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Grassroots Efforts Effective

We have received a large number of letters from many of you asking what you can do to assist us. Needless to say, we appreciate your enthusiasm, and we would like to encourage everyone who wants to join the fight in publicizing the Armstrong fraud. We feel that much can be accomplished by individuals working at the local level.

For instance, many have written us about how they have approached friends, neighbors, and WCG members and told them about Ambassador Report. Most responded favorably, but some were very hostile, assuming the Report was nothing but undocumented accusations. However, when these same people were handed a copy of our last issue and shown how carefully written and well-researched it really was, most promised to read it and consider the "other side of the story." So tell your friends about the Report, but be sure to show them a copy of our October 1977 issue, or purchase one to give to them.

A more enterprising ex-member not only told friends about the Report, but he also contacted the news media in his area. He told a surprised reporter of a major newspaper about his experiences in the WCG and offered the reporter a copy of our publication. One thing led to another, and within a few days the paper published a major story on the Armstrong cult and Ambassador Report. Our friend didn't stop there, however. He went to a local TV station, urged them to read the Report and asked them to decide whether dropping the "Garner Ted Armstrong" program would not be in the best interests of their viewers. Within three weeks, the station dropped the program entirely.

The following excerpts from letters show further how effective your action at the local level can be:

I wanted to let you know of a recent development locally. Recently I had the opportunity to spend an hour-and-a-half talking with one of the talkmasters who is on a Dayton talk radio station. Some of our friends who live in Dayton had heard this man talk about having received Ambassador Report and having stayed up until two or three in the morning reading it. He has been in Dayton for about 7 to 8 years, and when my wife and I were still true believers in Herbert's church, this man was considered to be an enemy of "the work." He was always commenting against the church on his program.

I called from my job in Dayton and talked with this man off the air. I encouraged him to expose the cult as much as possible and offered to talk to him personally and give him some additional information beyond what he had read in the Report. He was interested in talking to me, and it worked out for me to go down to his home, an unusual happening.

Just two days ago my wife talked to a friend who heard this man refer to my visit with him. He said on the air that he had gone against his usual policy and allowed someone to come to his home who had been a member of the WCG. He said that the church was worse than he had imagined.

This man plans to call Al Carrozzo and have him on the talk show via phone. He also indicated he'd like to do the same with someone on the Report staff.


We appreciated the chance to visit with you [co-publishers Len and Marg Zola] when you were in Pittsburgh. The more we become involved in trying to expose the WCG on a local level, the more we appreciate your efforts. We are writing letters and sending AR's to major networks. Also, on a local level to radio stations.

Also, would it be possible for you to put us in contact with others who might want to write letters, possibly some in Minneapolis? If letters come to major networks from all parts of the country, it will be more effective.

If it is not too much of an imposition, we feel that if someone were to act as an information "clearing house" to enhance and concentrate the effort of our group and others throughout the country, our thrust would be much more effective in exposing the organization. We feel your group could be the nucleus of such an effort. You can be assured of our continued support


Here in California, one woman is calling the owners of halls in which WCG church services are held. She is telling them about the organization, her experiences in it, and showing them a copy of our publication. Another ex-member "advertised" Ambassador Report by placing flyers that gave details about our magazine and our address on WCG members' cars during sabbath services. In Washington state, another person interested in helping the cause talked to local newspaper reporters, and this resulted in a story about the WCG and AR.

Newsmen of the press/media are constantly looking for interesting stories. If you really want to do something about the Armstrongs, contact your local reporters. Show them an AR; tell them about your experiences. Also, if you have an interesting story to tell about your experiences in the WCG, write or type us a letter about it. We'd be happy to print it. (Of course, we will keep your name confidential unless you specify otherwise.)

Another thing you can do is contact Ambassador College via its toll-free number (1) (800) 423-4444 (operational except in California, Alaska, and Hawaii). Let its officials know your inner feelings about their conduct and policies. If you want to see certain practices changed at Ambassador College, speak up! Tell them!

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