The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
Babel Stories
By Jim V.

 When viewed from a realistic perspective, the Bible becomes crystal clear and understandable -and even "cool." But I'll save that for the end.

 From my youth, I have had many, many problems with Bible stories -and I have read every word of the Bible several times, just as many of you have.

When viewed from the perspective of being the literal word of God that we are to live our lives by, stake our careers on, and base our "eternal life" on, the Bible has no more logic than using a fishnet to store water (all it can do is drip).

I am so sick and tired of making excuses for God, the Bible and religion. I am so sick and tired of "filling in the gaps" in attempts to make the Bible and religion make sense.

And I am so very, very sick and tired of religious "excuses" that attempt to answer logical real-life questions. When religious leaders, or religious "people," are asked questions that there are no logical answers to -they simply create "excuses." They create excuses to fit and "explain" their own personal belief structure...

In other words, they all have to create excuses that "makes" their personal belief structure fit "the real world."

Two plus two equals four -and there is no excuse, belief structure, faith, doctrine or religion that can change that. That answer applies to zealots and atheist alike, and it applies without exception. However, if an individual chooses to delude themselves into believing that two plus two equals nine -that's what we call a "mental problem." Or you could call it being "mentally challenged."

Here are just a few of my problems with "Babel" stories. If you can break my logic without "faith" and without following a belief structure, or without a "created" nonsensical excuse, I will openly admit my error, in writing, without hesitation.

I am so very sick and tired of fantasies and excuses -No Mas! No, Mas!

 The Garden of Eden -according to the Bible... Satan was a supreme archangel named Lucifer who rebelled and fought against "God Almighty" himself.

Archangels are so supreme that only 3 existed; Michael, Gabriel and Lucifer. And archangels are so powerful that they answer to God, and only God, directly and personally.

According to the Bible, Lucifer "sealed up the sum of knowledge and wisdom." In other words, Lucifer was so supreme that even in the spirit world that God himself created -Lucifer knew everything. And Lucifer was one of the very few to "walk among the stones of fire" at the very seat and power of God's throne.

According to the Bible, Lucifer "was made rich by the traffic of his merchandise." In other words, Lucifer was one very sharp business "man." He became rich and powerful even among the spirit beings that served God Almighty himself.

According to the Bible, all angels are superior to humans -but Lucifer was superior even among angels.

Lucifer existed and lived before this universe was created. That means that Lucifer, now Satan, is over twenty-BILLION years old! How much knowledge, wisdom, experience, and ability can a "supreme" spirit being accumulate in 20 billion years?

According to the Bible, Lucifer was so powerful, and influential, that he persuaded one-third of all of God's angels to fight against the very "all powerful" being who created them and gave them life. One-third of all the "superior" spirit beings created by the hand of "God himself" tried to destroy God -at Lucifer's command.

 Now... God decides to create a new species of inferior, flesh and blood -"air breathers." A species of very weak, powerless, ignorant, "sex-crazed" humans. (Don't forget -sex was "created by God," but does not exist in the "spirit" world.) If that's true, then where did sex come from? But even beyond that -according to the Bible -God "almighty" then decided to throw these "brand new," weak, naive, physical, "air-breathing" humans into a heavyweight championship fight with Satan the Devil (who was an archangel over twenty-billion years old) -and the stakes were the ruler-ship of the Earth and "spiritual salvation."

And what did the almighty, all-wise, and all-loving God in heaven do when we "air breathers" lost one single battle against the twenty-billion-year-old Supreme archangel?

He kicked Adam and Eve out of the garden, cut mankind off from himself, and He condemned the entire world, and all of its decedents, to lives of suffering, pain and death. God turned his back on all of mankind and all future generations.

And to this day; men, women and children are starving, suffering and dying all over the world because Adam and Eve lost one battle to a supreme spirit being over twenty-billion-years-old.

If your child was deceived by an experienced, professional con-man, would you treat your own child with the viciousness and utter lack of mercy that "God" condemned us with? Would you turn your back on your child, and all future generations "forever?" Would you instantly, and on spot, throw your child out of your own home?

Folks -this "Babel" story is far beyond irrationality -it is literally insane.

 Forced incest by a God who "doesn't change"... This may not seem very significant, but bear with me -there is a very significant point here.

By the laws of God, man and even nature, incest is a sin, crime and a perversion. Untold suffering, and countless lives have been destroyed by incest. Even when incest is consensual and "approved," the laws of nature are enforced in the offspring of such a union.

Here's the significant point -God is so absolutely uncompromising when it comes to breaking his laws that "Jesus Christ" had to divest himself of his God-hood, become a flesh and blood human, and then be brutally murdered in order to pay for our sins. God could not simply look away, forgive -or "change."

But God himself created humans in a manner that guaranteed incest, which is against God's laws. If God doesn't change, then God guaranteed that humans would break his own laws. But if God does change, and incest was OK then, but now it's a sin, then why didn't God simply change so Jesus Christ didn't have to die? And why doesn't God simply "change" so that he isn't "forced" to turn his back on us and desert us?

Why didn't the "all-powerful" and "all-knowing" God create mankind in a manner that didn't break his laws against incest? Did he forget? Was the all-powerful, all-knowing God unaware that incest would be a sin in the future? Why didn't God "fix his laws" so that incest would be normal? Did God change the laws of biology for Adam and Eve's children so that incest was OK, but then change the laws of biology for us so that incest is a sin and a perversion?

Since God himself guaranteed incest -why doesn't "He" have to die? But if God can "change his mind" about what sin is, and sin isn't -then why not simply wipe the slate clean and start all over?

Folks -this "Babel" story is a bird that has a lot of holes in its wings. In fact, there are no wings in existence that can make this one fly.

 Spiritual sexual perversions... Has anyone other than me ever wondered why there is no "woman" in the Godhead? If God is our father, then who the hell is our mother? The church? If God is our father and the church is our mother, then God is having spiritual sex with the church. But the church is "engaged" to be married to Jesus Christ at his return. And the church is supposed to be a "virgin." How in the hell can our mother, the church, be a virgin after having all of that sex with "God the Father?" And how can the church be a virgin after having "thousands and thousands" of children by God the Father?

But this story even gets worse -it is supposed to be "God the fathers" seed that "spiritually" impregnates us -but it is actually performed by the "Holy Spirit." Wow -we've got a universal sex-orgy here!

But it still gets even worse -God the Father and the Church are not married! Not to mention the "threesome" with the "Holy Spirit." I'll bet even God himself can't wipe the smile off of the "Holy Spirit's" face...

Just how stupid can Jesus Christ be? (She's a virgin, son -"trust me.") Maybe that's why Jesus Christ was the one duped into being the "sacrificial lamb" for all of humanity. Maybe God does change, but God and the Holy Spirit needed to get rid of Jesus Christ for a while so they could have a little fun -with Christ's "virgin."

Maybe that's why God let the above mentioned issue of incest "slip through the cracks." But I will tell you one thing...

If Jesus Christ ever "wakes up" -there's going to be hell to pay in heaven...

If the "Babel" is true -then we are all spiritual bastards, born of sex-orgies, threesomes and perversion -with no legal marriages by any involved...

And this is the really scary part. If the "Babel" is true, then "herbie" and "teddy" really are men after God's own heart -they really are ministers of "God." And if the "Babel" is true, then maybe Satan is the "good guy" who has gotten a lot of bad press. After all, he rebelled against a very perverted and warped system... (tongue in cheek here, folks).

 Parental desertion... Now lets look at the God of the "Babel" as a "Father"... A father does not provide his children with a job so the child can buy his own food, clothing and "pay the bills." By our standards that would be insane. A true father provides these things "for" the child. So...

When is the last time God took you to the beach? When is the last time God took you on a picnic? When is the last time God took you to a movie? When is the last time God personally put food on your table? When is the last time God paid the electric bill? When is the last time God bought groceries? When is the last time God gave you an "allowance?" When is the last time God bought you a bicycle?

What human father would be called a "loving" father if he refused to provide all of these normal, parental things? And what if that "father" hide himself in the dark and refused to have any direct contact whatsoever with his "children" -even if they were starving to death?

Did God ever teach you how to ride a bicycle? Did God ever teach you about girls? or boys?

Or did the God of the Babel simply leave a "book" for you to read and "understand?"

Do you have any "family pictures" with God? Do you have a family picture with your "mother?" How about your "brothers" and "sisters?"

Have you ever seen "God's" marriage certificate to your "mother?" (I have seen my parents marriage certificate many times -it's there for the asking -and it was well before I was born.) If you were to treat your spouse and children exactly the same way "God our father" treats us -would you be called a "loving parent?" Or would you be in jail?

The God of the "Babel" has deserted us -and has left us on our own. The "God of the Babel," does not provide one-tenth of one percent for us that we provide for "our" children -and He never has...

When viewed from our own perspective as parents, and without making lame excuses, the God of the Babel is the worst and sorriest excuse for a parent that has ever lived -in all of eternity...

The God of the "Babel" cannot even comprehend what real family life is. And He has no concept of what it means to "provide" for his own children. This "God" has no woman, wife or girlfriend, yet he impregnates his own "son's fiancee" with his own "seed." And even at that -He has the "Holy Spirit" do the act...

Then this "God" tells the world that he is presenting his "son" with a "virgin." (Jesus Christ has to be the supreme stupidest individual in all of existence.)

How sick, warped, twisted and perverted can you get? We humans could be arrested and put in prison if we followed the "God of the Babel's" example of parenthood...

Read the "Babel" from beginning to end -and you will find no hint whatsoever of a "real" family.

The "God of the Babel's" idea of parenthood is simply this -let my children starve, be raped, plundered and murdered -because they have the "book."

God's insane blood lust, and double standards... God commanded the deaths of tens of thousands of women, children, the old and even babies -but am I the only one who ever noticed that "God" never warned them, taught them, worked with them, or gave them prophets and kings to lead them? Did He ever so much as tell them what "evil" was? But after all, it is kind of hard to explain evil to a six-month-old gentile baby -but of course, an Israelite six-month old baby understood it quite well...

Did God ever give "them" a Moses to bring down tablets from a fiery mount? (Didn't God, through Moses, then slaughter thousands of Israelites as soon as Moses came down from the mount?) It doesn't matter who they are -just put 'em to the edge of the sword...

Now here's the really insane part... God commanded Israel to slaughter thousands of helpless babies with swords (which is not a very pretty home video), but then God decided to "chose" ancient Israel for his people. God then spent many centuries -literally hundreds and hundreds of years teaching, guiding, providing prophets, kings, rulers and leaders to ancient Israel...

But what were the results of the all-mighty, all-powerful, all-wise, omnipotent God and ruler of the entire universe giving his entire attention and guidance to His "chosen" people for many centuries?

Well -according to the Bible -the results were; murder, rape, oppression (like the Egypt they were "delivered" from), the king taking your women and possessions, taxes, greed, war, famines, diseases, poverty, corrupt leaders, injustice, political alliances, extremely wealthy leaders, curses from God on the innocent for being guilty of being born while having an "evil" leader, losing thousands of your friends, loved ones and relatives because "God" decided to teach the "king" a lesson -and best of all -a nationwide "cult" religion, with no escaping it. Not to even begin to mention the lack of "personal" freedom and liberties. At the mouth of two witnesses -you're dead. (So don't make your neighbors mad.)

Does anyone want to give up their $6.50/hour job to live under king David? (Just make sure you have an ugly wife.) King David may be able to "repent" and get away with murder -but don't you try it. Almost sounds like "teddy" Armstrong's version of repentance -and justice.

After all, who's going to try to arrest king David for murder -without 7 (or 12) "royal" spears through their chest?

Who says that king David was a man after "God's own heart" -except for scholars and historians who feared for their own lives? (I saw a documentary about king David on the Discovery channel -and he was nothing more than an ancient Charles Manson -with power.) According to this documentary, murder was not a "one time" thing with David, it was a way of life.

King David did NOT believe in the tree of "give" -he was all "get." (Not to mention the fact that David was a known, and documented homosexual.) And not to mention further the fact that most of his "Palms" were written by others -before and after he died...

By the way, if it wasn't for David's homosexual relationship with Jonathan -David would have murdered king Saul (Jonathan's father) at the first opportunity. The scholars and historians of David's time not only feared for their own lives -but the lives of their wives, children and relatives as well. So they had to be very careful about what they wrote. And as usual in politics, truth had nothing to do with it. Why is it that David could commit first-degree, premeditated murder -and all he had to do was "repent" -but let anyone else, like you and me, try that and we would have been stoned to death before the sun went down?

Is this a "God" at work here, or is it plain, simply politics of "power?" Is this justice, or is this the "privileged elite?" Again I ask, who would arrest king David no matter what he did? Who was there to arrest the king?

Oh, I almost forgot -what about the "miracle" with Goliath?

What miracle? David had superior weaponry -does anyone believe that it takes a "Miracle from God" for military superiority to defeat an inferior military?

Goliath had a very heavy, but short-range sword -David had a lone-range sling... Where's the "miracle" in that?

But down through the centuries, God did not teach, educate or warn any other "nation" except ancient Israel, but then God commanded the massacre of babies that He did not teach, educate or even try to "save."

God did not help them in any way, but He was swift to massacre them in the name of "evil."

But despite all of God "Almighty's" best efforts, and personal attention that spanned centuries of time -ancient Israel was no better, or more righteous than any of the so-called heathens that Israel slaughtered by the tens of thousands.

But even more, once you take off the rose colored "Babel" glasses, ancient Israel was actually one of the most backward and least civilized nations. Did Israel ever build pyramids? Did Israel contribute to the arts and sciences? Education or philosophy? How about "real" literature -other than the dark, mixed up confused insane writings that became the Babel? Did Israel build any of the ancient wonders of the world? When Solomon decided to build "God's" temple, did Israel build it? Or did Solomon have to depend on other nations for the materials and craftsmen?

It is also interesting to note that Solomon lived an incomprehensible ultra-lavish life style by taxing (tithes to the king)? and oppressing his own people -weren't they "God's people" that Solomon was supposed to be taking care of and protecting? And all of this seemed to meet God's pleasure because God accepted Solomon's temple. I wonder what would have happened if the priests had declared the temple as "unacceptable"?

 Where are any efforts of God to help, support or save an entire world of his own creations? If mankind is so screwed up and evil -doesn't God bear some responsibility? After all, He created us. Did He not know what He was doing? Why didn't God "do something" to help us and prevent us from becoming so evil?

Is abandonment and desertion the limit of God's parental skills? Is God incapable of correction and guidance, except for the edge of the sword? Was ancient Israel the best God could do?

If any human was given a spirit body to travel the world with, but still had no more power, strength or intelligence than human -that persons efforts to "save the world" would become noticeable almost immediately...

Where are the efforts of an "almighty, all-powerful" God?

 Other problems I have... God spoke personally with so many individuals in the past -but won't even speak to Billy Graham today.

God provided so many prophets in the past because even God's hand chosen kings needed guidance -but God utterly refuses to provide them today in a far more dangerous world. God even send prophets to the most evil of kings.

God rejects the vast majority and works only with a select few -is that the way parents are supposed to be today? Are we to follow God's example? And even when God worked with the select few, they were no better than the "evil" ones who were rejected. And why do so many of them fail?

I have a big problem with God impregnating a young, virgin without her consent and without her knowledge -I think we call that rape. And Mary was also a minor. And again, God didn't do it himself. God supplied the seed, but the Holy Spirit did the actual act (I really don't care to think out the logistics of that in my mind).

I don't care how many excuses people want to make, it's a simple fact that if the name of Jesus Christ is the ONLY name by which we can be saved -then NO ONE who lived before Jesus Christ can be saved. Because if they can -then there's another way we can be saved other than the name of Jesus Christ...

If creation demands a creator -then where did God come from? If God is an exception, then how many other exceptions are there? And if God is an exception, then creation "doesn't" demand a creator. And if there's one God who has always existed, maybe there are others.

Why are there so many "stories" in the Babel, but no real explanations or answers to life? Why did God refuse to explain so many visions? Why did he give them in the first place since they don't accomplish or explain anything? After all, how much benefit is there to understanding visions "after the fact?" How much sense does that make?

Jesus Christ did too many things just so prophecy could be fulfilled -don't we call those "self-fulfilled" prophecies? Why were such dumb, meaningless prophecies given in the first place? Didn't God know they were meaningless? What is the point in making so many meaningless prophecies that had to be self-fulfilled?

Sex doesn't exist in the spirit world, but God knew how to create it. And sex is supposed to have special spiritual meaning to humans -then why did God also give it to all of the animals?

Why is it that when science and religion are at odds -science always wins?

God is "not" the author of confusion -yet the Bible and religion are among the most confusing issues in all of mankind's history.

 When viewed from a realistic perspective, the Bible becomes crystal clear and understandable -and even "cool." The Bible contains short stories, novelettes, novellas and novels. The Bible contains science fiction, albeit "religious" science fiction, fantasy, drama, intrigue, mysteries, adventure, romance and "bent" history.

In other words, the Bible is simply a collection of stories from several dozen authors -nothing more. It's just that the ancient literary works in the Bible are believed, by far too many, to be writing "inspired by God."

To me, the massive confusion, lack of answers and cohesion prove that the Bible could not have been inspired by "God." God's thoughts are supposed to be infinitely higher than ours, but the actions "commanded by God" in the Bible are simply the normal human actions of violent, murderous, power hungry "men."

If "God" ever decided to write a Bible, it would make perfect sense, have perfect logic and would be saturated with answers to life. And it would not require "special understanding."

Consider the writings of modern authors. Now take writing from 60 or so authors in different fields, such as Ben Bova, Stephen King, Danielle Steele, Carl Sagan, etc. Then you take all of these different stories and try to weave them into a coherent religion. And then you claim that all of these different authors were "inspired by God." And that all of their stories were actually written by the same author -God Himself.

Such an act would guarantee confusion, contradictions, gaps and a vacuum of real answers. It would be impossible to reconcile the writings of so many different authors. Especially if the authors lived in different centuries...

Even if you told all of these authors to write on the subject of religion and how to obtain "salvation" -the resulting works would simply be a "modern Bible." With all of the confusion of the ancient Bible. And it would be equally impossible for such a "modern" Bible to attain the levels of "God's thinking and answers to life." Writings from man can never attain the level of a "God." Writings of man can only attain the level of man, and no higher.

The Bible is simply a collection of ancient literary works, because if the Bible really were the words of a creator God, we would seen and known that many centuries ago. In other words, the Bible would have really worked -without having to create thousands of excuses in vain attempts to "make" it work and make sense.

I no longer believe the Bible to be the inspired word of God for the same reason I left the $$CG; the philosophies, laws, rules, doctrines and way of life simply, and clearly, do -not -work. No one can build a life of reality based on ancient superstitions, no one.

When you lay aside a superstitious belief structure that requires massive amounts of faith in lieu of answers -the entire belief structure in the Bible collapses into a cesspool of ancient madness and insanity.

When viewed as a collection of ancient superstitious human authors who came from many backgrounds and lived in different centuries, does the Bible become understandable and crystal clear.

The writings of the Bible have their place, just like other science fiction, fantasy, drama, poetry, mystery, romance and fractured history stories. But that place is in the area of entertainment, even temporary escape. But the Bible has no business being proclaimed as the "absolute, binding word and commands of almighty God."

And the Bible has absolutely no place whatsoever at the head of armies. Armies totally dedicated to the massacre of innocents, armies panting and lusting to paint the Earth red in human blood -all in the name of an "all-loving" God.

Let's get rid of the bondage, superstition, blood lust and insanity... And lets, at long last, get out of our caves.



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