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by Marion J. McNair

This three-part volume is a thoroughly documented expose of the modus operandi of the Armstrong religion. The author, Marion J. McNair, is eminently qualified for the task of analyzing this sect as he has been associated with the Armstrong organization for over thirty years. Mr. McNair first attended Ambassador College as one of its pioneer students in 1948 and was eventually ordained to the rank of Evangelist. During the last seventeen years he has been a part of the administrative ranks of the organization at its headquarters in Pasadena.

In Part I, Mr. McNair analyzes the subtle psychological approach used to entice unsuspecting individuals into "the Work." He discusses the "Armstrong commission" and how exorbitant expenditures are rationalized and justified with minimal accountability to contributors. Complete profiles are given of Garner Ted and Herbert Armstrong along with all the top men who helped build the Armstrong empire. For this and other parts of the volume, the author collaborated with a professional psychologist who provides considerable insight into the soul of the Armstrong philosophy and approach.

Part II analyzes the early beginnings of the organization showing the real conflict in Herbert Armstrong's relationship with the Oregon Church of God. You will find that they pleaded with him to study in open discussions his "heresies" in the areas of British-Israelism, prophecy, and holy days, but that he continually refused such overtures. You will be astounded to discover that Armstrong was finally fired from the ministry because of his mishandling of finances and his total disregard for church authority. His move to California was forced upon him by his continual prophesy failures and the desertion of most of his church. He thus achieved a new base of operations, one unfamiliar with his massive prophecy debacles. It was this new base which became Ambassador College and the Worldwide Church of God.

Part III reveals the details of the 1973-74 organizational split, a split which is still continuing. You will see the entire episode from behind the scenes, showing the true concerns of the Armstrongs during the crisis.

This important book succeeds in exposing the totalitarianism of the Armstrong regime. It reaches beyond the facade and reveals what the Armstrong "Rip-off" is and how it works.

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