believers must have faith in illogical, irrational and unworkable belief structures. Believers must have faith in nonsense, no matter how unrealistic that nonsense is. And worst of all, a believer must have faith in a system of belief structures that have absolutely "no" answers, solutions or achievements whatsoever.

And the believer is always the one who is blamed when it doesn't work -the problems are "always" the believers fault.

 The promise of eternal life. In college marketing classes, we were taught that success comes from solving a problem. Well, religion "claims" to solve the biggest problem in history, the fact that we all die. Religion claims to have the ultimate answer -eternal life in the future. This is the most hideous mind control weapon in the new testaments arsenal. It is a two-edged sword that promises eternal life, and threatens with burning in hell fire (in one manner or another). Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence and proof. But don't ever, ever expect evidence, proof, or a straight answer from the bible, religion or religious leaders -because there aren't any.

Then there are excuses, and this is how religion supplies the mud to fill the gaping holes of logic and reality. All of the excuses are used to expand and solidify mind control, they are "not" answers. Excuses such as; god works in mysterious ways and we just don't understand, you just have to have faith, there is something wrong with "you", you are being tested, you are enduring a trial, you are being punished, you are being tested by Satan, you will be rewarded in the "next life", you are being purified, you must have faith even if god kills you, you must bear your cross, etc, etc, etc, etc. There is no end to the excuses, but there is a total vacuum of answers. And again I mention that religion can say anything, teach anything and destroy countless lives without fear of any accountability.

And about the moon landings. I saw a documentary that claims all of the moon landings were a hoax. Well, this is a very unexciting issue that definitely will be proved or disproved within the near future. Either the moon landing equipment is still there, or it isn't. I'll try real hard not to lose a lot of sleep over this one. My point is a statement made in this documentary, a statement that made me laugh out loud and laugh at length. A statement that will bring chuckles for many years to come. The statement was made that if the moon landings were indeed a hoax, it would be the greatest hoax ever perpetrated in history.

That statement is absolutely, totally, 100% false. If this was a hoax, NASA's little hoax would be a pathetic lightweight "joke" compared to the real heavyweight champion of all hoaxes in history. By far and away, and with no close equal, the greatest hoax ever perpetrated in history -is religion.

The bible is not a fountain of knowledge, understanding or truth revealed by a supreme being. It is not a manual on how to live a good life. Nor is the bible a source of answers...

It's a cookbook.




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