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Ambassador Reactions

Ambassador College's official reaction to the last issue of Ambassador Report was both predictable and pathetic. Within days after it was mailed, Stanley Rader, attorney for Ambassador College, began parroting the traditional denials. He told the Los Angeles Times that the information contained in the 92-page issue was "without foundation in fact." To the Pasadena Star News he said that it was "total, total falsehood." Although not referring directly to Ambassador Report, The Worldwide News quoted AC attorney, Ralph Helge, as saying "certain dissident alumni and former church members are spreading wild, false, and unlawful information."

While labeling us as liars, the Worldwide Church of God (WCG) gave no proof, logical defense, or specifics about what we are supposedly lying about. Significantly, the WCG has not sued us for libel, despite claims that they are planning to. The November 21, 1977, Worldwide News reported:

"Mr. Rader said the Work and all individuals connected with it who are disparaged will exercise their rights, as did Paul his Roman Citizenship, to the fullest extent of the law."

Rader isn't the only one who's threatened us with a lawsuit. Garner Ted Armstrong made this comment in the Nov. 7, 1977 "Pastor's Report":

"...['the Work' will take] appropriate legal action in the future, so that those who would seek to destroy this Work by such nefarious schemes can finally bear the full responsibility for their actions.... The Work and all individuals connected with it are disparaged by the Report and will exercise their rights... to the fullest extent of the law, choosing their defendants, their actions, their issues and their forums to redress the wrongs and to punish the irresponsible who would attack God's work."

In November, Rader told the New York Times and Time magazine that Ambassador College (AC) would soon be suing the publishers of the Report. Yet, five full months have elapsed since the publication of the Report, and we have still not been sued for libel. The fact is, Rader knows that legal action against us by the WCG or AC would be suicidal for him, AC, and the WCG. Rader is well aware of the fact that once sued we would, by law, have the power to subpoena any documents we need to defend ourselves. As a result of this, vastly more damaging information than that contained in our last issue would be proven and become public record. We would not fail to publish our findings.

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